Review of Giantess Fan’s “Pool Party Growth”

Impressive thigh gaps 😉

Pool Party Growth is an ongoing series, with two issues so far, written by Redacegod and illustrated by LRC. The first part was released in mid-May 2018 and the most recent on October 14, 2018. You can read it at Giantess Fan,

Other comics drawn by LRC for Giantess Fan include, but are not limited to, “Growing Science 5” and “Legwork.” It appears that Redacegod’s only writing credits on the site are for this comic.

The story on the first page begins when main character Robin orders a free sample of “KS2” from a pop-up on her computer screen. However, on page 13 Robin tells her friend Ashely that she bought it, which made me wonder which was it? Was it free or did Robin have to pay for it?

We learn that it’s a tanning lotion with two different versions, one increases bust and one increases height. But, most importantly, since the story calls it a tanning lotion, does it improve the user’s tan? 😉

I hate it when the “X” button is on the left, this must be on a Mac

Many strange choices were made in the story. For example, the supporting character’s name was spelled as “Ashely” instead of the expected “Ashley.” At first, I thought that was just a one-time misspelling, but it’s consistent throughout. It’s good to be consistent, but why choose an unusual spelling?

Furthermore, much of the dialogue is awkward or stilted. For example, check out the top right panel below. The woman in the white coat says “I’ve been studying med. At my local college.” Did she mean “medicine”? I’ve never heard anyone just refer to it as “med,” with the exception of terms like “med school.” Also, why is there a period between “I’ve been studying med.” and “At my local college.”?


Robin rubs some of the lotion all over her body. She immediately feels warm, and faints the next day. When she awakens, she has already begun to grow larger. Robin goes to Ashely’s house for a swimming pool party. Unsurprisingly, as the title of this story states, Robin grows even larger during the pool party.

Ashely’s mouth is really opened wide! Is she talking or preparing to swallow Robin’s head? 😛
Robin’s thighs are very skinny, and Ashely’s thighs look like triangles.
Those are some weird looking feet on both women.

Ashely witnesses Robin growing bigger in Part 2 and decides to take some lotion herself. There’s a scene where Ashely has both vials and rubs one of their contents on her chest. However, I didn’t know whether it was the bust or height enhancement that she used. Presumably, we’ll find out in the next issue.

Then two police officers arrive, responding to a complaint about the loud party.

Where is his badge? This character is a police officer, but his outfit just makes him look like a businessman or a random guy wearing a tie and long-sleeve shirt.
Example policeman’s uniform. At a minimum, the artist could have included a name tag and a badge.

One of the cops tries to take Robin outside in a rough and rude manner. He fails, and she begins to grow again. Part 2 ends with Robin having outgrown the house.

Bottom line, the best bits from this comic are when Robin outgrows her yellow bikini and a house. However, I can’t recommend this. There are no sex scenes. The art and writing are poor. Editors, different ones for each part, reportedly worked on this comic, but I don’t know what they did. Readers should spend their time and money elsewhere.

Part 3 is slated to be released next Thursday on Valentine’s Day, February 14, by the same artist and author. Hopefully, the quality will improve.

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