Aliessa’s Magnification Mishaps – Issues 1 and 2


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The time for looking back at 2019 and then musing about 2020 has past. Now is the time to return to the task of reviewing macrophilia materials. Thus, let’s begin!

“Magnification Mishaps” was written by Aliessa based on a concept by Xanafar, and drawn by Mkonstantinov.

The story begins with Aliessa recounting her tale. She previously worked in a laboratory until her clumsy, and very voluptuous, assistant Alex spilled a plant growth formula. As one might suspect, this leads to rapid development and in no time Aliessa outgrows the laboratory. Along the way, readers learn that water also stimulates her growth.

I appreciate this image depicting Aliessa about to outgrow a room. However, in previous panels the room was filled with equipment, as befitting a laboratory. Thus, it would have been even better to show that equipment (beakers, microscopes, tables, etc.) shoved up against the walls. (NOTE: “Like” was erroneously repeated.)

After outgrowing the building, disaster strikes when precipitation begins!

This made for a dramatic ending to issue 1! However, the resolution at the beginning of the next issue was anticlimactic.

The military responds in issue two. (NOTE: I should state at this point that there is a great sense of humor and lightheartedness to the entire comic which I appreciated.) A female general takes some of the growth formula, expands as as women taking the formula are wont to do, and then rampages about.

This character is a general, but she is missing the stars on her shoulder boards which indicate the rank of a general officer. Also, absent are her name tag, ribbons, badges, etc. etc. 😉

Our heroine, with Alex’s help, must become even larger to stop the mad general!

I ❤ this panel 😀

The second issue ends with a confrontation looming between Aliessa and the general. That battle will occur in the upcoming third issue.

All in all, I liked this story so far. That said, there were a few minor typographical errors which could have been easily corrected. Examples are shown below:

The highlighted text should be “about.” It’s missing the “t.”
“A” should be “I”
I believe this should be “I have. Now, I must stop you!”

There was also a pair of odd choices made. For example, one panel on the first page featured a researcher with a malicious smile laughing for no discernible reason. I initially assumed that he would serve as an antagonist, perhaps as an evil scientist driving the plot. But that was not so.

This dude appears only once. What was the point?

Later, in issue 2, a note in one panel reads “newtype noises.” I wasn’t sure what that meant. Does it indicate that new noises are being heard, that have never been heard before? (A la “The Colour Out of Space” by H. P. Lovecraft?) It takes place at the time when the general was outgrowing a building so presumably the noises would be things such as boom, crack, crash, etc. (Maybe it was as a place holder meant to be replaced by “boom” or “crash” or something, but was mistakenly left in?)

Note that her iris and pupil are rather small.

I enjoyed the art, but sometimes Aliessa’s features were out of proportion. For example, check out her eye in the above image. Also, Aliessa’s right calf on the cover of issue #1, shown below, was tiny. Perhaps that’s merely a sign of uneven growth vice a mistake?


Those aforementioned flaws were not deal-breakers. So, I recommend this comic. It’s a sexy tale featuring two women outgrowing their clothes, and then breaking out of rooms and entire buildings. The text would have benefited from some QC to correct typos, and I wouldn’t say no to the inclusion of sex scenes. (Although, after briefly looking through DeviantArt, I do not believe that Aliessa typically includes sex in her commissioned art.) However, I was entertained by this and other growth fans will probably be entertained as well.

You can purchase “Magnification Mishaps” on Gumroad for $9 for the 19-page first issue (15 of those are comic pages, primarily with multiple panels) and $12 for the 20-page second issue (16 of those are comic pages). Prices were as of early January 2020. Fans can also visit Aliessa’s page on DeviantArt and support Aliessa via Patreon.

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3 thoughts on “Aliessa’s Magnification Mishaps – Issues 1 and 2

  1. Awesome review and nice feedback, thank you so much. The criticism will be noticed for the 3rd issue :3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you found it useful! I look forward to the third issue.


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