Nyom’s “Out of the Blue”

Could we get a prelude someday? 😉

Spanish artist Nyom, a.k.a. nyom87, completed the 35-page illustrated giantess story “Out of the Blue” in late November 2015. Each page contains a single panel of Computer-generated imagery (CGI) along with the accompanying dialogue.

CGI is a great medium to render growth scenes, it enables artists to produce large numbers of panels depicting the gradual transformation of their characters. In contrast, a traditionally illustrated comic may only provide a few. CGI artists like bmtbguy, Nyom, and Redfired0g have produced comics with page after page of gorgeous women growing.

The story begins with a giant-sized woman named Caroline, five minutes after she touched a purple glowing ball. Unfortunately, we are not privy to her initial growth and she is already quite large on the first page. Her boyfriend Mitch is along for the ride and observes her incredible physical development from his yacht for much of the story. When he’s not on the boat, he’s sitting on her nipple. Lucky fellow!

The story is very simple, we don’t even get to see the MacGuffin that causes the female protagonist’s transformation. We just see her steadily become larger. Other than that, little happens.

This is an awesome perspective!

I recommend this comic. It’s an enjoyable read with lots of growth! I would have appreciated some sex, Caroline could have masturbated for example. However, this was a good comic nonetheless.

Caroline grows to a maximum height of 5,280 feet or 1,609 meters.

You can get this by supporting Nyom on Patreon, https://www.patreon.com/nyom If you sign-up to pledge $10 or more then you will receive this comic, along with “To Hell with Conventionalisms” and other benefits. You can see previews of Nyom’s work at his DeviantArt page: https://www.deviantart.com/nyom87


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