Review of Giantess Club’s “Little Red Riding Hood”


Little Red Riding Hood is a one-shot written by DeLonge and illustrated by J. J. McQuade. It was released on 28 December 2018, and can be purchased for $4.99 at the following link:

Our story begins with the titular hero going to the house of a “wolf,” some sort of human-wolf hybrid a.k.a. a werewolf. The wolf is also called “mistress” and she practices BDSM techniques on Little Red Riding Hood (I’ll just call her Red), and later on the “Hunter.” Those who lay with the wolf upon the dawning of a full moon turn into werewolves. Accordingly, Red and the Hunter transform into hideous creatures. Furthermore, by continuing to lay with beast, they grow taller which is the only instance of giantess-related content in the entire story.

I can’t say that werewolves are sexy 😦
Okay, I lied. Sybil Danning was a sexy werewolf, but only before she transformed. Image taken from 1985’s Howling II

I enjoyed the art. J. J. McQuade has drawn a ton of stuff for the site, and you’ll see the name credited on many of their comics.

Did Thomas Kinkade paint this?  😉

This is one of the few stories on Giantess Club with the furry tag. The only other stories with that tag, as of late January 2019, are “Game Changer” and “Giantess Rangers,” all written by DeLonge.

This is among the lowest rated comics on Giantess Club, as of this writing. Only “Broccoli” and “The Briar Patch” have the same amount of down votes.

I believe the furry theme and the token addition of minimal giantess content is the reason for the dislike of this work. There is a brief discussion on the Process Forum, here, where fans expressed their dismay at the comic’s minimal giantess content.

Now, I appreciate that Giantess Club allows readers to “thumbs down” stories. As far as I can tell, they do not alter those down votes or remove them from unpopular comics. I respect that, because it shows that they allow criticism. You can even sort comics by their ratings. However, it would have been nice if they had addressed the concerns on the Process Forum. Instead, Giantess Club just posted an ad for the next comic and ignored the comments.

Bottom line, I can’t recommend this comic. Furry fans may like it, but I don’t know why it was posted on Giantess Club. This is something better suited for a site like “Transform Fan.”


P.S. The copyright page states “2016”, but it was released in late 2018. I wonder if this comic was created initially and then shelved until they had a time when they needed to put *something* out? That or I’m reading too much into this and it was a typo.

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