Grow Into the Holiday Spirit with “Stocking Stuffers” from BotComics

Happy holidays everyone,

It’s time to spread a spirit of joy and goodwill! Thus, let’s begin this year’s Christmas-themed reviews with “Stocking Stuffers” from BotComics. The one-shot comic Stocking Stuffers was first released on December 25th, 2020.

The art for this issue was provided by Hartwell White, who has drawn multiple works for BotComics such as “Growth Studies: Penelope Estrada,” “Pecho del Demonio,” and “Wish Upon a Star: Spring Breakers.” The story was provided by DeLonge and Arcelsia. DeLonge has written a lot of comics to include, but not limited to, “Growbusters,” “Loving Cupid,” and “Pumpkin Queens.” Arcelsia was credited on the cover, as seen above, but that particular creator is not listed anywhere else on the web site. At least, a search at BotComics for “Arcelsia” returns nothing.

Stocking Stuffers consists of the cover and ten colorfully illustrated pages. BotComics describes it as the following:

That description is pretty accurate. Although, the scene shown on the cover never actually happens in the comic itself. No overly booty-blessed woman attempts to squeeze her ample hindquarters down a chimney. (More’s the pity… 😥 )

However, the pages did indeed contain numerous illustrations of female elves outgrowing their outfits as they become mini-giantesses. In contrast, the male elves stayed the same height, but their cocks greatly enlarged. Eventually, Mrs. Claus joins in and, appropriately so, she becomes the largest of them all!

As always, readers will have to go to the original source to see the uncensored version!

The action was told via rhyming prose. There’s not a whole lot to analyze about the story’s progression. Most of the elves were unnamed (except the head elf called Berny), no histories were given, and no motivations were outlined. (NOTE: That’s to say no motivations beyond the obvious fact that sex is fun!)

There was clothing destruction with tops and stripped stockings tearing apart due to swelling feminine curves. However, there was regrettably no building destruction.

Supporters of Santa Claus, a.k.a. Kris Kringle, may be dismayed that he did not partake in the carnal celebration. Instead, the elves left him a note assuring him not to worry because they would clean up the mess later. Perhaps unintentionally (or maybe intentionally 😉 ), the elves did not invite Santa to join their magical orgy.

Overall, I recommend Stocking Stuffers to gentle growth enthusiasts seeking a bit of enlarging orgy action devoid of a complex narrative or any conflict. Stocking Stuffers can be download for $7.99 at the following link:

Almost eight dollars may seem a bit expensive. Last December, I paid for a year’s worth of BotComics for $49.99 and that’s clearly the best value. However, that annual membership did not allow for downloading the comics. It only permitted viewing comics online.

Screenshot, taken on December 6th, 2021, of the long-term plans available at BotComics.

Furthermore, as of early December 2021, a 12-month subscription plan runs $89.99. Fans should keep an eye out in case that $49.99 special offer returns.

That’s it for today folks. Thursday’s review will cover a brand-new yuletide-themed production from Ludella Hahn. Until then, keep growing!

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