Vore Store’s “The Craving 2 Episode 1”


I have to make one note before I begin this review. Paying for this 10-minute long clip was not as simple as I expected. The payment options were “Purchase With Connected.co” or “Use your balance to pay…” I had no idea how to add money to my balance. So, it was Connected.co for me.

The Better Business Bureau had little information and no reviews for Connected.co

I had never heard of Connected.co. I wanted to pay with PayPal, but that was not an option. I did a little research on Connected.co, but there was scarcely any information. (Please God, don’t let my credit card number be sent around the world for hackers to abuse!) I assume that it will be fine, but I was annoyed at the very limited payment options.

Oh joy! A hidden fee!

Then there was an additional complication. The page for this video clearly states “Own It / $11.99.” Therefore, a customer might reasonably think that “Gee, if I pay $11.99 then I will own the video.” But no! Oh beautiful naive customer, that is not so!

Potential buyers should know that there are hidden “Download Fees” which cost an additional $0.49. Which made me wonder, perhaps I *do* own the video as literally stated by paying $11.99. Maybe, I could skip the download option and travel to the server where the video, that I own, is stored and watch it there without the need to download? Bottom line, if stores want to charge $12.48 for their product then they should be up front about it and tell customers “Hey, if you want to watch this video then pay us $12.48.” That would be honest and I’d have no problem with that. But don’t add additional costs that are only visible when buyers try to purchase!

(It’s possible that the fee is mandated by the site operators, not the video producers. However, if that is true then the producers could alert buyers to expect those additional charges. In my own experience sites like Amazon and E-junkie charge a delivery fee for my stories; however, that comes out of my cut. No additional fees are added to the listed price.)

This appears to be a distorted copy of Spanish artist Francisco Goya’s “Saturn Devouring His Son.” Saturn Devouring His Son is a painting which depicts the Titan Cronus (his name is romanized as Saturn, readers may recognize him as the father of Greek God Zeus) swallowing one of his children. It’s a horrific image which is appropriate for the opening to a vore clip.

The film stars “Goddess Vivian” with direction & digital effects by Optic Dreams, and it was produced by Media Impact. There are other actors and actress who appear on screen, but they were uncredited. That seems like a petty choice, not recognizing the performers for their work. It costs nothing but the briefest amount of time to add a screen that says “Character’s name played by so-and-so.”

The story begins when a woman appears inside another woman’s sparsely-decorated bedroom in a puff of smoke and fire. I’ll call the first woman a “demon.” She appears in a puff of smoke, occasionally has red eyes, does evil things like kill people, etc. So, demon seems to be an appropriate descriptor. (She could be an alien, or an evil god, or an android I suppose, but since the video does not identify her it’s up to me to figure that out. Therefore, I’ll call her a demon.) A title card with some exposition would have been welcomed.

6The demon proceeds to squat down in front of the sleeping woman. (The sleeper doesn’t have any blankets covering her body, so perhaps it’s very warm. Also, she has nothing hanging on the walls so her home does not appear lived in.) The demon extends her lower jaw in an inhuman fashion as shown below:

I giggled a little at this 😉

Then the demon begins to swallow the woman while she mildly protests. During the process, a police officer responds. I have no idea how the cop was alerted that a demon was attacking a lady. (Kudos to him for his rapid response time though! 🙂  )

This effect would look better if her tongue wasn’t wiggling, or if her tongue had been omitted completely. Also, the flushing toilet sound effect at the end was rather odd.

The dialogue’s audio quality was a bit poor. For example, words spoken by the police officer sounded muffled and were a bit hard to understand. I cranked my system volume up to compensate. The demon’s voice had an echo effect and was easier to interpret. (SIDE NOTE: the demon spits out a bra at this point. Apparently, the bra was indigestible, but the other clothing was edible, I guess?)

The uniform is not bad, but it needs a name tag. Also, the skin tight black gloves were a distraction. However, credit where credit is due, he looks better than the police officers in Giantess Fan’s “Pool Party Growth.”
Here the police officer is telling the demon to get on the ground. However, from the viewer’s perspective he appears to be looking away and pointing his weapon at a point several feet away from her. Why isn’t he looking and pointing his weapon at the demon?

I appreciate that both computer and practical effects were used. An example of a practical effect is the stuffing shown above under the demon’s dress.

From this viewpoint, it looks like the cop is pointing his weapon at the demon. Although, it also appears like the demon is getting ready to hurl chunks (i.e. vomit).

The demon defeats the cop after growing to immense size, farting on him, and performing “anal vore.” That is to say, she absorbs his body through her butt. He attempts to escape via her mouth, but fails and dies. (horribly) It feels appropriate at this juncture to say (or sing) a few words:

Did you ever know that you’re my hero,
and everything I would like to be?
I can fly higher than an eagle,
’cause you are the wind beneath my wings.

So long, unnamed particularly prompt police officer. Rest In Peace. You will be missed.  😥

A rather unpleasant way to go.

Afterward, the demon strolls through a city and attacks three people. The video then ends abruptly.

What is this line above her? A flaw in the green screen effect?
The water is unnaturally still in the background and the giantess in the foreground had a very fuzzy appearance.

So, what did I think of this video? First, full disclosure, I don’t get the appeal of vore. In the same fashion, I don’t get the appeal of sexy vampires. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate the look of an attractive female vampire, such as Lucy pictured below. However, the thought of even an alluring woman piercing my neck with fangs is off-putting. Off-putting, because of the pain and death that a bite would cause. (Presumably, many “Twilight” fans do not share my aversion.)

Lucy, a sexy vampire played by Lysette Anthony in 1995’s “Dracula: Dead and Living It”

In a similar fashion, vore is unattractive because I don’t like the idea of the suffering and murder caused by one person eating other. However, I realize that some folks are fans of vore, so I tried to set my viewpoint aside and assess this clip as objectively as possible.

That said, let’s start with the positives. The level of effort displayed here was impressive. There are significantly more actors involved and special effects used compared to most Media Impact productions. Many Media Impact videos feature one or at most two actresses, while this has six performers. Special effects were used to depict the demon spreading her mouth apart far more than humanly possible, swallowing a person, growing through the roof of a house, walking as a giant through a city, sucking people out of a window, etc. Many other clips only show a person growing and little else requiring special effects.

On the flip side, the Downloading fees were a negative. An option to use PayPal for purchasing clips would have been nice. The lack of nudity was also a downer. In Media Impact productions no matter how large a person grows, their accouterments, clothes, jewelry, etc. will stay on. (That’s not the case for other studios like Ginary’s Giantess Adventures or Miss MissaX.) Additionally, the use of wearable microphones might have improved the sound quality. (Given the muffled voice of the police officer, I assume that only the camera’s mic was used.) Lastly, more care and time with the green screen effect would have been beneficial.

Why weren’t these folks credited? Also, the matting around them is rough and pixelated.

The video can be bought at the following link for $12.48: https://www.fetishlands.net/pages/video/45738

If you’ve seen this video, what do you think? Was it enjoyable and worth the cost? Were you perturbed by the Downloading fees or were you unfazed? Please let me know in the comment section below.

This review is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.

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