A Look at Giantess Club’s “Beyond the Law: Reversal”


Beyond the Law: Reversal is an ongoing series, with five issues so far, written by Bob Saget, drawn and inked by Peter Logan, and colored and lettered by Eros Studio. The first part was released in late April 2018 and the latest on February 20, 2019.

Beyond the Law: Reversal (from now on I’ll just refer to it as Reversal for the sake of brevity) is a continuation of two other comics at Giantess Club entitled “Above the Law” and “Beyond the Law.” Notably, Above the Law was the first story that Bob Saget submitted to the site and its first issue was published in August 2010, almost nine years ago.

There is no continuity between Above the Law and Beyond the Law, but they both feature female prisoners as the main characters. Above the Law features Megan Small who eventually achieves an immense, larger-than-city size, stature at the story’s conclusion. Conversely, the Beyond comics star Tessa Breve.

The previous comics ran for 8 issues each, so presumably Reversal will also have another 3 parts. Eight appears to be the limit, as I have not found any stories on the site that run for more than eight issues. I don’t know why that limitation exists.

All of the “Law” comics were written by Bob Saget. He is also listed as the writer for stories such as “For Science!”, “Monkey Paw,” and “Vape Queen.” Additionally, Reversal artist Peter Logan draws gorgeously voluptuous giant women and I really like his style. The Argentinian artist has drawn comics such as “Giantess Containment Bureau,” “G-Raider,” and “Incognito.” You can find his DeviantArt page, under the name Mariano Navarro, here: https://www.deviantart.com/marianonavarro


Of note, this series carries the “Male / Male Sex” tag, but gay sex (male on male) was not actually portrayed. I assume that the tag was mistakenly added, given that I’ve never seen men on men intercourse in any Giantess Club comics. The tag was also applied to “Watered Down Science,” which did not actually include Male / Male Sex. Unsurprisingly, in contrast there are many instances of women on women sex in Giantess Club comics, to include in Reversal Part 4.

Additionally, I’m not sure what the “Clothing Fetish” tag indicates. Tessa wears street clothing and her body rips through several outfits, but does that constitute Clothing Fetish? What does that actually indicate? Does it indicate that a character wears fetish clothing, like BDSM gear or latex outfits?  If so, that was not present in Reversal. Bottom line, Giantess Club should take a minute and correct their use of tags.

Tessa has a ton of tattoos, which I liked.  Although, you might expect her to be easy to spot at normal size given how distinct she looks.

As an aside, I’m only aware of a few illustrated stories featuring giant men with normal women. Examples include W.C. Pope’s “The Sexploits of Nicole: Area 51DD” which features a giant doctor titty fucking a woman of standard height (albeit a woman with gigantic breasts). It seems to me that this is an area for content producers to explore and produce giant men content, and who knows, maybe even create legitimate uses for that Male / Male Sex tag. If not, then why have that tag?

The first issue of Reversal begins with Tessa inside the Tower of London planning to steal royal treasure. Tessa forces herself upon a guard to initiate her growth. However, she loses control and soon outgrows the structure itself. This leads to a fun bit in which Tessa carries the Tower of London around the city while rampaging and destroying famous landmarks.

Tessa’s former cell mate Maggie also became a giantess in “Beyond the Law.” In Reversal she develops a relationship with investigating scientist Dr. Liam Eoren.

We then learn that Maggie’s genome has “evolved.” Now, whenever she shares bodily fluid with men they grow smaller while she grows larger. Perhaps those bodily fluids will also reduce women, like Tessa? 😉 In contrast, Tessa’s bodily fluids causes women to grow, but has no effect on men. It was also established on many occasions that Tessa does not have complete control of her own size. Accordingly, she often unwillingly grows or shrinks.

These jets attacking Tessa in London appear to be Harrier Jump Jets. This was a nice touch as Harrier Jump Jets are famous British military attack aircraft.

There is even some nice set-up from Beyond the Law. In that comic, Tessa looks at a billboard with a picture of a red sports car and wishes that she could drive around in one.

Image taken from Part 3 of Beyond the Law

This pays-off in Reversal, as seen in the image below.

In Part 3 of Reversal we see Tessa driving a red sports car like in the billboard. Off topic, those birds have a weird coloring, never seen any quite that uniformly blue.

Overall, I highly recommend this series! It features tons of sex and women outgrowing clothes and buildings. Furthermore, the giantess Tessa engages in city attacks that would make any 大怪獣 (daikaiju – giant monster) proud. I look forward to the upcoming issues. You can purchase the entire Reversal series for $34.99 at the following link: https://giantessclub.com/series/beyond-the-law-reversal-full-series/

Furthermore, I am also a fan of the preceding comics “Above the Law” and “Beyond the Law.” I recommend those as well.

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8 thoughts on “A Look at Giantess Club’s “Beyond the Law: Reversal”

  1. Reviews of size content like Giantess Club comics or GrowthDreams videos is a niche I’m shocked no one else has filled in our community. You can bet I’m going to be a regular around here, Solomon.

    But you mentioned you’re “only aware of a few illustrated stories featuring giant men with normal women.” In that case, I recommend you check out ZZZ Comics (sizechangecentral.com), there’s a ton of male growth in there, and various flavors of F/M, M/f, F/f… the works.


    1. Very glad to have you as a regular reader Njord!

      Regarding my statement about “illustrated stories featuring giant men with normal women,” unfortunately I did a poor job of explaining my thoughts. What I meant was that I’m not aware of many stories which ONLY have men growing taller. Although, in contrast, there are numerous examples in which only women become taller.

      I’ve read and enjoyed many ZZZ Comics, like College Grown, that feature both growing men and women. Further, Sorceress Apprentice has a very nice sequence in which a male apprentice vastly outgrows his sorceress. At the end though, that sorceress towers above him.

      I greatly appreciate female growth and couples growth stories, but I would like to see the occasional male-only growth variant. And, all that said, I think perhaps I should review some more ZZZ works! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. By all means, do! Plenty of their stuff worth evaluating.

        Also, do you happen to have or know where I could find a copy of that W.C. Pope comic you mentioned?


  2. You might be able to get it from the Members area of the Breast Expansion Archive. I’ve had my copy for years now, and I *think* it came from BE Archive. However, I’m not currently a member and can’t verify that it’s still there.

    Alternatively, you could try contacting W. C. Pope directly, wcpope1@yahoo.com. He also has a mainstream web site here: http://www.wcpope.com/

    I want to take a look at Pope’s BE and size-change comics, but I haven’t had the time to dive into them properly. I still intend to, but I want to manage expectations and make it clear that it’ll be awhile.

    Liked by 1 person

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