Giantess Fan’s “Season of Giving”

Good morning size-fetish fans,

Today let’s continue our ongoing examination of holiday-themed size-fetish media and take a look at the one-shot comic “Season of Giving” from Giantess Fan. This comic was released last year on December 14th, 2019. It was written by DeLonge and drawn by Dai of SednaStudio. DeLonge also wrote “Roommate Envy” for Giantess Fan and “Tales from the Cupboard” for Shrink Fan. Dai also drew “A Night Out,” “Family Bindings,” and “The Outgrowing” series.

The story involves a wife, named Mel, discovering a folder of giantess-themed images on her husband Jack’s laptop. This discovery prompts her to embark on a mission to make his wildest dream become manifest. Apparently, she works in a laboratory and such a miraculous feat is a piece of cake. (NOTE: Also, it’s nice that her manager doesn’t discourage employees from pursuing personal projects on company time 😉 )

She looks much less busty in her protective gear. There must be one hell of a minimizer bra under that lab coat 😎

Mel surreptitiously gives shrinking formula to Jack on Christmas day and he quickly diminishes. They then proceed to engage in breast play as the tiny man nibbles upon his wife’s erect nipple. Afterward, she lubricates his body with her tongue and inserts him into her nether region.

Maybe close the curtains before fucking your tiny man? No? Okay 😎

The fun doesn’t end there though. Mel broaches the idea of exposing more men to the amazing blue fluid which may go a long way toward resolving the sexual frustration faced by at least one of her female co-workers. Accordingly, she makes plans to hold a party on the following day. That next evening she doctors a bottle of Champagne and serves it to several fellows. The story ends as the ladies present at the party are in the process of disrobing and preparing to engage in various carnal acts with their now diminutive lovers. All in all, a rudimentary tale devoid of conflict or complexity.

Notably, it was a trivial matter for Mel to devise the shrinking formula. All that was required was for her to find a folder which articulated her husband’s heretofore secret lust for giant women. Now, I could take a moment at this junction and point out that all of the pictures she initially found on the computer featured “giantesses,” that is women who are preternaturally tall. Therefore, her gift did not actually satisfy his most hidden and deepest desire. She should have made herself bigger in accordance with the images that she had discovered. However, that concern might be a little pedantic.

Is it just me or does she almost look cross-eyed?

Truth be told, if my wife was capable of devising a means to effortlessly reduce a person’s mass then I would be, to paraphrase Egon Spengler, amazed beyond the capacity for rational thought. (NOTE: Mel only needed a week to create this story’s MacGuffin.) Mel does not even break a sweat in the process of crafting the impossible and the beneficiary of her efforts, Jack, was undeniably appreciative. Yet, he did not act very surprised at his spouse’s ability to manipulate matter in a manner which would surely make a medieval alchemist jealous and cause them to forget their lifelong search for the Philosopher’s Stone.

One wonders what if she had discovered a folder in which her husband expressed an existential fear of death? Would she then proceed to concoct an immortality serum and thus conquer death and achieve a goal which mankind has quested for since history itself began? If Gilgamesh had married a woman like Mel then the Epic of Gilgamesh, his quest to conquer death, might have ended much differently. Or to phrase this point another way, mayhap it was a little too easy for Mel to invent the reducing formula.

Nonetheless, the story was fun and perhaps uncomplicated is best for happy holiday tales. At least that is the modus operandi for Hallmark Christmas movies 😉 To be clear, I enjoyed this story even though it broke one of my rules regarding using the term “giantess” only when a woman achieves superhuman heights, not when a man is reduced. Alas, my rule is not universally followed and this comic was published at Giantess Fan when I would have placed it at Shrink Fan.

Anyway, it was fun nonetheless and the idea of exploring and pleasuring a woman much greater in size, and with truly enormous tits, is at least a bit appealing.

However, the art in this comic was lackluster. For example, backgrounds were often very simple, as can be seen in the following:

To be fair, there was one picture hanging on their wall. Nonetheless, the walls seem more bare than any home that I’ve been in. Maybe the two just moved in or are too poor to afford decorations? Who knows? Also, the Christmas tree looks weird with presents stuck among the branches. What do my readers think? Am I being too harsh?
What is that lump in his upper thigh? It reminds me of a handgun holster, but instead of a leather device worn over other clothes this one was inserted into his very flesh O_o Maybe he’s like Robocop and requires a built-in holster?

Overall, Season of Giving was a mediocre work. That noted, it’s not offensive or a waste of time. This just feels like minimal effort was given.

That’s it for today folks, next week will kick off with a Giantess Club holiday comic. Until then, pour yourself some eggnog spiked with something special and get growing!

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