Interview with Aborigen, Size Riot contest organizer & prolific size fantasy writer


Aborigen has been writing size-fetish content for many years. His stories can be found on sites such as Giantess City forums, Giantess World, and his blog: Additionally, he has stories for sale on Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Rakuten Kobo, and Smashwords. Lastly, he has organized the quarterly Size Riot literary contests since their inception in January 2017. You can support Aborigen via his Patreon page:

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

I’ve lived all over the US and a few other countries: my father had a job that made him travel, and then my parents divorced and the remarriage moved us around some more. I went into the Army straight out of high school, in order to pay for college, where I specialized in FM radios and telephones. I was deployed to a foreign conflict, and there I could’ve been snuffed out before many of my readers were born. Weird to think about. Afterward, I was stationed in South Korea.

My family moved to Minneapolis, MN, while I was in training, so that’s where I ended up. In ’93 my community college got the first internet-ready computers, and I studied up on what a web search was, and my first search term was “giantess.” I found online communities of writers and artists sharing the work they’d been building up offline for years, and a couple years after that I ventured to write my first shrink fetish story, about falling into the possession of the girlfriend of an acquaintance. Outside of sizelit, I love riding my Vespa around town, I’m teaching myself photography, sometimes I make beer, and I love grilling. My favorite authors are Kurt Vonnegut and Gene Wolfe, and I have near-complete collections of their work that I refer to whenever I have a question about writing.

Currently, I work as an editor and writer for a university, and I freelance as a copy editor as well.

#2) How did you first become interested in size-fetish media?

That’s hard to say for sure. I remember staying home sick from school around first or second grade, being set up with a little TV set and watching the Creature Double-Feature on some UHF channel. The movies I saw were Attack of the 50′ Woman and Village of the Giants. Watching a gigantic woman tear into any building to snatch up little people in her fists, watching little people hanging from a bikini strap keyed right into my imagination. There was a phonetics textbook we used in third grade, featuring small illustrations of words and objects. Sometimes the object was nothing more than a hand, an ear, or a foot, while other pictures had countrysides and buildings: I told myself those former pictures were images of giants who were too huge to be captured in the illustration, and that meant there had to be real giants somewhere in the world. There was a dog food commercial for Chuck Wagon, featuring a tiny stagecoach with a tiny driver and horses, racing across the kitchen floor, leading the dog to a bowl of food: I fantasized that the teenage daughter in the house shoved her dog aside and pounced on the wagon before it could get away, seizing the little man and taking him back to her room. I had vivid dreams of popular actors and musicians as giantesses, and in middle school I started to design my own props: a pair of shoe prints in the bottom of a snack box of raisins, part of a story in which I’m shrunken and discovered by cute girls in my class. The idea of a lovely woman being made exaggeratedly beautiful by her sheer size, enhanced by the physical threat, has been a perfect drug for my inspiration.

#3) Given your status as “SilverSize,” a mature connoisseur of size material, how do you feel about the state of size fetish today compared to the early days of the Internet?

I can’t really compare the present day to what it looked like 20 years ago. It’s just different, but the world would be different after 20 years no matter what. The digital artwork is significantly better, of course, with superior graphics technology and processing. We’ve gone from grainy, jagged bitmap collages to increasingly realistic, highly creative original works of art by Flagg3D, openhighhat, AmGiPi, docop, JetSlasher, UnseenHarbinger, Starkadhr, GFsm, SorenZer0, jamesmason01, and Giantess Tina (you can list a dozen and still need to say “sorry for anyone I forgot!”, because the scene is rich with talent). CGI and 3D modeling would be the biggest leap. Artists who hand-draw and writers are doing what they’ve always done, developing their craft through practice through improved media. The difference is that they’re informed by later media: developing news, new TV shows and movies, etc. Beyond that, I don’t know much about the structure of the scene on online forums then and now, except that it started out as white cishet male-dominated, and other genders, orientations, and ethnicities have been fighting like hell for their own place and recognition in the scene. We’re much more diverse now, with more minds collaborating and creating astounding work that wasn’t possible before, but we still have far to go.

#4) How many of your everyday acquaintances are aware of your interest?

More and more all the time. I used to be super-secretive about it, alternately rapt and ashamed whenever a cartoon or a commercial featured a gigantic woman or tiny people scurrying around. Eventually I had to confess my fixation to a friend because he had a printer and I wanted to collect some images. I told some of my girlfriends about it, in a “here’s a funny thing I like to think about” way, so most of them know. My wife knows, obviously, and she helps brainstorm new stories and critique my writing. I had to tell more of my friends about it, when Undersquid proposed her music-writing contest, so I could assemble a band and record “Possession.” I’ve talked with a few coworkers about it, though I don’t recall why. And my mom would not stop asking about this writing I spent so much time on, writing that pulled me away from family events and visiting her, writing that called me out to Queens, NY, twice. I finally bit the bullet and explained it all to her; she lost interest midway through and checked her voicemail, so I guess that conversation’s out of the way.

#5) What are a few of your favorite size fantasies from other creators?

I’m helplessly attracted to the cornerstone of Undersquid’s work: an emotionally turbulent woman whose entire world centers on owning a tiny man, upon whom she showers and lavishes all affection, sometimes going too far. She pushes my boundaries and I’m here for it. Some of the most vivid scenes that have stuck in my head come from Grildrig’s “The Giantess Wife” and DX Machina’s “Change for a 22,” toying with unaware themes or having sexual engagement forced upon a tiny person. I may never learn who wrote “Blink,” but that story nearly gave me a heart attack, and it still carries a huge emotional charge when I reread it: a drunken giantess using a tiny man for her pleasure. Spitty’s work is phenomenal, playing with angles and unconventional beauty, almost jolie laide, to render these attractive, shamelessly crude, bracingly honest cartoons of size fetish misadventure! Again, content that nudges at my boundaries and invites me down a path I never thought I’d go. And Giantess Katelyn is truly a force of nature in the scene. I’m absolutely into her POV work, especially mouthplay, not just because it’s crass but because it’s imaginative and personal: her surreal “Enormous Amatory Mouth” video was an abstract visualization of deep, deep sensuality, born of an urge that had seized her and wouldn’t let go. So she made it real!

#6) How would you describe your stories?

That’s funny, because I found myself contradicting myself. Even in my online handle: I use “GTS” to differentiate myself from the other Aborigens already in place, but most of my work doesn’t deal with giantesses. Most of my stories feature tiny men around normal-sized women, and sure, they look like giantesses to these guys, but that’s not the same. I started out writing feverish, earnest sexual fantasies, contriving real-life situations to lead to that great, impossible orgasm; now I’m more into plot and character development, telling speculative fiction stories that are dosed with shrink fetish sex. I think some of my stories get laden with information I want to share, unfortunately, but size difference is a useful vehicle for exploring the human condition: where do mercy and compassion come from, when you can be abusive and cruel to someone helpless, as much as you like, with zero repercussions? Where does power lie, in physical force or in intellect and emotion, and what does it look like when they clash? Like a more erotic Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God: how does a tiny man quickly appease and appeal to a woman who’d rather wipe him out? That’s kind of my relationship with the world, everything’s chaotic and incomprehensible, and I’m struggling to quickly figure it out based on limited information before I’m killed.

#7) Any plans for more multimedia creations, like the “Possession” song?

As soon as we wrapped up “Possession,” I was already writing up the lyrics and music for another song, but my musician friends are all in other bands. It was already asking a huge favor to pull them away and borrow their talent and equipment to record “Possession.” I haven’t given up on the dream, though, I know a lot of musicians. I was planning a size fantasy podcast before the trailers for Downsizing came out, and I’ve got plenty of ideas to carry that along, but I don’t know what the main goal of it would be, and I currently don’t have the time to dedicate to recording the material, editing the sound files, and distributing in an entirely new medium. Likewise, I need to sit my ass down and practice drawing some more. I wanted to fill my blog with my own illustrations for my stories, but I haven’t made any time for that. I get discouraged too easily because I’m self-taught in art, I don’t have the academic discipline that my favorite artists do. I’m confident in my writing, but I absolutely do compare myself to other people in terms of illustration.

#8) Could you describe the catalyst behind the first Size Riot contest? Did you originally intend it to only be a one-time event or was it always meant to be a recurring event? What would you like to change, if anything, about the contest?

The story I love to tell is as follows: end of 2016, I don’t know if I was going through a dark period or what, but I was talking crap around Nyx, toying with the notion that she and I should compete at writing a Cruel story. That was a foolhardy idea but I was probably drunk when I said it. Nat Edgecomb overheard this exchange and wanted a piece of the action, and then I realized maybe other people would too. Before this I’d attempted to run a publication called GTS Friday, where every couple of weeks I’d ask people for their favorite stories and link to them, with tags and a summary, to raise awareness of writers that people might’ve missed. That worked for a while but tapered off because it was the same question over and over and it came out too frequently. Size Riot is a better way to shine a spotlight on the writers in our scene, soliciting participants from Twitter, Giantess World, and Deviant Art and tasking them to create entirely new and original flash fiction in a month’s time. It really is my hope that readers have found new writers to love and follow, through this contest, and I’m thrilled to see new names show up in the roster each time! In the beginning I planned it out for one year, and I figured it could continue based on whether people were into it, and it’ll go on for as long as writers find it useful. The only thing I’d change about it would be to secure more readers and more feedback for the writers. That’s all. I feel awful when someone’s story doesn’t get more attention, but I can’t control who shows up to read, what they’re looking for, and what they have to say about what they’ve read.

#9) What are the perks available to your Patreon supporters? Are there any upcoming projects that you would like to mention?

I’m so underdeveloped when it comes to Patreon. I’m still figuring it out. They’re very good about spamming me with advice from professionals and success stories, but a lot of it isn’t applicable to what I’m doing. And who knows how long I’ll be there? They’ve stated they don’t want porn content on their site, and that is all I offer. People who join at the low tier get access to a few Patreon-only series I’ve been adding onto for months: “Bottom of the Funnel,” about a tiny man working for a magazine, dealing with coworkers who range from hostile to horny; “Screaming Video,” in which a porn addict wins a trip to the studio where his favorite shrink fetish videos are made, but he’s shrunken down and learns the harsh reality behind it all; “Mine for the Taking,” an intern in a size-tech lab gets blown up into a giant and goes on a kind of clueless rampage; and a couple others. Supporters at the high tier can dictate the content of one 5,000-word custom story. As far as future work goes, I have two novels planned: one will build on the Fairview universe I’ve been developing (“She and He,”, the other will be a Victorian murder mystery. I’m also working on a how-to for running a writing contest in the Google Suite, as well as composing a writing aid specifically for size fantasy writers. All I need is time, more time…

In Her Shadow, Aborigen


Thank you so much Aborigen for this interview!

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