Giantess Fan’s “Pool Party Growth 3”


Giantess Fan’s “Pool Party Growth 3” was drawn by LRC (of Sedna Studio), edited by Mac Rome, written by Redacegod350 (listed as just Redacegod on the cover), with a layout done by Marvin Alonzo (of Studio GFX). Pool Party Growth 3 was published on February 14, 2019. I reviewed the earlier parts here.

These fellows are police officers, but without badges they don’t look like cops.

Unfortunately, the problems found in the first two issues are still present in this third issue. Bottom line up front, this comic is merely filler with no action. There’s no growth and no sex. The art is basic with the bottom of people’s legs regularly drawn more as wedge shapes than human feet.

The story begins with giant-sized Robin having already outgrown her friend Ashely’s house. After demolishing what was left of the two-story dwelling, Robin then asks a pair of police officers to release Ashely and Ashely’s brother David.

The police officers comply and quickly flee the area, possibly going to call in reinforcements but there’s no more interaction with law enforcement in this specific issue.

Then Robin, Ashely, and David travel to a cabin owned by Ashely and David’s family in the woods. Ashely and David procure a large roll of fabric, possibly a carpet but that was not stated, for Robin to use as makeshift clothing. The story ends with Ashely announcing that her parents are coming home.

In Part 2 Ashely rubbed one of the size-changing creams on herself, but it did not yet have any effect. Before Robin grew, after applying the cream, she slept, so perhaps that rule applies to Ashely as well.

Ashely’s name is spelled as “Ashley,” the more common version, for a single panel.

As I said in the beginning, this comic is merely filler. Giantess fans would be better suited spending their money and time on other comics.


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