“Growbusters” by BotComics

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Today we’re looking at what should be a timely comic. That’s to say this “Growbusters” review is scheduled to precede the U.S. release of “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” on November 19th.

The Growbusters series by BotComics was first published in late July 2020 and ran for three issues with the finale being published in early September 2021. This series was written by Delonge and drawn by Elliot Wallace. (NOTE: Although, the series description page states that J. J. McQuade was the artist. Presumably, that’s a mistake and the credits on the cover are accurate. Unless the three covers are erroneous and instead the series page is accurate, I’m not sure. Bottom line, it’d be nice if the contributors were correctly credited.)

DeLonge has written quite a bit for BotComics including, but not limited to “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Loving Cupid,” and “Pumpkin Queens.” Furthermore, DeLonge has written comics for Interweb Comics, such as Giantess Fan’s “Roommate Envy” and “Season of Giving.”

The series page also states that this concept was taken from the “… ideas section of the BotComics website,” but doesn’t provide the name of the person behind the concept. Looking through the ideas page it appears that “Shoshanna P.” originally proposed the idea:

Why not say that “Shoshanna P.” provided the idea? Shoshanna P. has already written many comics for the site like “Jingle Bells Showdown.”

Growbusters is centered on new team member Lucy. For the first few weeks on the job, Lucy initially struggles to prove her worth by capturing a ghost. Instead, she has sex with those specters and needs to be rescued by her teammates: Frankie, Kim, and Rose. Eventually, Lucy manages to defeat a ghost haunting a library, and establishes herself as a capable paranormal investigator.

However, Lucy then develops an addiction to ghost sex reportedly driven by a “need to breed.”

To be more accurate, she developed a lust for ghost sex. She doesn’t actually become pregnant or “breed” per se. Although, that could have been an interesting development. Unliving beings creating new life or would that be new “unlife”? Hmm…

This insatiable drive to copulate with the undead leads to an orgy between Kim and Lucy and a plethora of spirits within the team’s containment grid. The plot ends with that. Although, not much really happened as far as plot development. The team members allegedly become more skilled in their techniques, but the ghosts keep escaping and it’s hard to claim that any “progress” was made. Moreover, there were no stakes involved, no supernatural main villain tried to take over New York City or bring back Vigo, the infamous scourge of Carpathia, the sorrow of Moldavia, etc. etc. There was mention of paranormal energy turning people and ghosts into possessed nymphos, but if there was a downside to that it wasn’t shown. Bottom line, there was no conflict and no consequences to whether or not the growbusters caught ghosts.

The primary emphasis was on breast expansion, but there was also futanari scenes and mini-giantess bits. The rules of this literary universe were uncertain; for example, was it necessary to “get jiggy” with the ghosts before capturing them or was that an ancillary benefit? And in this universe the ghosts apparently only wanted to fuck and didn’t seemed concerned with scaring the living. All in all, this series was forgettable and consisted solely of pretty ladies getting busy with nameless ghosts.

That noted, it was a neat decision to draw two of the growbusters in a cubist rendition right before they were sucked into the containment grid:

Overall, Growbusters was fun and should appeal to breast expansion fans, but it would have benefited by incorporating conflict. Obviously, BotComics is a place showcasing size fetish, and thus perhaps not the place for a comic with page after page of the characters battling monsters who cause gruesome injuries and pain, like in a gritty horror film. However, some light conflict would have made me care about what the ladies were doing. To give just one example, make it so the ghosts rob people of sex drive and if they aren’t defeated in 24 hours then everyone in New York City will lose all desire to have sex. Thus, the growbusters have to fuck the ghosts and save sex in New York City! Basically, a proper goal, with obstacles to overcome and a timeline, would have been great.

That’s it for today folks. Next week’s reviews will begin with a gander at a giantess video from a new creator. Until then, keep growing!

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