A Plug for the Size Riot contests

I assume that anyone reading my blog has at least a passing interest in macrophilia. The term in this context means a sexual fetish in which individuals experience arousal from situations with extreme size differences, such as regular-sized men with giant-sized women for just one of many possible examples.

If you do enjoy such situations then you may have wanted to draft your own scenarios, but never had the chance before. If so, then the quarterly Size Riot contests offer an excellent opportunity. Each contest requires the participants to write and submit one piece of flash fiction (under 2,000 words) over the course of a month. Additionally, the current iteration, focused on gentle tales, has these stipulations:

Theme: Submitted stories must follow the following conditions.

  • One or more of the main characters must be middle-aged (45 or older, no immortal cheats)
  • Open to SFW or NSFW. Please provide explicit tags/triggers; stories will be assessed for accuracy

Afterward, writers can offer feedback on each other’s stories.

Now, the incomprehensibly vast amounts of content available online often amaze me. And yet, there are still so many stories left untold! Where is the tale in which pornographic model Ava Adams portrays DC Comics character Elasti-Girl, a female super-hero with the power to change size, from the Doom Patrol series? Where is the tale in which a woman grows larger whenever she hears Richard Paul Astley’s infamous hit song?

I hope to read those tales someday along with many others. So, I encourage all of my readers to throw their hat in the ring and share their own personal perspectives on what makes the best stories involving macrophilia. If you’ve never written a story before, why not give it a shot now? The contest offers a safe space to try something new and perhaps learn how to improve your writing ability.

You can sign up for the current contest, GentleApril19, here. Please note however that sign-ups end on 31 March. Also check out Aborigen’s blog post to learn more.


3 thoughts on “A Plug for the Size Riot contests

  1. Anyone looking to learn about the origin of the contest or read the last two years of story collections in various topics can find those here. Thanks for the bump!


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