Giantess Fan’s Top 5 and Bottom 5 Illustrated Series, as of May 2020

Good morning everyone,

The following is a list of the five best and five worst comics published by Giantess Fan. Giantess Fan has produced hundreds of illustrated comics since it first came online, nearly a decade ago, in 2011. The site produces at least two new comics every month. Typically, they include a cover and at least fifteen multi-panel color pages consisting of an inside cover with credits and other information, the story pages, and some previews. (NOTE: A few comics are longer or shorter, or are drawn in black and white for stylistic reasons.)

This post was made at the Giantess City forum.

Customers can purchase a monthly membership for $24.95 a month (as of May 2020), or less if they pay in advance for a 3-month or yearly membership. (NOTE: In contrast to Giantess Club, Giantess Fan members can download all of the comics for viewing offline. Check out my earlier piece comparing the two sites here.)

Now, let’s move on to the lists!

Top 5

These range from very good at the number five slot to the very best at number one!


5. Growing the Franchise (Written by Mac Rome and drawn by Octo)

An illustrated comic which asks the question: “What would happen if WNBA players were injected with growth serum?” The answer will please growth fans as it involves clothing destruction and carnal relations. In particular, I enjoyed the romantic relationship between the two main characters, Sorina Dinesen and Hoshi Kameka, and how their roles, as tallest and shortest, switched over time. On the negative side, the backgrounds are often simple. For example, the basketball court has no markings and is just a solid color. Additionally, female faces all look the same just with different color and length of hair.


4. Sorority Problems (Written by F-Kid and drawn by Danusko)

A fun, light-hearted comic focused on college students and a few bottles of “Biggie Whiskey.” The art is good and the story, while slight, was sufficiently entertaining. Check out my full reviews of the first two issues and the finale here.



3. Portals (Written by Newschool2626 and drawn by WantedWaifus)

This ongoing series, which first began in mid-May 2017, involves a number of size-changing scenarios enabled by Mike Miller’s invention of teleportation portal technology. His first experiment created portals around the world. In addition to the world-altering implications inherent when humanity is able to move goods and people instantaneously around the world, the portals also have the ability to alter the size of whatever (or whoever) passes through them. This leads to a number of different scenarios involving giant body parts, shrunken people, and towering giantesses.

The next issue, Portals 12, is set to release on June 28th, 2020.



2. A Weekend Alone (Written by KevinFred and drawn by Jieun)

Hands down, this long-running ongoing series, which began in late May 2013, is one of the best size-themed stories that I’ve ever read. In addition to some sexy scenes, “A Weekend Alone” features a plot which has me engaged wanting to learn how the story will end. I would rate this comic even higher on the list, but since it’s still ongoing I should hold off until it’s finished.

The next issue, A Weekend Alone 16, is set to release on June 5th, 2020. (NOTE: Fans of this series should also check out the commissioned image entitled “At Least We’re Not Shrunk Anymore!” in the Giantess Fan gallery.)


1. The Outgrowing (Written by Mac Rome and drawn by SednaStudio-Dai)

I appreciated the unique setting of the Amish community for this six-part love story which was first published in mid-September 2014 and ended in mid-October 2016. Additionally, I enjoyed how the protagonist went from well below average height to incredibly tall. The art is good for the most part. However, at the end of the story Hannah’s “teats” reach down to her knees and are so disproportionate that the character becomes unattractive. That said, this is still highly recommended and well-deserving of the top slot.


Bottom 5

Now, onto those works that missed the mark. These range from relatively minor missteps at number five to the worst at number one!

5. When Dreams Come True

This is on the list not only for its own faults, but also to represent an overarching problem at Giantess Fan. What is that problem? Well, the second issue was released on September 09, 2011, and its last page said “To be continued…” However, in the nearly nine years since then, there has not been a third.

How long must fans wait? I can understand a few months, even a year or two, but when it reaches over eight years it seems they will never be completed.

“When Dreams Come True” is joined by other unfinished comics such as “The Island,” in which issue 2 ended on a cliffhanger on March 28, 2012, “The Jungle Disaster,” which ended its second issue on a cliffhanger on April 28, 2013, and “Goddess ADBC,” which was “to be continued” as of August 28, 2014. The list of presumably abandoned series also includes “Flagship Fannie,” “Queen Vespa,” “Sub-Human Resources,” etc. (NOTE: None of the aforementioned comics have new issues listed in Giantess Fan’s “What’s coming next…” section. So, they won’t be continued until at least August of 2020, if ever.)

Bottom line, this problem could be ameliorated with a simple update. Something stating what will be continued and what will remain forever undone.



4. Pool Party Growth

The art is basic with the bottom of people’s legs regularly drawn as wedges, not human feet. There are no sex scenes, and the art and writing are poor. That said, there’s nothing offensive about this series, it’s just a waste of time. I previously reviewed this series in the following posts: first two issues and finale.


3. This is Hardcore

Initially, this offered some promise. The stark black and white art style was unique and the story could have been interesting. What ruined “This is Hardcore” was an insulting perspective on the punk rock scene. This perspective portrays punk fans as people who would not object to the possibility of losing an eye or even dying during a concert. It begins with a news report discussing a recent concert in which a South African band called “Eye Socket” used a Tesla coil to shock its fans, resulting in 23 deaths.

(NOTE: No worries though, everyone signed a waiver first. So that means the band can do whatever they want! I’m sure that none of the 23 people had co-workers, employers, family, or friends who cared about them. After all, who could love someone that listens to punk music?)

Punk music certainly features cynical and nihilistic themes. However, it is overly reductive to assume that fans of the genre are suicidal, and thus would not object to being killed. Rather, I argue that punk music seeks to express discontentment with mainstream music and values.

Lastly, This is Hardcore has a complete dud of an ending. The last panel has Petunia saying “What the fuck has happened to me?” There is no “To be continued” or “End.” So yeah, what was going on with this comic? What was the point? What happened to me because I read this? 😥


2. Kolossal Katie

Rough drawings and an even rougher story make this a bad comic. The art shows characters wearing the exact same outfit for several years, sometimes fingers are missing their knuckles, and in one panel a spatula was shown sliding between two toes which I think was supposed to be a fork stabbing the foot.


The titular character, Katie, smacks her boyfriend around repeatedly and cruelly. This is not a situation in which an abused person enacts revenge on their abuser. Instead, Katie’s actions are cruel simply for the sake of cruelty.

I don’t blame you for feeling that way, don’t blame you at all.

Bottom line, it’s a comic about a growing woman that physically and sexually assaults her boyfriend. Your money and time would be better spent on other comics.



1. Upheaval

Upheaval is a fascist comic. It presents an unironically positive portrayal of a military takeover, and I welcome anyone who wants to refute my assessment.

Why bother with trials when you can just punish whoever you want?

The comic begins when the President-elect, a soldier named Charmaine Quinn, becomes a giantess on the day of her inauguration. Before the ceremony can begin, she proceeds to dispense vigilante justice on the previous administration.

Selected for special punishment are two men representing the highest echelons of the government, allegedly the “… masterminds of the corruption …” Presumably, they were the President and Vice-President, but that was not stated. (Maybe it’s a semi-presidential system, like France, with a president and a prime minister. Or maybe the two men were the President and some other elected official, like a senator. Who knows?)

Fascists often appeal to a simple, mythological past.

With the support of the Army, Charmaine forces the politicians to say that they’re guilty. She does not present evidence to support her claim that they were corrupt or even exert the minimal effort required to set-up a “kangaroo court.” (A kangaroo court refers to a court that ignores ethical and legal obligations.) Instead, Charmaine says:

“You will either kneel down and admit your guilt to your nation and accept the death of a lowly cockroach that you rightly deserve. Or you can continue to deny your guilt, and I will let the people come and dispense justice themselves.”

Funny how people will say that they’re guilty when threatened with great pain. Almost as if that is not a reliable way to seek the truth since people will say anything when under duress.

The art also doesn’t help this comic. Strange decisions, such as giving Charmaine cross-eyes on the cover and a bloody face in one panel, were also off-putting. 

In this image, the left side of Charmaine’s face has a line of blood from her temple to her chin. It appears without explanation and disappears in the very next image. Was it meant to correspond with her speech and thus be taken metaphorically? If so, how would readers know that?

At one point, one of the victims stated that her actions are those of a tyrannical dictator, which was a true statement. However, that man died while the masses gave their wholehearted approval. The comic ends with crowds chanting “Charmaine” and a reporter claiming that Charmaine “single-handedly annihilated the corrupt that lurked within the national courtyard.” Thus, the end result was a work which glorified extrajudicial killings. Bottom line, Upheaval is best avoided.


So, that was my list of the best and worst Giantess Fan comics. What are your picks? Let me know in the comments below and until next time my friends, keep growing!

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14 thoughts on “Giantess Fan’s Top 5 and Bottom 5 Illustrated Series, as of May 2020

  1. I have to say, I really appreciate the intelligent points of view you share in your reviews and posts. I, too, am frustrated when series simply stop with no conclusion. Absolutely maddening.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. To be fair to Giantess Fan, this is also a problem with some TV series, mainstream comics, etc. However, to my understanding, Giantess Fan controls all the rights to their comics so there’s no reason that they couldn’t publish proper endings.


      1. Thanks for the reply. I’ve always assumed that GF or GC don’t finish comics based on popularity. If a series is released and nobody buys or downloads, what’s the point of continuing? Again, no real rationale behind that thinking.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah, I also could understand if they don’t want to continue an underperforming series. However, a simple statement like the following would be helpful. “Hey folks, this series is not being received well, so we’re going to drop it. Let us know if you want to see more of the series.” Obviously, the exact wording isn’t crucial, but such a statement would give more transparency as to what will be continued or why something will end abruptly.


  2. Will you tell us your top and bottom 5 comics from ZZZ comics ? 😉
    I also like very much your blog 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m happy that you enjoy my blog! As far as making a similar list for ZZZ comics, I could do that 🙂 Assuming nothing big happens between now and then, I’ll try to publish a ZZZ list around the end of this month.

      P.S. I plan to review ZZZ’s latest comic, “Super Sizeo Sisters,” next Tuesday morning (Japan time)!


  3. First off, I totally enjoyed When Dreams Come True. That was the first GTS comic that I ever downloaded. In my humble opinion, Amazon Hotel is still #1 on Giantess Fan. And I truely HATE comics with no conclusion. Not a fan of either Portals or A Weekend Alone. They are written by the same guy. BTW: he’s also Giantess Fan managing editor.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I hope Giantess Fan eventually continues When Dreams Come True. Also, Amazon Hotel is pretty good, and I wouldn’t mind reviewing that series as a whole. I appreciate getting your opinions on Portals and A Weekend Alone, I don’t expect others to necessarily agree with my rankings, but it’s constructive for us fans to give our opinions.


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