ZZZ Comics “Zenith Scepter”


Zenith Scepter is an ongoing series, with three issues so far, written by ZZZ. The first was released in early October 2014 with lines by DARC, colors by Beezzz Studio, and lettering by Keith Perkins. As far as I can tell, this was the only ZZZ comic with art by DARC and Beezzz Studio.

The second was released in early March 2016 with art by Black Mamba. The third was released in late July 2016 with art by Black Mamba again. Black Mamba has drawn numerous comics, to include Magnifier which I reviewed yesterday.

The story begins with Courtney and Wally playing a video game. Courtney manages to miraculously open an ancient locked box from a museum that Wally took home so he could take pictures of it. Apparently, the pictures would be used by a supercomputer to solve the lock. Was it impossible to take pictures at the museum? Courtney touches the box and it opens. Within the box is a scepter that grants the holder the ability to do miraculous things like grow and shrink people and make clothes disappear.

Courtney rapidly discovers the scepter’s power and uses it on Wally, herself, and her cheerleader roommate Daniella. From issues 2 on more and more people play around with the scepter to include many women changing sizes and a few men too.


5There is a confusing bit beginning in issue 2 in which characters act like the device needs to transfer size from one person to another. Yet, that was not how it worked initially. Users grow and shrink others without needing to transfer size through all three issues. Which made me wonder, did the author forget how the scepter worked? Perhaps it works in many different ways, but that did not add anything and just muddled the fantasy world that the author was trying to create. Alternatively, perhaps this was confused with “Nozama Idol” in which a magic item does transfer size?

There are awkward references made to ‘nerdy’ things like Altered Beast and God of War. They seem out of place. I assume they exist to establish that the characters are nerds, but in today’s world everyone plays video games. So, does it truly establish your characters as nerds by having them discuss games when everyone plays them? Also, has anyone ever, in the history of the world, said that sex was better than the “God of War… Bonus Level…”? Wally makes that very claim on page 13 of the initial issue.

The entire series has several nice sequences of people outgrowing their clothes

There are scenes of shrunken women riding enormous cocks in each issue. Furthermore, the Collector’s editions show pictures of women riding horses that were used as references.

Many sex scenes are present, including one in which Wally’s balls are made disproportionately large compared to the rest of his body. He climaxes, showering four women in a river of cum. Alas, that was immediately undone in the very next panel.

Side note, this may be the very first media I’ve ever seen in which a growing woman knocks over cocktails. Someone save the mojito!

All in all, this was an entertaining read. You can buy Collector’s or Normal editions at the following links:





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