Rose Black’s “Female Scientist’s Giant Embarrassment Grows Desperately Out Of Control”

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Today, we’re looking at a giantess growth video from a new creator, Rose Black. In order to be most accurate, let it be known that Rose is a “new” creator insomuch as her work hasn’t been discussed at There She Grows. However, according to the About Me at her web site, click this link to go there, Rose has been in the camming industry since January 2011. Rose is a self-described “Silly Southern MILF who likes shiny things and orgasms.” In addition to her aforementioned members site, Rose also sells clips through the Madame Rose and Rose Blacks Fetish Stores at Clips4Sale as well as at iWantClips: She has also appeared in clips for other studios, such as in several videos for “Bianca Baker’s Fetishes.” Lastly, Rose can also be contacted via NiteFlirt:

This review will cover Rose Black’s “Female Scientist’s Giant Embarrassment Grows Desperately Out Of Control.” This was first published on September 8th, 2021, and runs for 13 minutes. (NOTE: The action doesn’t actually start until about the 1:44 mark. Furthermore, the last two and a half minutes were reserved for credits and an outro. So, in reality, the story runs for a little over 9 minutes.)

The narrative begins with Rose as a scientist conducting an experiment using a growth ray, along with an unseen and mute assistant off camera operating the equipment. Unfortunately, the size-changing device didn’t emit any visible light, sound effects, or other obvious indicators that it was active. Something like a high-pitched tone and a visible lightning bolt striking the scientist would have been preferable.

As one might expect, the machine malfunctions and Rose is inadvertently enlarged much more than she requested! Alas, there was no clothing or building bursting in that process. Instead, one second she is relatively normal-size wearing a lab coat and the next instant she is completely nude in a grass field. There wasn’t a gradual transition, just normal size indoors then suddenly giant size outdoors!

If you look closely the clouds seem to blend into the grassy field, but that was more noticeable in the moving picture and less so in this still screenshot. Also, initially there was no sign of the laboratory after she transformed. Viewers are later told that it near her feet, but it was never shown.

This is eventually followed by yet another sudden surge in size, preceded by some healthy foreshadowing, in which Rose reaches planet-sized proportions!

Astronomers would have to use the Hubble telescope to accurately take her measurements 😎

That’s pretty much the end of the narrative which concludes with Rose floating in the depths of outer space, but she’s doing fine, despite the circumstances, as she feels warm and no longer requires oxygen.

These details in the credits were a nice touch.

There was no sex, not even personal masturbation, and no clothing destruction. Additionally, the size changes were accomplished by jump cuts and there was no sequence per se of the scientist slowly enlarging.

Of interest, there are a few companion videos filmed with similar set-ups, but featured different themes like breast expansion and shrinking:

(SIDE NOTE: There was also a related clip involving a clothing removing device.)

Female Scientist’s Giant Embarrassment Grows Desperately Out Of Control wasn’t a bad growth video and Rose comes across as a charismatic performer willing to perform fully nude and eager to appear in size fetish scenarios. That’s great! Nonetheless, the lack of special effects beyond green screen and the lack of clothing destruction will likely deter most growth fans. Those size fans still interested can purchase this for $13.99 at the following link:

That’s it for now folks. Thursday’s review will cover a Giantess Zone production. Until then, keep growing!

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