ZZZ Comics “Magnifier”

GARR drew nice water-colored covers for issues one and two.

Magnifier is an ongoing series, with three issues so far, written by ZZZ. The first was released in mid-October 2015 with pencils by Paulo Fernando, inks by Kel Silva, colors by David Delanty, and cover art by GARR. The second was released in late October 2016 with lines by Black Mamba, colors by Cexi, and cover art by GARR. The most recent issue was released at the very end of 2017 with lines and cover art by Black Mamba, and colors by Cexi and Black Mamba.

Great artwork! I appreciate the backgrounds, fine level of detail, and shadows. Alas, the writer misspelled “satellite” in this panel  😉

The story begins with a gorgeous lady called Ms. Stacey Jenners who invented a device, the Magnifier, that can alter people’s size. She gives a co-worker, Harry, permission to use the Magnifier and the initial pages showcase his growth. It was nice to have a woman design the size-changing device, as normally a man would fulfill that role.

One of my favorite panels showcased a giant-sized Harry cumming all over normal-sized Stacey. Stacey then grows and the two destroy a few buildings. There’s also a panel in which Harry destroys a truck, labeled “Biggest Sausages in town,” with his cock.

Torrie looks rather sexy in her uniform B) You could argue that most managers would not allow employees to expose so much cleavage, but I’d let it slide for the comic. Image taken from Magnifier 2 

Magnifier 2 adds a new character, Torrie, to the mix.

Ugh, is that REALLY the authorization code, leetspeak? 😉  Also, when did Stacey give Harry the code?
What’s the deal with Harry, does he not have nipples? Also, why does Stacey need the password code?  Doesn’t she control the Magnifier? She invented and controlled it in the first issue. Did we miss something?

The third part adds another man, pizza deliverer Kyle, and two women, “Zoomer” driver Helen and fellow car driver Kristen, to the expanding list of growing people. Stacey somehow convinces Helen that she is dreaming and thus Helen feels free to do whatever she wants. I’ve seen this before in other giantess fiction, such as DreamTales “Lili’s Atomic Bikini Mega-Space Adventure,” in which the protagonist can’t accept that they are really growing for far too long. It doesn’t work and I don’t know why this trope exists.

There’s also an odd bit in which Kyle seeks revenge against people who didn’t tip him by overturning and destroying their homes. Which seems like an overreaction to put it mildly, plus it gets tedious how often Kyle repeats his desire, three times at least, to get revenge. Kyle is the T-800 of delivery guys. He can’t be reasoned with, can’t be bargained with, does not feel pity or remorse or fear, and absolutely will not stop complaining about missing tips. Ever.  😉

There are some minor errors in the art. In the artwork above Harry appears to have lost his nipples. In another example, seen below, a women’s top is one color and then on the very next page her top unexpectedly changes color.

The image from the left was taken from page 12 while the image on the right was taken from page 13. In both cases, the same woman was sitting in Kyle’s palm.
Magnifier 3 ends on an atypically dark note, but my assumption is that Harry will save the blonde in time.

This story-line has problems, like the absence of text outlining how and when Harry gained sole control of the Magnifier. There were also a few art mistakes. Additionally, I would have preferred if a single artist did all the issues. I liked both Paulo Fernando and Black Mamba’s work, they differ significantly but are equally good. I just would have liked it better if one artist had been given the entire run.

As an aside, I compare this to great mainstream comic books runs such as Jack Kirby’s New Gods for DC Comics or Walt Simonson’s Thor for Marvel Comics in which artists were allowed to take the reins and impart their distinct styles, and stories, for a long run on a particular comic. Obviously, there are numerous differences between these situations, and mainstream comics pay much better. Furthermore, many people just want simple, highly repetitive story lines for their giantess tales. However, I like to dream about a far-flung future in which at least one illustrated giantess story with lots of growing and sex also has an engaging ongoing story. But that’s enough about my ‘pie in the sky’ hopes, and we should really get back to this particular review.

Overall, I recommend this entire series. It is great for readers who enjoy tales of both men and women growing to superhuman sizes. People outgrow buildings, cars, clothes, and there are many sex scenes. The first two have a Collector’s ($8.99) and a Normal edition ($7.99), while the third only has the Normal edition. You can buy them at the following links:





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