Solomon E Studies Diane Chrystall’s “Cursed Giantess”

Greetings peasants!

I had a refreshing rest after a spirited evening spent with Lovely Lilith. This small residence is fairly comfortable, indisputably better than my former abode. Of course, that is not to deny that SolomonG did eventually regain consciousness and begin to rail against the bars of his cage, but he’ll adjust to captivity soon enough. Or at least he should, because he is never getting out! His distress at his imprisonment did not upset my calm. After all, the sound of one’s nemesis expressing their anguish is music to the ears. Furthermore, this place is MINE now and it’s time to settle in.

Before we begin this review, it must be noted that I’m feeling a bit hungry. Best to search the kitchen and find something to eat. There’s various items here which were bought from local convenience stores. Let’s see, the refrigerator contains a yakisoba meal from a Lawson’s store, melon bread from 7-Eleven, and meat buns from who knows where.

Think I’ll dig into these meat buns and watch this video focused on a witch making a woman slightly taller.

I appreciated the numerous candles, the glass globe, and the incense burner, which gave the appearance of a proper witch’s table. The candles looked more modern, and mass produced, than those that an evil spellcaster might actually use, but that’s only a quibble.

Today’s post will cover a growth-themed giantess video featuring Diane Chrystall.

Diane Chrystall is a blonde-haired German pornographic actress who has performed in videos portraying a wide variety of sexual activities. These sex acts include anal sex, blowjobs, bukkake, cuckolding, handjobs, lesbian sex, “wrist watch jobs,” etc. (NOTE: Wrist watch job was a new one for me.) Her personally produced videos are sold on sites such as Clips4Sale, iwantclips, ManyVids, and OnlyFans. She has also starred in larger productions such as “Asshole Fever 15,” produced by the Studio 21 Sextury, “Gonzo: Natural Pussy,” produced by Vlaanderens Vuilste Films, and “Size Curious Brats,” produced by Karups. Of note, Diane prefers anal sex over “the traditional way,” according to her interview with the My Favorite Pornstar web site.

Diane Chrystall’s “Cursed Giantess: Growing in bed!” is an almost seven-minute long video which was first released on April 1st, 2020. The action begins with stock background music playing while the camera pans over Diane’s slim body. She is sleeping without a blanket, which might be chilly but such a sacrifice presumably made to give an unhindered view. (NOTE: It is not important, but there was a word written on the back of those pajamas which I never could read properly.) As Diane begins to stir in her sleep, rather violently, we see the hands of a witch casting a spell. No motivations for the witch’s actions were given. In fact, dialogue as a whole was sparse and thus the plot was very minimal. That might be an overly charitable assessment of the plot as the descriptor “very minimal” could arguably be replaced with the word “non-existent.”

This outfit was not particularly sexy, but it did cling tightly to her svelte frame.

For some reason, not only does the curse alter Diane’s body, but it also alters her outfit. Personally, I thought that it would have been better if she had only worn one outfit instead of changing from one to another, off camera. Additionally, the black crotchless lingerie was definitely a sexier form of nightwear than her original garb.

Diane attempts to tear the lingerie, which was odd as she could have seemingly slipped it off without undue trouble. Apparently, she was not too concerned about removing the outfit though. Once it was clear that her efforts to rip it apart had failed, she simply pulled the covers up and fell back asleep. However, she was fated to transform while she slumbered!

Loud tearing sounds accompanied the next phase as Dianne proceeded to outgrow her clothing.

Excellent! Watermarks are a deliciously malevolent minor irritant to inflict upon one’s customers! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
Nothing wrong with a woman’s tight ass expanding and tearing apart her outfit ๐Ÿ˜Ž

After growing a bit, our protagonist awakens and stands up to her new height subsequently striking her head against the ceiling. She then proceeds to play with herself for a short bit, which should be standard operating procedure for all newly-grown people in my esteemed opinion. The clip ends shortly afterward.

There was no breaking out of the house or growing larger than a mini-giantess.
The masturbation was nice to see, but it only lasted for a brief moment. It would have been preferably if she had actually reached climax.

Overall, I give this three witches out of five. It’s not bad, but is a little expensive for the 7-minute runtime and should have lasted a few more minutes. Surprisingly, no orgasm was shown to give the clip a satisfactory ending. To phrase that differently, let the poor woman cum for pity’s sake! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Icon made by Freepik from Flaticon

Cursed Giantess: Growing in bed! can be purchased for $11.99 at Clips4Sale and ManyVids.

This article is concluded. That task complete, I’m feeling in the mood for magical hijinks and pumpkins. Think I’ll ask the neighbors if any covens are engaged in holiday festivities. Until then my victims, keep screaming!

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