A Look at ZZZ’s First New Comic, “Super Sizeo Sis.”, since 2018!


Good morning everyone,

In previous years, ZZZ Comics set itself apart with fun, growth-oriented comics featuring both men and women growing (a.k.a. giant couples). However, the production of new comics ended in late 2018. Accordingly, I expressed a desire to see new content in my “Hopes and Predictions for 2020” post, from early January.

Therefore, I was very excited to learn that ZZZ recently released a new comic, after a year and a half of inactivity! (NOTE: Some picture packs and other materials have been released on Patreon, but nothing outside that.)


Before we begin, there is one thing to note. As of early June this does not appear on the SizeChangeCentral web site. That was a little unexpected, especially since the cover of the comic, and every other page, has that URL on the bottom, thus implying that customers could find it there.

^ Screenshot from http://www.sizechangecentral.com taken on June 8, 2020.

ZZZ posted on DeviantArt that there were problems with the main website and encouraged people to buy it from Gumroad.

One quibble right off the bat. The file name is “SuperZarioSisters1,” but the actual title is “Super Sizeo Sis.”

“Super Sizeo Sis.” is composed of an illustrated cover and 18 multiple panel pages. The artist and author were not identified.(NOTE: Although, looking closely at the cover, “WOLFGEE ’20” was written in easy-to-miss text on the bottom right, so perhaps that is the artist?) Unfortunately, there are no previews or extras, such as sketches or prototype pages, like those found at the end of most ZZZ comics.

The story involves “Zario,” a parody of Mario from Nintendo’s Mario franchise. The story begins after three princesses, Blueberry, Lilly, and Melon, discovered a crown that causes growth. The three royal beauties use the crown and have sex. (NOTE: But none of them climax.) As you might guess from a Super Mario Brothers parody, mushrooms are also involved. That’s pretty much it for the plot.

First off, I would have preferred it if Zario more closely resembled video game Mario. Zario should have been short and overweight. Instead, Zario is short and jacked, even without any help from fantastic fungi. That’s a drastic change from Mario’s “everyman” look. Ergo, Mario isn’t a super-soldier, he’s a fat plumber 🙂

Zario as we first see him.
He’s been hitting the gym!

The argument could be made that this is Zario, not Mario. Thus, it’s a different character and can look different. However, given that this comic is a parody of Super Mario Brothers I’d prefer a protagonist that looks like the pudgy Mario in Witchking00’s “Princess Peach in: Thanks Mario!” Then if the creator wants a jacked-up version, have the guy take a power-up and transform.

^ Witchking00’s Mario

Also, as previously mentioned, no one climaxes. Princess Lilly performs fellatio on Zario and manually strokes his cock, Princess Blueberry penetrates Lilly using two of her fingers, Zario performs cunnilingus on Princess Melon, and Blueberry goes down on Melon, but nobody reaches orgasm! (NOTE: I feel frustrated on behalf of the characters!)

Maybe the white-haired girl should have been called Princess “Blueballs,” not Blueberry! 😛 I mean, it’s not like Blueberry’s lover Lilly has balls to make blue, but she was denied an orgasm 😉

Additionally, I was surprised that ZZZ didn’t continue one of the existing series. In early July last year, ZZZ posted that future works would be produced via crowd funding on sites such as Indiegogo or Kickstarter. “Farm Grown 5” was next to be released. (NOTE: Apparently, “Farm Grown Summer” is considered to be “Farm Grown 4,” although no number was included in that title.) Other pre-existing stories such as “Atlas Touch,” “Edge of Humanity,” “Nozama Idol,” and “Ripped Tide” were also mentioned.

This post was made after a crowd-funding campaign was withdrawn.

Furthermore, folks requested that many other series be revisited, as can be seen in the following screenshots from DeviantArt:



Therefore, I’m not sure why this was made. It is clearly evident that many fans would like to see new issues in their favorite series. I understand that it might be difficult for previous artists to continue their work. Furthermore, all other things being equal, I’d prefer that the original artists finished their runs.

However, if that’s not possible, then it would be better to employ new people on a series than abruptly ending it.  This has been done before, for instance “Growth Formula” featured two artists, “Magnifier” uses more than one, and so did “Zenith Scepter.”

Bottom line, I hope that the next comic concludes one of the aforementioned storylines.

Perhaps this should have been “Ohh, Miss Big Titty gets everything she wants again?”

Continuing on with my critiques, there were a few typo’s, but nothing too major.

The word “are” was missing between “mushrooms” and “only.”

As a fan of busty women outgrowing their clothing, I appreciate how this featured three lovely ladies bursting out of their outfits and becoming giantesses.

That said, I don’t recommend buying this. It’s not bad, but for the price of $9.99, gentle giantess fans would be better served buying Collector’s Editions (which only cost $8.99 per issue) of one of ZZZ’s other works, such as “I Need More,” “Magnifier,” or “Zenith Scepter.” For a dollar less you get more drawings (including art-only versions of the comics, concept sketches, and previews) and more complex narratives. If you’d like to learn more about those, check out the following reviews: I Need More, Magnifier, and Zenith Scepter. They are not perfect of course, but they provide more value than Super Sizeo Sis.

However, if you’re like me, and already own all of ZZZ’s previous works and want to check this out, then you can pick it up at the following link: https://gumroad.com/l/supersizeo

Those interested in adult-oriented Mario parodies can also buy Witchking00’s 60-page “Princess Peach in: Thanks Mario!” for $7.99 here.

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4 thoughts on “A Look at ZZZ’s First New Comic, “Super Sizeo Sis.”, since 2018!

  1. I was bummed out by this release. I also feel like I’ve fallen in the same trap of not finishing stories. I’m currently looking into closing some of them to try to streamline my workload. Not an easy thing honestly. But yeah, this fell far from what ZZZ used to make, it feels like he no longer makes enough money to justify making these. The review clearly show the weakness of this issue. And I agree that no one gets off, which is a big pet peeve of mine in erotica, how fucking frustrating !

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