“Wrapped With Care” from Botcomics

Good morning everyone,

The Yuletide season is here, time to celebrate! I had to fit in at least one seasonal review before departing for Christmas and New Year’s vacation. Accordingly, this post will close out the 2022 reviews with a short, one-shot from Botcomics.

Today’s subject is “Wrapped With Care” released in December 2020. The art for this single-issue comic was provided by Hartwell White, who has drawn multiple works for Botcomics such as “Growth Studies: Penelope Estrada,” “Pecho del Demonio,” and “Wish Upon a Star: Spring Breakers.” The story was provided by DeLonge. DeLonge has written a lot of comics to include, but not limited to, “Growbusters,” “Loving Cupid,” and “Pumpkin Queens.” These two creators previously worked on another holiday-themed one-shot called “Stocking Stuffers.”

The official plot summary for Wrapped With Care is as follows:

When a mysterious gift appears under the Christmas tree, a happy couple is shocked to discover its contents of magical lingerie, able to transform them into huge, busty, Christmas bimbo sluts. They love it! The longer they wear it, the more aroused they get, and the more potent its abilities become, making them grow bigger and bigger, and bigger, changing them both into curvaceous lovers! Jam-packed from beginning to end with breast and ass expansion, futanari growth, bimbo transformation, and all the holiday sex you could shake a candy cane at, this is a one-shot you sure don’t want to miss.

There’s not much to add. It’s only ten-pages long after all. No biographical background was provided and out of two characters, only one even get a name. There was a misused word, which was a very minor problem. Nonetheless, given that there wasn’t much dialogue the mistake should have been caught in the quality control (QC) process.

The dialogue should read “… so think of these as a treat.”

This is a brief tale of lesbian sex and fantastical transformations triggered by a magical corset and an equally potent strap-on. There was also some fun experimentation using collars with tiny bells. The two ladies discover that these charmed items make things bigger. This even applies to making other non-organic objects larger, like the aforementioned strap-on! A bell collar also combines the woman and her wearable dildo into a futanari. (That’s how it works in Dragon Ball right? Someone let me know, my knowledge of Namekian Fusion 融合 techniques is lacking ごめんなさい 😥 )

Ah, the good ole “Stretch!” and “Gwub!””sounds of Christmas!

(SAFETY NOTE FOR READERS AT HOME: If you receive a strap-on from an unknown benefactor wash it first before using 😉 )

Is it just me or are their faces a little derpy in this panel? Backgrounds were also minimalist. For example, the Christmas tree was decorated with repeats of the same ornament. Obviously, it’s not impossible for people to have a tree filled with ornaments of only one color and shape, but it was boring.

Overall, despite the flaws, Wrapped With Care is recommended for gentle growth fans. It’s certainly not ground breaking, but was enjoyable. Personally, I think it’s fun to get holiday-themed breast-expansion and futanari content. Let’s get more of that! Special occasions of cultural and religious significance should appear more often in erotica.

Interested readers can read this comic with a membership to Botcomics, may I humbly suggest using this affiliate link, which will give fans a chance to read this and several other holiday-themed comics, such as the aforementioned Stocking Stuffers. As of this writing, nothing Christmas-related has been published this December, but hopefully we’ll get something festive before the month is done.

That’s it for today. I’ll release a brief blog update before flying out. For those of you expecting presents under a tree, may you each get something to help you keep on growing!

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.

1 thought on ““Wrapped With Care” from Botcomics

  1. This seems like the appropriate post to first, thank our host Solomon for all his hard work and insightful content throughout the year. I feel this is the place for smart giantess fans to hang out and I always look forward to visiting and reading and participating.

    Secondly, I’m going to share what I hope happens in 2023:

    1. More people find out about this place and Solomon’s visits….grow like a giantess

    2. The little renaissance of giantess films of 2022 (Giantess Attack vs. Mecha Fembot, Giantess Battle Attack, etc.) continues. Are they masterpieces of cinema? No. But they’re fun and you can tell there’s a little bit of effort put into them.

    3. That unfinished comics get finished.

    4. Rapscalion is my favorite giantess author of all time and if a new Rapscalion story was released or unearthed, I would celebrate.

    5. If anyone has ever read “Blind Date” by Steve Palmer (not a giantess story but a breast expansion story), it’s a wonderful mix of longform storytelling and art. I would love to see someone do that in the giantess scene. “The Neverending Woman” by papayoya is a 130,000 word giantess story (awesome) – art to go along with it would be *chef’s kiss*.

    Enjoy the holidays, everyone.

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