Giantess Zone’s “Deezilla” Part 1 of 4


Giantess Zone’s “Deezilla” Part 1 of 4 was released on April 15, 2019. Gary Pranzo filmed Dee in 2012 and Optic Dreams has been working on the post-processing for the past several years.

First off, the dialogue in this 10-minute long video was a little too quiet. My system’s volume and Windows Media Player’s volume was at 100% and it was still difficult to hear what was said. I opened the file in VLC media player and increased the volume to 150% in order to understand the actors. (Did anyone else experience this issue or was this merely because SolomonG is an old man?)

The story involves Gary taking Dee to his residence and shooting her with a growth-inducing ray gun. Dee becomes a giantess, breaks out of the building, and kills many innocent people while walking around a city.

There was no beam effect, but instead a transparent wave-like distortion from Gary’s MacGuffin.
I’d rather see a beam from the gun’s barrel hit the lady in question. Something like this. Only have someone with talent put it together as opposed to my caveman attempt with Microsoft Paint.

There was a very short bit around 1:46 to 1:47 in which Dee’s breasts momentarily grew larger with a “boing” sound effect. However, her boobs only increased in size by a cup size or so and immediately returned to normal proportions. The effect was so brief and slight that it did not add anything.

It was nice to see a different perspective on a growth scene with this overhead shot. We also got a shot from behind, as well as the standard front on view.

Dee’s acting was well done, energetic and enthusiastic.

Alas, I must again lament the lack of nudity in Media Impact productions. Dee may grow to incredible sizes, but her bra and panties stubbornly refuse to budge.

You must really love someone when you put two copies of the exact same photo on your wall. ❤

Dee moves her hand over a few different pieces of furniture inadvertently making it completely clear that the furniture was a green screen, or chroma key, effect. (Not that the CGI home was believable in the first place, but watching her hand move across/over/through the furniture to no effect was the nail in the coffin.)

The separation of Dee from the background was rough and gave her a fuzzy appearance.
The interior scenes did not match the exterior shots. For example, from the inside there were no signs of the windows pictured above.

I like how Dee outgrows the house, but there’s a weird bit when her hands break through the sides. Around 4:43 her right hand breaks through and debris is sucked back into the hole made in the wall. (For reasons, I guess?) The same thing occurs when her left hand thrust out of the opposite wall. Again, debris is forced out and then sucked back.

An actress outgrowing a CGI-created house is not a bad idea per se, but I prefer practical effects like that below when an actress broke out of a small model.

First growth sequence -- out of house
This image was taken from Giantess Zone’s “Attack of the 70ft Woman.” And yes, the lack of windows or furniture was unrealistic, but there is something to be said when the actress is able to touch the object she is interacting with.
Where is the rest of her body? Is she standing or lying down with her feet behind her? If she’s standing, did the house have several basement levels that she broke through?

Deezilla stomps three police cars and briefly chases a woman before killing her.

Are flip flops ever sexy? I don’t think so.
Deezilla attacks a crowd of clones

Part 1 ends after Dee swallows a person.

In general, I’d prefer a clip in which a woman, or women, outgrows clothes and masturbates or has sex, something more akin to Growth Dreams’ “The Girl Can’t help it,” or Miss MissaX’s “Giant Sex II.”  In my version, Gary would enlarge Dee (out of her garments) then turn around and zap another lovely lady. Afterward, the two would celebrate their new statures with a vigorous love-making session 🙂

In future parts we should see shots like this in which Deezilla is captured in the style of “Gulliver’s Travels.”

Optic Dreams, a.k.a. Gustavo Guzman, has additional Deezilla-related videos (along with many other GTS-related clips) on his YouTube page: Deezilla clips include the aforementioned “Boob Growth” scene, a “Behind the Scene Look,” “Indoor Hotel Scene Preview,” etc.  Other updates, dated December 21, 2017, can be seen here:

You can purchase this clip in HD for $10.99:

It’s unknown how long until the next part’s release. Reportedly, it should be at least 9 minutes long and at least 75% GTS action.


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