Giantess Media World’s “Amy and Zoe (1/12) – Angry Amy Chasing Cheating Jack”


While searching for new size-fetish videos I stumbled upon Giantess Media World. Giantess Media World is a studio located in Berlin, Germany, which operates under Olpenito Media Projects. The philosophy followed by the studio’s operator is given below:

“I have been searching for several years to find a giantess video where you can really see what you find in dozens of giantess stories but most of it I could not find:

  • gorgeous footprints in tarmac or soil

  • houses that turn into rubble and dust under her destructive feet

  • cars that can be flattened as if they were made of tinfoil

  • people who get caught under her feet, get flattened and stick to her sole or remain in her footprints

All that I have found in collages. But there is, of course, no movement.

>>> In my first video you will find real footprints and tiny brick houses playfully destroyed or stepped on by the giantess.

>>> I have added a “Coming soon” part showing our newly developed building material for houses

>>> In the following films I will try to solve the problem of tinfoil cars and squishy people – trying to improve step by step.”

This image was taken from the site’s “How my giantess films are made

I was intrigued by this approach, and thus decided to review one of their videos. Accordingly, I selected the six-minute long “Amy and Zoe (1/12) – Angry Amy Chasing Cheating Jack.” (NOTE: I’d love to cover all 12 parts, but buying all of them at 8 Euros each is a bit expensive! Plus, this “Cheating Husbands” series is only up to part four as of mid-January 2020.)

A cast of four was involved in this production:

  • Peter Klein as producer and director
  • Jan Henry, Mark West, and Peter Klein operated the cameras
  • Ingrid Peters as editor and responsible for sound design and visual effects

That’s a comparatively large cast in contrast to other productions making size-fetish videos, such as Codi Vore’s, Gary Pranzo’s, or Lovely Lilith’s, which seemingly only involve the model herself or the featured model and the camera operator. Additionally, I applaud the crediting of those folks who created this work. (NOTE: Although, the actors on screen, beyond Amy, were not listed.)

Amy is pictured above. Zoe does not appear until part three.

The story involves a woman named Amy who is searching for her philandering husband. Anger caused her transformation into a woman of unusually tall stature. (NOTE: That’s based on the clip’s textual description. The video itself does not explain how she became so large, nor was her transformation depicted on screen.)

It’s an exceedingly simple story. Perhaps it could have been made more complex by beginning with the oversized lady looking for someone, and then through dialogue we could eventually learned who she was searching for and why.

Several people meet an untimely end.

Victims beg for their lives as they are killed during her search through the populated area. The chilling phrase “Please don’t kill me” was repeated over and over.

Also, “Hello” and “Hey” were said ad nauseam. Maybe that was meant to indicate people attempting to get the enormous woman’s attention, but Amy never notices or reacts. The repetition became annoying. (NOTE: Also, on an unintentionally funny note, when Amy says “cheating husband,” it sounded a bit like “shitting husband.” To be fair, Solomon would also vacate his bowels if chased by a vengeful wife of such incredible dimensions. 😉 )

The actress wore street clothes which made her look less like a giant woman and more like a normal-sized woman on a set full of miniature buildings.

I understand that the actress may not want to perform nude. However, removing all jewelry and creating an outfit that resembles makeshift clothing would have added to the realism. For examples of other approaches used by similar films see the rough attire worn in the remake of “Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman,” and in “The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock.” A line of dialogue or other exposition could explain that the giant woman found some large supply of fabric, such as curtains from a movie theater, to make garments.

1993’s Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman; note her attire.
1959’s The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock

Notably, I loved the interaction between Amy and her environment. The first thirty seconds showed a preview of future segments in which we see Amy and Zoe pulverizing buildings into dust and rumble. During this clip we saw Amy sink her toes into the dirt. She peeled off a section of a roof and sent shingles tumbling. Trees were knocked down, etc.

❤ the malleability of this set!
Amy peels off part of a roof in this scene.
Here she knocks shingles off a roof top.

The buildings looked good. Although, I would have liked a bit more detail. For example, if a small cafe or a döner kebab restaurant had been placed at ground level then that would have made the setting feel alive. (Any signs of an eatery would have been welcome. I chose a döner place as one example because such casual dining establishments are widespread in Germany, the home for this studio.)

Run Jack run!

The sound effects were well-done. Background music, Jack’s heavy breathing as he ran to safety, the booming footsteps, etc. all contributed to the atmosphere. However, as previously noted, the script needed more meat as dialogue was repeated too much. Additionally, the actress’ movements appeared tentative and unsure at times.

Also, there was a brief segment in which a woman was hiding from Amy, but the low resolution and pixelation of the buildings around her was very distracting.

In general, the green screen work was well done, except for this particular instance.

Despite its flaws, the high level of effort was clearly evident and fans of destructive giantesses should enjoy “Angry Amy Chasing Cheating Jack.” It’s available for purchase here for €8, or $9.25, as of mid-January 2020. I hope to see more videos from Giantess Media World soon!

You can also view the trailer here:


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