Solomon E Gets Familiar with Giantess Club’s “Pumpkin Queens”

Oh, what’s this? Are you peons back again?

I guess you’ve returned to learn whether I found any witch’s covens celebrating this holiday season. It’s only right that the pitiful inhabitants of this world would want to spend time with their future overlord. Thus, it’s only proper to indulge the curiosity of my subjects.

As a matter of fact, I did find four lovely ladies conducting a ritual during this most glorious time of the year. The magical hijinks amidst Jack-o’-lanterns was just what I was hoping to uncover. First, we shall discuss the tags used on the description page. For you see, this ritual was recorded on thirteen pages, including the cover, of a comic published by Giantess Club.

There was no shrinking in this comic, but the “Shrinking” tag was included nonetheless. Furthermore, the presence of the tag “Multiple Breasts” may cause customers to expect that at least one lady would possess three or more breasts, but no, that was not the case. Perhaps the person who decided what tags were included did not actually read the publication?

Giantess Club, much like myself, apparently enjoys misleading people! I often confuse and lie to simpletons in order to further the goal of world domination. In a similar fashion, Giantess Club presumably likes to add erroneous descriptors to its comics, but I’m not sure what they gain in return. Maybe suckers buy mislabeled comics hoping that they contain subject matter indicated by the tags? Such naive fools! After all, why would one expect that a company accurately label its products?

Personally, I think more businesses should follow Giantess Club’s practices! 😈 Pizza parlors should state that their pizzas have pepperoni, but then remove all traces of pepperoni. Hamburger joints could claim that their burgers have cheese, but then omit the cheese. Taco trucks could proudly assert that their tacos have salsa on the side, but then hold the salsa. Such devious sales tactics are in keeping with unscrupulous corporations. Therefore, being a force of evil, I heartily approve! (NOTE: Although, I’m sure a do-gooder like SolomonG would look upon false advertising with dismay.)

In fact, SolomonG was apparently smart enough to also notice Giantess Club’s misleading tags in his Giantess Club’s Top 5 and Bottom 5 Illustrated Series, as of April 2020 and Pay Site Comparison: Giantess Club vs Giantess Fan posts. (NOTE: SolomonG’s success at discovering this tactic proves that old saying, “Even a broken clock is right twice a day!”)

This crypt was a proper setting for Halloween festivities.

That aspect noted, we’ll briefly discuss the creative team behind this work. The writer was DeLonge and the artist was J. J. McQuade. DeLonge also wrote “Game Changer,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” and “Loving Cupid.” Regarding the artist, J. J. McQuade has probably drawn more art for BotComics (the parent company of Giantess Club) than anyone else, except Mariano Navarro / Portal Comics. Those works include, but certainly are not limited to, the aforementioned Little Red Riding Hood and Loving Cupid, as well as “Mrs. Turner.”

Next, let’s proceed by discussing the plot in general terms. It got rolling in a good place for a mystical ceremony, a spooky cemetery. However, the young spell-casters were improperly attired. One would expect thick wool robes, not bargain-bin costumes from Party City!

Seriously? You wore a Wonder Woman outfit while leading your coven during an important ritual? 🙄 At least your subordinates wore the garb of a mummy and a vampire. Mummies and vampires are monsters who hang out with witches as opposed to a super-heroine created by a polyamorous psychologist, who also made an early version of the lie detector. (NOTE: Nothing against Wonder Woman or William Moulton Marston, but neither the fictional Amazon nor her creator are associated with witchcraft.)

Readers learn that the three-women coven is meeting for a initiation. The blonde called this ceremony so her Aunt Brittany could join their group. The proceedings also involved four unnamed men who have their faces covered, but were otherwise completely naked. Allegedly, they were willing participants. Much breast expansion and sex is had and then the men merge with the stone pillar that they were bound to in order to create a giant dildo for Aunt Brittany. She had violently outgrown the crypt and required an extra-large masturbatory tool. (NOTE: The men presumably died in this process as they were never mentioned or seen again.)

All in all, not a horrible one-shot, but there were problems. To beginning with, there appears to be a bit of a trend at Giantess Club to shoehorn pseudo-incestous material into its comics. For instance, in the first issue of “Cum to Grow” a mother stands completely naked in front of her son. That mother also grows by indirectly ingesting the son’s cum, via drinking water contaminated by his ejaculate and eating ice cream which also contains his spunk. Furthermore, in the third issue of “MILF Club” a mother asks her son how she compares to the models in the adult magazines under his bed. In the fourth issue of MILF Club her son watches briefly, technically it wasn’t clear how long he was there watching, while his father and mother have sex. In the first issue of “Mr. Harper & Mr. Turner,” a mother enlarges her son’s cock by giving him a potion and then he thanks her while receiving a blowjob from another woman. That trend of including pseudo-incestous material continues in Pumpkin Queens when the blonde turns her aunt into a giantess and then watches that aunt perform oral sex on a guy.

To be clear, not every Giantess Club comic includes such scenes. Furthermore, technically speaking, no one actually has sex with their relatives in those comics. They are just stories in which characters like to fuck other people while their relatives watch or they like to watch their relatives fuck. (NOTE: Although, there are outright incestuous comics, not mentioned here, which were produced by Giantess Club, but do not carry the Incest warning tag.) Bottom line, this trend reduces the value of the comics and making characters unrelated would solve the issue.

Additionally, the narrative ends abruptly. Aunt Brittany is a towering giantess sucking a mega-sized stone dildo in one panel, but then the very next panel shows Brittany returned to her normal height. Albeit, she is now endowed with a pair of greatly enlarged breasts. The most exciting action was lost somewhere between those two panels…

All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

Overall, Pumpkin Queens rates two Jack-o’-lanterns out of five. It’s a flawed comic which ends abruptly.

Icon made by Freepik from Flaticon

Okay, you’ve learned about some wicked women. Begone and know that if you return, things will get bloody. Think I’ll check in and chit chat with a relative of Satan himself. Until then my victims, keep screaming!

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