A Look Back at “Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold”


This 84-minute long film, released in 1995, is available for purchase on DVD via Amazon for $9.72, as of late January 2019. Amazon even has VHS copies for $4.01! Not that I suggest that folks buy the VHS, but I chuckled a little at the thought of ordering VHS tapes in 2019.

While researching I found a few different covers in various languages. I think the Russian title was the best, “Нападение 60-футовых секс-бомб.” In English, “Attack of the 60-foot sex bombs” 🙂

Is it just me or does the French version have the sexiest cover? C’est la vie!

Prolific independent filmmaker Roger Corman served as an executive producer, but wasn’t listed in the credits. Fred Olen Ray directed it, and he continues to make movies today. For example, he did “Sniper: Special Ops” with Steven Seagal in 2017.

Blonde actress Janey Jaye North (J. J. North) is our protagonist Angel Grace. She starred in a few other low budget films, her last movie credit was from “Hellblock 13” in 1999. Brunette Tammy Parks is Betty, the antagonist. After this, Tammy appeared in several pornographic films. Along with Raelyn Saalman as Inga, the trio are finalists for Plaything Magazine’s “Centerfold of the Year.”

The story begins on a stormy night as we watch Dr. Lindstrom administer his beauty enhancement formula to two caged rats while his fellow scientists question if the high dosage is safe. As a fan of science fiction and monster movies, I enjoyed this movie’s campy start. Although, I do wonder how exactly can you tell if a rat gets more beautiful? Does it get a shinier coat, better teeth, etc.? Hmm…

Leaving the rodents for the moment, we next observe a photo shoot of our three models. Afterward, Angel seeks out Dr. Lindstrom. Angel has used the beauty enhancement treatment before and begs the doctor to give it to her again. He tries to refuse, but she insists despite his warnings. Afterward, Angel takes a vial which immediately enhances her bust.

Above is a brief scene using inflating balloons to simulate breast expansion. Her chest returns to normal off camera and it’s never mentioned again

Back at the lab, the scientists discover that the rats have grown to an enormous size! Worse, one has escaped. The scientists attempt to contact Angel to warn her of this possible side effect, but she has already left for the competition. The giant rats are seen throughout the film. At one point, the scientists managed to shrink one of the rodents, but it explodes afterward.

Angel notices a few wrinkles the next day. She panics and takes a few vials, disregarding the doctor’s admonition to only take one per day. Her overdose causes a rather disturbing side effect for an instant.

Could have saved the money used for this and instead put it towards a growth scene, just saying 😉

Then her face returns to normal and she passes out. When she wakes up the beach photo shoot has already started. She hurries to the beach and we notice that she is larger than normal.

Nice bit where Angel is just slightly taller. The actress is standing on a platform outside the camera’s view to create the effect.

Becoming dizzy, Angel loses consciousness again. Wilson, assistant to photographer Mark, watches over her, while everyone else leaves to get help. Upon their return they are startled to see that she has transformed into a giantess!

We don’t get to see her growth 😥  Wilson testifies that she “just grew and grew and grew!”
The green screen effects aren’t bad. Additionally, props such as tiny flowers, baguettes (a regular size for Mark and a miniature for Angel), giant lipstick, small liquor bottles, etc. helped sell the illusion.

Angel is a meek giantess and does not relish her new status. However, the magazine’s owner Bob Gordon hopes to capitalize on the publicity that a 60-foot tall centerfold would generate. Gordon plans to turn Angel over to the government to do with as they please after he has finished exploiting her condition. Wilson eavesdrops on Gordon’s conversation with Mark as they scheme.

Wilson goes to see Angel that night. He cops a feel before waking her, which is creepy! That gives the filmmakers a chance to show interaction between a small person and a giantess as Angel’s boob shifts when Wilson touches it. After she awakens, unaware of Wilson’s groping, he attempts to warn her of Gordon and Mark’s ill intentions. Alas, Angel disbelieves him.

Must giant women always encounter power lines? This is overplayed by now.
This, along with a supersized fingerprint, is another example of the efforts made to demonstrate Angel’s size. The special effects aren’t perfect, but they’re not bad considering when this was made and the budget they had.

Betty becomes jealous when she learns that Angel will be the next centerfold. Betty searches Angel’s room, finds the formula and downs some of it. The next time we see her she is also a giantess, but again we aren’t privy to the transformation!

The two fight for a bit. Dr. Lindstrom attempts to administer a tranquilizer to Angel, but instead hits Betty. Betty removes the needle and throws it at Gordon. (Another instance of the needle trope that I discussed in a previous review)

The ladies look good in makeshift bikinis 🙂

The extra-large duo take their battle to downtown Los Angeles where crowds flee from the giant babes during an extended fight sequence. Eventually, the antidote is used which shrinks them down. Angel then punches Betty. Following suit, Wilson punches Mark to the ground. Angel and Wilson share a kiss. Then Mark attempts to kiss Betty and she explodes, obliterating herself and Mark!

Ending was a bit darker than expected O_o

The movie ends with a giant rat still roaming free and the Daily Enquirer publishing an article on the giantesses’ rampage.

Overall, the story was fun, humor wasn’t bad, special effects were good, and the ladies were beautiful and frequently topless. Furthermore, while undoubtedly campy, the acting was fine. The biggest drawback was the lack of any growth scenes. Nonetheless, I recommend this film. It’s worth the money to pick up a copy.

Of note, there were a few related magazine articles.

Cover of Femme Fatales Winter 1995 issue
Leg Show’s February 1996 issue had some nice photos and a brief interview with Tammy Parks.
Taken from the August 1995 issue of Sci-Fi Universe
The Japanese title is “Attack of the Giant Woman.” The speech bubble states that both her breasts and her body are “big size” 🙂

Lastly, MissaX created a homage with her “69 Foot Centerfold” video which you can find here. It emphasizes the growth process!

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8 thoughts on “A Look Back at “Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold”

  1. Great review. It is a fun movie. A growth scene would have made it truly fantastic though.
    Did not know about the MissaX video. I’ll have to check that out.

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  2. usaghinanami99 May 1, 2019 — 5:15 am

    I actually order videotapes very frequently, sooo…


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