Giantess Club’s “Beyond the Law: Reversal” Issue 6


The sixth issue of Giantess Club’s “Beyond the Law: Reversal” was released on August 7, 2019, almost six months after the fifth issue was published on February 20th of this year. The same creative team is in place. Specifically, it was written by Bob Saget, drawn and inked by Peter Logan, and colored and lettered by Eros Studio.

Why is she being arrested?

I reviewed the first five issues here. The previous chapter ended after Tessa had a threesome with a man and a woman in an unidentified location. Tessa caused her female lover to expand and eventually destroy the apartment they were in.

This issue begins when Tessa is arrested in San Francisco, California. She outgrows the police car that she is put in, and forces the police officers to have sex with her.

Readers should be advised that Giantess Club has a tag for Non-Consensual Sex (Rape Scenes), but the tag was not applied to this comic. However, after one cop says “Please! Let us go, Miss!”, she replies that she’ll let them go if they fuck her. She then laughs and says “Like you even had a choice!” So, long story short, it certainly appears that the interaction was non-consensual and that the Non-Consensual Sex tag should have been added.

Another issue concerns Tessa. She has a facial tattoo, namely a heart under her left eye. She also has two arm band tattoos on each arm. Additionally, there is a tattoo covering her right shoulder, French playing card pips (symbols indicating the four suits) above her areolas, and a tattoo on her lower back and above her vagina. Lastly, a portion of her hair is dyed. My point is that she has many distinguishing marks and should be easily identifiable.

Therefore, after she destroyed the Tower of London and London Bridge in the first issue of this series it would reasonably follow that the British Government would alert other governments and that people around the world would learn of her existence and unique appearance via news media. (That’s not even taking into account the notoriety Tessa earned in the first “Beyond the Law” series.) Therefore, I expected the world as a whole to be looking for her.

However, that was never shown. No one in later issues ever discusses or mentions the damage done to the United Kingdom’s capital city. In Chapter 2, we learn that Tessa “… continued to ravage city after city to satisfy her greed…” Yet, no one ever recognizes her.  No one stops and thinks. “Gee, that normal-sized woman has an uncanny resemblance to the giant-sized woman that effortlessly smashed buildings and crushed numerous people.” The end result is that the issues feel disconnected. Tessa can attack a well-known city as a giantess in one issue, but in the next issue no one will bat an eye when they see her at normal size.

Tags used for Giantess Club comics are only marginally useful. For example, this issue is marked “Male / Male Sex,” but does not actually feature two men having sex with each other. Furthermore, “Chemicals” and “Clothing Fetish” tags were also not accurate.

My first thought when the police officers arrested Tessa was that they recognized her as the giantess who destroyed cities. A few of her tattoos were visible in her outfit and of course her hair could be seen. Presumably, the police officers have heard of the cities, like London, being destructively visited by a giantess that looks exactly like the woman they encountered.

However, the law enforcement officers act very nonchalantly. They do not call for reinforcements and give no indication that they know her identity. When Tessa begins to grow the cop driving reacts with amazement as if he did not know that she could do that. After she outgrows the patrol car and grabs them, the other cop says that they were only going to give her a slap on the wrist. Therefore, they did not arrest her because they recognized her as the city-stomping villain. Instead, they detained her for some comparatively minor crime.

In this panel, one of the cops lost his face O_o
The background for this image was just dust and rubble.

The image directly above is one of four panels, out of six total on a single page, which depict Tessa growing larger. The square-shaped panels show her head expanding and progressively taking up more space. Yet, without a detailed background to compare her to the effect comes across like a camera moving closer to its subject, not a human being swelling in size.

“He” should be “The”

Bottom line, this issue was mediocre. The art suffered from overly simple backgrounds and mistakes like a character without a face. Furthermore, the story did little to advance the overarching narrative. At the end, Tessa is walking through San Francisco as a giantess, so I assume that Maggie will confront her there. However, the only thing we know about Maggie’s location is that she is being held at a secret government facility. So, it’s unknown where the blonde giantess is in relation to the Golden Gate City. (Maggie did not appear in this issue. I predict that she will walk to San Fran in the next two issues. Whether that’s a short or a really long walk is impossible to say.)

You can purchase the sixth issue of “Beyond the Law: Reversal” for $4.99 at the following link:

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