Interview with Miss Kaneda, Crush Enthusiast and Erotica Author


Miss Kaneda is an erotic fetish author and crush enthusiast. Self-described as someone who is “deeply obsessed with shoes, boots and socks, and obliterating people and precious things underfoot,” she has written many stories of women with tiny victims at their feet, and filmed more than twenty clips. You can find those works on Amazon, DeviantArt, Instagram, and YouTube. She has participated in four of the SizeRiot contests since their start with CruelJan17. Her CruelJan19 entry, “Out,” scored highly in several categories. Additionally, she collaborated with SorenZer0 to produce a series of illustrated stories involving shrunken people and cruel giantesses. Those can be purchased on Gumroad. Fans can follow Miss Kaneda on Twitter and support her on Patreon.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

Sure! My name is Kylie, I’ve been using the name Kaneda or Miss Kaneda online for at least twenty years. I’m about to celebrate my tenth anniversary with my gorgeous wife and the mother of my two young sons. Between family life and my day job of managing the furniture store frequently seen in the background of my Twitter selfies, I try to find time to film videos, write stories, watch wrestling and play Pokemon.

#2) How did you first become interested in size-fetish media?

Even as a preschooler I was obsessed with pretending to be a giant and crushing things. I spent a lot of time in my basement stepping on toy cars, paper buildings and maps and also drawing pictures of giant feet stepping on everything from houses to planets. The earliest media exposure I can remember was the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from the Commodore 64 Ghostbusters game. He shows up and tramples buildings, and at the end of the game you had to try and get past him without getting stepped on.


#3) Are any of your everyday acquaintances aware of your interest?

My best friend knows about my experience at SizeCon and that I write stories about cruel giant women crushing people. Beyond that, some of my employees know more about my interests as a domme, that I like humiliating and stepping on people, and sometimes men pay me to do such things.

#4) What are a few of your favorite works from other creators?

My friend SorenZer0 is definitely my favorite artist and an incredible writer as well. Works like “Snuff” really showcase so much of what I love about size fantasy. I also deeply enjoy size games, so JamesMason’s Mansion and of course, Shrink High really captured my imagination.

#5) Can you discuss your experience at the Growth Cafe during SizeCon 2018? What are your plans for SizeCon2020?

Oh wow, the Growth Café was really a magical moment! I stepped in as the host and got to introduce our servers and gently bully and intimidate the guests at the tables. Considering that we basically were working with an elevated platform, lowered chairs, platform shoes and tight clothes, it turned into a sort of shared roleplaying moment, and made people genuinely feel small.

For SizeCon 2020 I’ll be sharing a table with my friend Taedis again this year. Last event was my first time running a table and I loved how much easier it made it for people to come up and talk to me. SizeCon is an incredibly important and lifechanging event for me, and what makes it special is how people can feel free to share and discuss their passions without any guilt or shame.


#6) Please explain the themes which will be explored in your upcoming story “Flare Rising.”

I was extremely into Pokemon X/Y in 2013. There’s this idea in the game’s story that a criminal organization wants to save natural resources by destroying the majority of people and Pokemon in the world. What if they could just shrink everyone instead? I was thinking about how a Pokeball captures and contains these huge creatures in a tiny space, and also quickly turns a wild, angry beast into something that’s ready to fight for its owner. So why not use a sort of Pokeball to capture people?

Flare Rising is mostly a story about the relationship between Chloe, the new leader of the criminal organization Team Flare, and you, the League Champion. Chloe wants to take over the world. She’s sensual, superior, powerful and glamorous, and she has no problem literally crushing anyone that gets in her way. Much like me, she loves having others at or under her feet, and the story moves through being captured and slowly conditioned to become Chloe’s useful, loving, eager servant.

There’s shrinking, crush, humiliation and foot worship content, of course, but what I’m most proud of are the ways the story explores the emotions of the narrator’s relationships. She moves back and forth between being inside this little plastic ball that compels her to see Chloe as her perfect, divine owner, and then has to work through the confusing good feelings she experiences while serving an objectively evil woman.

#7) Can you describe the rewards for supporting your Patreon? What projects are upcoming?

My Patreon exists mostly to drive me to keep creating and sharing my work. It’s entirely because of my Patrons’ encouragement that I started filming myself and creating POV and crush clips, and I hope to expand that to some additional categories like trampling and foot worship this year. Patrons get the first look at anything that I’m writing, and at certain levels also get all of my existing videos with a couple more added every month, and can also have a piece of short fiction written just for them.

Most importantly, though, I look to my Patrons for inspiration and requests to help shape my future work. Some of my favorite stories and videos started out with Patrons’ ideas!


Thank you Miss K for taking part in this interview!


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