ZZZ Comics Top 5 and Bottom 5 Illustrated Series, as of June 2020

(NOTE: This is a response to a request from Eussou. Eussou asked, in the comments section of the “Giantess Fan’s Top 5 and Bottom 5 Illustrated Series, as of May 2020” post, “Will you tell us your top and bottom 5 comics from ZZZ comics?” Sure thing Eussou, I can do that!)

Good morning everyone,

ZZZ has been selling comics for over eight years now. His first, “The Growing Circle,” was released in early January 2012. That was over two years after Giantess Club came online in October 2009 and a few months after Giantess Fan came online in November 2011.

^ Taken from Giantess City forums.


According to Sizechangecentral.com, the main site for ZZZ Comics, he has produced well over two hundred.


In the process, ZZZ employed numerous artists to include, but not limited to: Arturo, Bacchus, Gaston, Gian Carlo Bernal, JF, Kevin, Leonardo, Marcel, Mau Acheron, Norin Jenei, Omar, Oscar Celestini, Paulo Barrios, Rukasu, and the Silva Brothers. Furthermore, ZZZ occasionally created his own art with computer-generated imagery (CGI) software.

Also of note, today’s lists will be a bit different than the previous lists made for Giantess Club and Giantess Fan, because the majority of these comics were written by only one person, ZZZ.


Some were co-written. For instance, “AGW Enforcers” and “AGW The Family II & III” listed Henry Buto and ZZZ as writers, “Alicia Goes Wonderland 2” listed J.B. Hickock and ZZZ, “A Scent of Strength” listed Dana Bowman and ZZZ, etc.


(NOTE: I do not know how writing duties are split. It is certainly conceivable that one person could do the lion’s share of the work and the other could merely review their effort.)

However, due to ZZZ’s persistent involvement there is a certain uniformity, unlike Giantess Club and Giantess Fan. The plots and themes are less diverse since less writers are involved.

That makes picking the best and the worst a tougher proposition because there are fewer differences! ZZZ does not sell truly objectionable stories like Giantess Club’s “Codename: G-Woman – The Femme Alliance” issue #1, featuring a neutral if not positive representative of a serial rapist, or Giantess Fan’s “Upheaval,” featuring a positive portrayal of a fascist uprising. Therefore, this will be a more nuanced endeavor and may come across as splitting hairs 😉

That said, let’s give this a whirl!

Top 5

These range from “Good” at the number five slot to “Best” at number one!


5. College Grown (Art by David Delanty and HSefra)

Studious nerds and adventurous teachers become curvy Titans! Readers initially follow the protagonist Ariana as she transforms and seduces her long-time crush. Later on, more people burst out of their clothes and even their sororities as campus life is interrupted by swelling, ultra-voluptuous co-eds and ultra-muscular men! This three-part tale features several two- and three-way sex scenes as students and faculty members explore their sexuality. (NOTE: The College Grown characters were also included in “Everything Grown.” Also, College Grown’s dialogue felt forced at times with an overabundance of pop culture references.)


Im still growing

4. I’m Still Growing (Art by ZZZ)

The third and fourth parts of this series have very enjoyable scenes in which a blonde and a redhead woman encourage each other to grow as big as possible while they strive to tower over the surrounding buildings! There were lots of other sex scenes and transformation scenes, such as another one featuring a lesbian couple engaged in a friendly growth competition at the site of the growth catalyst, an old power plant. Awesome stuff!

(NOTE: However, I must point out that many scenes were too bright with the sky turning into a pure white blank space, and images were sometimes inexplicably tilted into Dutch angles.)


Pixie No More

3. Pixie No More (Art by Len and Lunareth)

This long-running series, based on an older text-only story, includes seven volumes of men and women growing larger and having sex in a medieval setting! They outgrow clothing and buildings in delightful acts of destruction. Pixie No More is also poised to explore gender bending as the last page of part 7 features “Sir Grindalot” becoming “Lady Grindalot!”



2. My Giantess Ex-Girlfriend (Art by HENRY, Kevin, and Oscar Celestini)

A parody of the 2006 film “My Super Ex-Girlfriend,” this has a more nuanced portrayal of abusive relationships than most cruel giantess fiction. My Giantess Ex-Girlfriend begins with a stereotypical depiction of a cruel giantess, but then goes further to actually show that in such situations an abused person would actually suffer and thus try to leave if they could!

That’s opposed to many cruel stories in which an abuser heaps pain and misery upon another without negative consequences. Additionally, there was some awareness on the part of the abuser, Tina. In one panel she tells her handlers: “I hope it’s true that you guys have finally found a way to make my personality back to normal!” Therefore, she appeared to recognize that she had a problem.

This ongoing story had two complete issues and a six-page part 3 within “Tales from the Vault Volume #2.”



1. Growing Circle (Art by Gaston, Leonardo, and ZZZ)

The first comic, it was initially offered for sell at the GTS Artists site. Now, it can be found at Sizechangecentral and Gumroad, with the first issue composed of 220 single-panel color illustrated pages detailing the growing adventures of five witches. (NOTE: Most of Growing Circle was CGI rendered, but Gaston and Leonardo colored and drew the art for part 3.)

Over the course of six issues, the witches try out techniques like the “Thrusting Tornado Twister,” shrink themselves and their male partners down to well below human dimensions, and the ladies reach Godzilla-level heights. There are also fun moments such as when one girl thinks she is the biggest person ever, only to be dwarfed when two of her friends arrive!

Did I mention that the first and second issues are great values? Both sell for $6.99.


Bottom 5

Now, onto those works that missed the mark.

Sizeable Tales

5. Sizeable Tales (and the other anthologies Sizeable Double Feature and Tales from the Vault)

This may be confusing, so stick with me. The anthologies do have enjoyable content like “Bigness Cream,” “Massive City,” and “Time Grown.” However, it’s difficult to follow specific stories within those anthologies. For example, let’s say you want to read Bigness Cream. You’d need to purchase Sizeable Tales Volumes 17, 18, 19, and 20. This is straight forward and sequential. No problem, right? However, Bigness Cream then skips two issues and does not reappear until Volumes 23 and 24.

Perhaps you already purchased every Sizeable Tales and saved them to a hard drive. You’d like to re-read Bigness Cream, but don’t remember which file to open. So, you open each one until you find it. Seems like there could be a better way.

Where to begin? Furthermore, was the story in Sizeable Tales, Sizeable Double Feature, or Tales from the Vault?

Also, maybe you like a related series, “Bigness Camp,” which was in the Sizeable Double Feature series. (NOTE: The connection between Bigness Camp and Bigness Cream is in name only.) So, you open up a few files and check the table of contents, but Volume 3 and Volume 4 both list “Bigness Camp 3” in the table of contents! 

Sizeable Double Feature Vol 3 ToC

Sizeable Double Feature Vol 4 ToC

None of this is the end of the world. A buyer could take the time to rename all the files to make searching easier. For instance, they could change “Sizeable Double Feature 4” into “Sizeable Double Feature 4 – HH BG4.” That would make it easier to find things. However, that burden should not fall on the consumers. After all, they are paying for these products. In addition, the table of contents should accurately reflect the included stories. (NOTE: Sizeable Double Feature 2 doesn’t even have a table of contents!)

Furthermore, some series begin in their own comics and then continue in the anthologies. If you forgot that, then you might not even realize that a story was continued! For instance, “Gargantoxin” begins in its own comic and then was continued in “Tales from the Vault Volume #2.”

Lastly, a wrap-around segment to unify the individual stories would be awesome. For instance, create a character, perhaps a woman named “Elzzzira,” to briefly discuss and introduce each story. That was a common practice with horror shows on TV such as HBO’s “Tales from the Crypt,” in which the Crypt Keeper served that function. The Breast Expansion Story Club already parodied the Crypt Keeper in the “Tales from the Kreme” series with the “Kreme Keeper.”



4. 3 GTS (really all of the unfinished series)

This is included on this list due to its unfinished nature and to represent every incomplete work. It is difficult to exaggerate just how many comics are unfinished. For example:

To be continued
I tried to fit all of the “To be continued” lines from unfinished comics into this graphic, but ran out of room 😉

The overwhelming majority of comics are abandoned. Stories progress for a few volumes and then are dropped without advanced warning or a single comment from the creator. That fact makes these comics difficult to review. It’s like analyzing 1978’s “Superman: The Movie” without watching the final confrontation between Lex Luthor and Superman. The ending is critical! However, practically none of the comics get a conclusion, whether satisfying or otherwise.

For example, 3 GTS part 2 ended with the following panel:

3 GTS 2 0104
This was published in late September 2012 and has not been concluded since then.

(NOTE: To the best of my knowledge, 3 GTS part 2 is no longer available. Initially, it was posted to ZZZ’s E-junkie site, but that store is now defunct. Sizechangecentral only has part 1, and neither part is available at the Gumroad store. Does anyone else know where it can be found?)

Furthermore, at least one fan was hoping for a part 3:

3 GTS 2 DA comment
Not for nothing, also note that seven years have passed and this still hasn’t received a reply 😐

To put this in comparison, let’s imagine if DC Comics operated in the same manner. The company publishes Superman in June 1938, prints several issues, and introduces a conflict between Superman and the Ultra-Humanite. (NOTE: Ultra-Humanite was Superman’s first “super villain” foe and predated Lex Luthor.) Then DC Comics decides to stop publishing Superman for unknown reasons. Next, DC Comics creates Batman, publishes a few issues, introduces an opponent, and also unceremoniously discontinues Batman. Then they create a comic focused on Jay Garrick as the Flash and, you guessed it, abruptly end the series.

This hypothetical method of operation would prevent you from engaging with DC’s characters. There would be an expectation that every creation will be left undone. That is currently the state of ZZZ Comics.



3. Night Haven Size Swap

This had potential. As a fan of urban fantasy films such as 2003’s “Underworld,” I appreciate mythological beings such as succubus, vampires, and werewolves in a modern setting. However, the rules of this universe were unclear and it was galling to be introduced to a large and complex world, but then never progress beyond a single issue.

(SIDE NOTE: This comic, like 3 GTS part 2, was originally posted to the now defunct E-junkie store and thus is no longer available.)



2. Super Sizeo Sis.

This is the newest comic, published after an 18-month hiatus, and I HATE to put it on this list. I want to see series continued, new works introduced, etc. Nonetheless, it would be disingenuous to ignore that Super Sizeo Sis. is the most expensive and the shortest comic to date! At only 19 pages and costing $9.99, this is literally the worst possible value.


The collector editions for other comics only cost $8.99 and include more pages of main story, plus extras like sketches and previews.

For more on Super Sizeo Sis., check out the full review here.



1. Tales from the Vault: Sherrie Sharrip

This five-page story, included in the first volume of Tales from the Vault, is an awkward growth scene of a young lady turning 18 and becoming a giantess. The birthday girl makes a size-themed wish and bursts out of her clothes in front of her parents. She then makes no effort to conceal her nakedness. That’s particularly off-putting when you consider that nearly every other comic involves a person growing and having sex with whoever is closest.

To be fair, the parents do not attempt anything. However, the question remains, why are a daughter and her parents the only characters in this comic on a site which only produces erotic comics?

There was an attempt at humor as the father and mother tried to determine why their offspring transformed. (NOTE: They were unaware of her birthday wish.) They had also experienced a few unlikely circumstances which could have been the catalyst. But, regardless, this was an unpleasant read. On the plus side, “The End” was written in the last panel. So, at least we don’t have to see anymore! (NOTE: This might be the only comic that has “The End,” without even a question mark afterward. One-shots like the “Time Grown” stories had “The End?” or something comparable in the final panel.)


That was my list of the best and worst ZZZ comics. What are your picks? Let me know in the comments below and until next time my friends, keep growing!

This review is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.














6 thoughts on “ZZZ Comics Top 5 and Bottom 5 Illustrated Series, as of June 2020

  1. Thanks as always for the review.

    I’m really hoping ZZZ continues “AGW: The Family” and “Jurassic GTS”. And I personally prefer his illustrated comics to his CG comics. But to each their own.

    A question for you, good host. You have an appreciation for detail and accuracy and realism (as real as giantess comics and videos can be). One thing I’ve never seen addressed is how/when/where a massive giantess would use the washroom. I’m not into that sort of thing but it would make for an interesting dynamic and element to be explored.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’d be great to see “AGW: The Family” and “Jurassic GTS” continued 🙂 ZZZ could provide some conflict and wrap them up with satisfying conclusions. After concluding the initial runs, he could always revisit those characters and begin new story arcs, if so desired.

      Regarding how a giant person copes without giant washrooms, it would be good to explore that, to a degree. I’m not into scatology, but it’d be interesting to address. Sometimes writers get lazy and just hand wave away any problems. There would be a fine line to walk to address it without getting graphic, but it could be done.

      There was a book which explicitly detailed the problem, but for the life of me I can’t remember its title! I’ll see if I can find it tomorrow.


      1. Thanks to Aphrodite’s assistance ( https://twitter.com/AphroBloodyDite ) on Twitter, I remembered the book that I referenced above. It’s “Enormity” by W.G. Marshall and details some of the practical concerns that giant people would encounter. I should re-read and give it a proper review!

        27AUG20 EDIT: Here is that review: https://thereshegrows.net/2020/08/27/w-g-marshalls-enormity/


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