“Zoey Growing Giantess Attack SFX” from Giantess Zone

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Today, we’re returning to the plethora of videos producing by Media Impact Productions. This post will examine “Zoey Growing Giantess Attack SFX,” an 18-minute clip released on April 18th, 2021, from Giantess Zone (one of Media Impact’s many brands). This clip was commissioned via the following request:

The description piqued my interest, what’s not to love about a continuously growing woman? Coming from Media Impact it’s expected that this will be chaste, meaning devoid of nudity or sex. (Because in America showing lethal violence in mass media is a-okay, but exposed female nipples are shunned. God only knows what would happen if fetish creators treated adult consumers as if they were adults! 😉 ) So, with the understanding that our adult eyes will be protected from the scourge of healthy sexuality, was this any good? Let’s find out!

The action begins with Zoey receiving a gift from a fan called Robert Smith. Lo and behold, Robert’s gift is a ring and a letter which says it will help her career reach new and bigger heights! She places the ring on her middle left finger and it causes her to grow.

During the first minute of growth she repeats something to the effect of “I don’t think this is what he [Robert Smith] had in mind when he said bigger heights.” The script, if there was one, could have been tighten up to remove the needlessly repetition.

Curse the superb workmanship of bikini manufacturers! Whether supporting breasts from 36C to 38,000Z, those bikini strings never break! 😥
Raise the roof baby!

Zoey is a real trooper and adjusts to her supernatural condition with ease.

Hate it when pedestrians don’t use the cross walk :\ She’s so close to being within the lines!

Eventually, Zoey “reportedly” incurs the wrath of city dwellers. (NOTE: I wrote “reportedly” in quotes because Zoey complains that people are calling her names, but we didn’t hear them.)

Ugh, to paraphrase Stealers Wheel: “Watermarks to the left of me! Watermarks to the right! Here am I stuck in the middle with you.” For those who may be confused, I’m using the Stuck in the Middle with You song to complain about the watermarks in the upper corners.

This leads to some stomping and building punching, because name calling justifies destructive rampaging? 😉 Of note, despite having “giantess attack” in the title, there was nearly zero destruction. Zoey punches and stomps, but that had no lasting effect on the buildings around her. There were brief puffs of fire and smoke, but afterward it was immediately obvious that the targeted structures suffered no damage. For example, the following image was taken from the exact moment when Zoey claimed to have “… destroyed the whole city.

You may want to look again, the city looks fine to me.

To be fair, there were instances of Zoey swallowing people and eating someone obviously qualifies as an attack. It’s just that the buildings and vehicles survive the attacks without a scratch.

The person between her finger moves, that was great! Love to see animated people interacting with giants.

In my ideal version of this production, Zoey would grow and rip out of her clothes, appear stark naked, masturbate until climax, and then trash some destructible model buildings, like those by Giantess Media World:

^ A performer in a Giantess Media World production peels off a section of roof top. Learn more in the following review: Giantess Media World’s “Amy and Zoe (1/12) – Angry Amy Chasing Cheating Jack”

Media Impact has used some practical sets, but never one as detailed as those made by Giantess Media World. Alas, Giantess Media World has apparently gone dormant and maybe defunct. (NOTE: I attempted to contact them awhile back, but it was to no avail.)

Returning to this clip’s narrative, Zoey justifies her violence as righteous revenge because people, allegedly, called her a monster. However, while there were constant sirens and indistinct crowd noises, there were no cries of “Monster!” Therefore, it was weird to hear Zoey repeatedly complain that people called her a monster. Maybe they did, but we, the viewers of this video, never heard that. This could have easily been fixed by including audio of someone, preferably multiple performers, yelling “Monster!”

Regarding the initial request that the “… girl grows continuously,” that wasn’t really achieved. It was more like a series of separate and distinct growth spurts as opposed to Zoey steadily and gradually enlarging overtime. Long-time giantess fans have already seen many, many clips in which a clothed performer experiences a few growth spurts, swallows people, and then the clip abruptly ends.

Lastly, the inclusion of two separate cityscapes gave a sense of depth. Ergo, there were buildings in front of Zoey and behind Zoey. However, the separate collections of buildings rendered the scale questionable with some skyscrapers towering over others when they should have been comparable. That can be seen in the following screenshot and demonstrates how images of shorter structures should have been placed upfront:

Nonetheless, I recommend Zoey Growing Giantess Attack SFX to those size newcomers who have never seen a Media Impact video before. In my humble opinion, every giantess fan should watch at least one! Just be advised that this does include vore (people are swallowed), but it was not graphic. However, if you’re like me and have already seen many of these videos, then this is an easy pass. There’s nothing new here.

Zoey Growing Giantess Attack SFX can be purchased for $12.99 at this link: https://fetishlands.net/Store/Details/282dac89-5ffb-48b3-9ffe-0618ec239a96 (NOTE: As of mid-November 2021, this clip costs an extra four bucks at Clips4Sale. So, buy it at FetishLands!)

That’s all for today. Next week’s reviews will begin with a new futanari series produced by and starring Lovely Lilith. Until then folks, keep growing!

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