A Look at W. C. Pope’s “The Sexploits of Nicole: Area 51DD”


Back in early March, within the Giantess Club’s “Beyond the Law: Reversal” review, I mentioned this short three-page black and white comic created by William Charles (W. C.) Pope as a rare example of an illustrated story in which only a man grows taller. Today, I will examine it closer.

In addition to the rare subject matter, its creator W. C. Pope is perhaps also unique in that he creates mainstream works under the same name. He was even made the official cartoonist for the U.S. Air Force Reserve in 1991.

Portrait taken from his web site.


In the story a sexy woman, presumably named Nicole, is taking a tour of the infamous Area 51, and it seems that she wants to get intimate with the aliens held there.

Apparently, the doctor was born without eyelids O_o

Her tour guide wants to use a ray gun to make Nicole’s breasts grow, and she wholeheartedly endorses his intentions. Afterward, Nicole invites the doctor to get to know her in the biblical sense. The doctor surprises her by transforming into a giant, and then fucks her now enormous tits.

She still wants some E.T. action! Also, I think it should be “You’re” 😉


The art and story are very simple. Characters look like caricatures and only the first panel gets a background. On the plus side, there’s growth and sex. However, I would like a more robust narrative and additional background details.

You can get this comic from the following link:


(Of note, I tried searching for his comics using the BEArchive’s search bar, but I had no success. I only found the above link by looking up Pope’s profile. Did I just make a dumb mistake, or are the comics deliberately hidden?)

Some other W. C. Pope stories that might be of interest include “Clash of the Tits” (breast growing competition and girl-on-girl action), “Girl’s Day” (a CGI lesbian comic), and “Super Tits” (a version of Super Girl with breast expansion powers).

You can also view some of his drawings at the following links:



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