How to Make a Worthwhile “Mainstream” Giantess Film

Good afternoon everyone,

Right off the bat, let me clarify the title of this post. “Worthwhile” is a subjective term. What I consider to be worthy of my money others might call a waste. That should be obvious, but it bears repeating. The following recommendations were driven by my own standards and informed by conversations with other size fetish creators and consumers.

The intent is to advocate for an enjoyable film which explores a theme along with incorporating sensual aspects. The purpose is also to avoid becoming a “Negative Nancy” who only points out flaws. Instead, today’s post is meant to provide helpful advice. (As well as point out potential pitfalls!)

Additionally, an entire lengthy editorial could be written about what precisely is “mainstream.” At one point in time, perhaps an easy distinction could have been made between which productions had a theatrical release and which ones were only released on home video. However, some were shown in many more theaters than others and thus establishing a specific definition for mainstream would still be a lengthy process. For today’s purposes, we’ll simply consider “mainstream” to be something which would earn nothing more limiting than a R-rating per the Motion Picture Association (MPA, formerly the MPAA). Basically, a good giantess film which could be shown at a public movie theater or on TV.

Accordingly, these suggestions will not take into consideration my personal preference for hardcore action. I’d love a voluminous exchange of bodily fluids which would make Jackson Pollock blush at the excess! Alas, how to make a good NC-17 or XXX-rated movie is a discussion for a different day.

However, thankfully R-rated productions do not completely exclude mature situations such as flirting, sexual innuendo, etc. Sometimes merely implying that something has or will happen can be quite tantalizing! For example, a married woman’s foray into intimate relations with members of the same sex was effectively erotic in 1999’s R-rated adult comedy “The Sex Monster.” Despite its titillating theme, there was very little nudity and no physical intimacy was actually shown on-camera beyond kissing and light touching. (NOTE: Not that The Sex Monster was a great movie or a funny comedy, but its arguably unique theme, a formerly exclusively heterosexual wife embraces newly-discovered bisexuality, was enticing.)

So, my first recommendation is the inclusion of a substantive erotic component! Not explicitly shown mind you, but a heavy dose of implication.

In addition to eroticism, a good mainstream giantess film must include at least one transformation scene. An on-camera sequence showing the woman’s change from an average-sized person into a superhumanly large beauty. Thus, no cut-away or merely showing the woman as normal one moment and then gigantic the next. Ergo, nothing like the original Attack of the 50-Foot Woman (a.k.a. AOTFFW, shown below) in which there was no such scene, and instead viewers only got a papier-mâché hand to indicate that Nancy Archer had become professional basketball’s top draft pick! (You know, because she was really tall and therefore could easily sink baskets and make three-point shots.)

Alas, later movies followed AOTFFW’s example. For instance, “The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock” (screenshot below) in which we don’t see a woman rapidly growing, but only see the end result when she steps out from behind a small hill.

Unfortunately, “Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold” did something similar …

… and so did “Attack of the 50 Foot Camgirl.”

^ Beverly’s husband Bradley stepped outside and noticed that his wife had become huge!

Attention directors, stop doing this! Presumably, the creators behind those movies did not want to invest the necessary money and time required to show the process of becoming a giant woman. Cheaper to skip that altogether. But viewers don’t care if it takes work. If directors want customers to watch their motion pictures then they need to exert some effort!

(SIDE NOTE: For an earlier editorial regarding growth scenes please read “Giant People in Confined Spaces: Which Creators Got It Right and How to Depict It Realistically.”)

Furthermore, a growth scene with care and time put into it could potentially cement a movie’s place in history. For example, decades after its release, the monstrous transformation scene in 1981’s “An American Werewolf In London” is still considered iconic. Undoubtedly, that sequence played a role in the horror-comedy’s success.

Click here to watch this scene on YouTube.

Imagine Academy Award-winning makeup artist Rick Baker (the man behind that werewolf transformation) lovingly crafting an extended growth scene! ❤ Granted there are a few factors which make that a difficult proposition. For one, Rick Baker is retired. Furthermore, he might think a giantess growth scene too “weird” as opposed to a more “conventional” scene of a man turning into a wolf monster 😉 Most importantly, issues like symmetry become important when trying to depict something beautiful. Ergo, a person becoming an ugly monster can have uneven limb growth and be visibly asymmetric. However, when the intent is to show a beautiful woman growing larger then she should not appear grotesque at any point in the process, only bigger.

However, those difficulties are not insurmountable. A motivated special effects (SFX) professional could make something great for us, the fans.

It need not cost an exorbitant amount either. While researching this post, I chatted with amateur size-fetish producers. Goro Brava, owner of the Destruction Damsels studio, stated that he typically spends less than $1,000 for a video with a single performer. Jason Ninja, creator of Bratty Foot Girls, stated that he might spend up to $1,200 on such a video. Those estimates don’t include set-up costs such as procuring PCs, software & effect libraries required for the SFX added during post-production. Initial set-up costs may cost up to 15 thousand dollars or more. So, let’s also include the many hours required to edit raw footage and round that figure up to $20,000 to make a decent giantess scene. In terms of mainstream movie production, $20K is not all that much. Additionally, unless it is their very first project, the SFX professionals should already have PCs, plus the required editing software and additional plug-ins.

Previous cinematic productions have provided worthy growth scenes. For example, HBO’s 1993 AOTFFW had a decent growth scene. Furthermore, so did 1995’s “Moon Princess.” What SFX improvements had been made in the decades since then? We should find out!

Click here to watch this Moon Princess scene on YouTube.

Eroticism and a proper growth scene would both benefit from nudity. Topless nudity was present in Attack of the 50 Foot Camgirl and Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold. Alas, Camgirl bizarrely showed two ladies nude at normal stature, but clothed at giant size. Why not depict the women’s bodies outgrowing their clothing and rendering them nude?

Conversely, Centerfold showed its protagonist nude when super-sized and even had a fun bit in which a photographer was hiding within her cleavage. Did it look believable? Err… no, but the attempt was welcome nonetheless. Better to try and fail than not try at all!

Village of the Giants” had the courage, way back in the mid-1960s, to show that a person becoming enormous would naturally lose their clothing in the process. Granted the ladies covered up their nipples, but still the movie makers acknowledged that the act of people becoming bigger would result in their bodies destroying their attire.

^ This still image showcases lovely actress Joy Harmon as Merrie in Village of the Giants.

We need a movie maker to muster enough courage to take the next logical step and show a woman growing and becoming naked on camera.

In addition to eroticism and a proper growth scene, this movie should have an engaging story. My discussions with fellow writers yielded the following suggestions. Rob Classact, creator of #OrdinaryGirls, proposed a scary flick:

Psychological horror, done by either Jordan Peele or Bong Joon Ho, about a slowly growing person gaslighted into believing they’re not. Not sexy (unless you’re into people changing size😜). I think we often underestimate how disturbing size change can be.

Aborigen, organizer of the Size Riot contests and a prolific writer himself, stressed theming:

Size would have to represent a theme, like powerlessness, social expectations, self realization, alienation, etc.

Whatever the person is struggling with is represented by being huge or tiny, or their flaws are accented by it. They have to learn to reconcile with their new condition and embrace their new world to evolve as a person.

Those were all outstanding ideas!

For one, it would be awesome to watch a thoughtful and mature horror centered around a gradually enlarging person. There is already precedence for terror in size media. For instance, diminutive Scott Carey fighting for his life against an ordinary house spider in “The Incredible Shrinking Man.” “Attack of the Puppet People” had a tragic villain committing evil acts. Additionally, AOTFFW was presumably meant to be scary even though it feels tame by modern standards.

Food of the Gods II” also included a brief scene about the unsettling implications of becoming bigger during coitus, but it was merely a nightmare and the event did not actually happen in the narrative.

While terror is no stranger to size, there is still a lot of fertile ground to explore where terror and size combine!

There is also a need for themes which break new ground in giantess works. 30 Foot Bride, Camgirl, and Centerfold used played-out clichés and well-worn themes. Let’s get something fresh the next time out.

To give an example, maybe incorporate a love triangle between one giant woman and two normal men? At the end, they form a throuple. After all, at her size she’ll need more than one man to perform “husbandly duties” 😎 (NOTE: For those unfamiliar with the term husbandly duties, I mean sex. Ergo, she’s really big now and it might take two or more men to satisfy her.) And no, you can’t show the Fmm scene, but you can imply and make it clear to anyone with half a brain that the three people fucked!

Alternatively, and more traditionally, perhaps a married woman suddenly becomes enormous. Her husband was comfortable fulfilling conventionally masculine duties like lifting heavy objects, getting down things from high shelves for his shorter wife, protecting her in dangerous situations, etc. However, after her transformation, he doesn’t know how he can support her. She can lift more than him, reach higher, and is practically immune from harm. What can he possibly contribute now? This causes tension which is eventually solved in the climax where the husband discovers new ways to enrich their relationship. (SIDE NOTE: Do not under any circumstances merely return the enlarged woman to normal. That particular ending has been done to death.)

Lastly, it could incorporate some LGBT themes. Not merely including things like physical affection between lesbians as eye-candy satisfying the male gaze by showing two women kiss. We all know that straight men enjoy seeing women making out. Film makers should step out of their comfort zone and show LGBT people as PEOPLE. For example, maybe a lesbian couple is stuck in a tiny, isolated community. The small-minded townsfolk already considered them to be monsters even before they became giantesses. Further exacerbating their difficult situation is the fact that their scheduled adoption of a baby boy is threatened after an accident giant-sizes the pair of women. In the end, the locals finally recognize their bigotry and see the couple as people who only want to raise a family in peace. The normal-sized inhabitants help the giant women form a new life by babysitting and performing other routine chores. In return, the giantesses bring media attention and tourist dollars to the economically depressed rural setting.

Bottom line, when it comes to narrative we the fans need something fun and meaty to sink our teeth into. We want more than a milquetoast, play-it-safe approach which puts us asleep. (Looking at you, Attack of the 50 Foot Camgirl.)

In summation, a good giantess motion picture should incorporate eroticism, a solid growth scene, and a robust narrative.

That’s it for today folks. Now it’s time to turn the question over to you, the readers. What do YOU think would make an enjoyable mainstream giantess film? Please share your opinions in the comments below, via e-mail, or on Twitter!

This editorial was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.

5 thoughts on “How to Make a Worthwhile “Mainstream” Giantess Film

  1. Solo, great editorial. Can I point out just 1 thing? The agent or McGuffin should be somewhat believable. For example, Nancy Archer grew larger after an encounter with an alien. In both 60ft. Centerfold & 50ft. Cheerleader, the McGuffin was a beauty enhansement formula. Using a hot dog that can reproduce itself in 50ft. Camgirl was stupid & an insult to our intelligence.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with that. The McGuffin should fit the narrative, like a beauty enhancement formula. For Camgirl, an unusual webcam, for instance one struck by lightning while streaming, could have been a better option.


  2. God Solomon, I just reeeeeallly want a good growth scene. That’s all I need. Honestly, I’m excited about the upcoming she-hulk series because at least there should be some growth (albeit not as big as I’d like) with some budget behind it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m all for a good growth scene. Here’s hoping that She-Hulk delivers.


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