“Streamed” by OpenHighHat

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This post is branching out into the world of interactive entertainment in the form of a visual novel. Today, we’re going to explore “Streamed” created by OpenHighHat (OHH). (NOTE: Fans can click here to read an interview with OHH.)

Streamed, a “choose your own adventure” visual novel using 550 CGI images, was released in mid-June 2021. (NOTE: Some of the images are just title cards or avatar faces with different expressions, as opposed to complete scenes.) Streamed can be purchased for $20 at Gumroad: https://ohh.gumroad.com/l/streamed

It’s reportedly also available to supporters of OHH’s Patreon.

(NOTE: I used Gumroad & can’t speak to how it works acquiring the game via Patreon.)

The action begins with a miniaturized man named John entering the bedroom of a famous streamer. That’s a creepy scenario hinging on the protagonist breaking and entering a private residence to snoop on an young lady named Melanie. Thankfully, the narrative doesn’t portray his actions as anything other than reprehensible.

The very top of Melanie’s head, specifically her avatar’s head, is chopped off in some scenes.

Working through a series of multiple choices brings up a diverse range of scenarios. Shrunken man was the primary theme, but a growing woman, a shrunken woman, a tiny couple having sex on top of and inside a woman, unbirth, vore, etc., were also present.

As a growth fan, I was initially puzzled at what choice was required to activate that scene. After a few playthroughs and despite using the “Skip” option to go over already-seen pages, the much desired giantess sequence still eluded my eager eyes. Eventually, that scene was uncovered which may (or may not! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) have been made possible by a quick edit of the script using Notepad.

What? You think the game script has been altered? Such an outrageous allegation is pure poppycock! Are you trying to slander my good name? I swear this is exactly how the scene plays out in the original build ๐Ÿ˜‰

To be fair, OHH provided a strategy guide in PDF format, click here for that, on DeviantArt to assist users. Alternatively, you can fantasize about being an “leet” hacker and tweak the code ๐Ÿ˜Ž

That ease of modification could lend itself to fan translations, at least to European languages and other languages with Latin-based orthographies. However, the game wouldn’t run when I modified the script and added Japanese characters. As is, the game engine wouldn’t work with Unicode. There’s probably an easy fix out there on the Internet, but I’m getting off topic.

Back to the growth scene, it was superb and well worth the effort to find it!

Loved how these rooms looked lived in and were full of the various items a person would keep in a residence.

In general, the game was pretty fun and exploring all the different options was a pleasure.

Some adventures ended tragically.

The bathtub scene was another highlight.

Other scenes, to include various explicit sex acts, were the opposite of tragic ๐Ÿ™‚

Most of the art was really good, such as the images of John sinking in bath tub water and being surrounded by bubbles.

However, a few could have benefited from minor tweaks:

What kind of monster mounts a picture sideways? O_o
Um, “breakfast bagel”? What are you talking about? An exhaustive search of 550 JPGs failed to find any bagels.
If John was inside her, then who was the tiny person at her left elbow?
Here Melanie’s hair and bra strap clip through her shoulders. Honestly, this is probably the worst image in the game, but the overwhelming majority were great.

Additionally, there were a few typos, such as misspelling “bedside” as “beside,” but they were exceedingly minor.

Furthermore, readers were told that Melanie was known online as the streamer “MelZ_XX,” but giving her a streamer name was pointless as that online pseudonym was never used. She was only ever called Melanie. This wasn’t a significant mistake, but it was unnecessary to give her multiple names and then only use one.

There were also a misplaced vertical line in the “Preferences” menu, and a difficult to read tiny font used in the upper left. Lastly, while there were a few different volume options, there was no sound whatsoever in the game, only text. It was unclear why a text-only game had audio controls. Perhaps it was never intended to have a soundtrack, or maybe something is wrong with my copy and the audio works for everyone else?

It’s theoretically possible, but unlikely, that these glitches are restricted to only my PC.

Overall though, Streamed is a recommended purchase. It’s fun to pick and choose a path through the narrative until you complete the adventure and then go back and figure out how to reach the other endings.

As more creators explore interactive media look forward to additional reviews of size-themed video games in the future.

That’s it for today folks. Next week will kick off the holiday-themed reviews. Until then, keep growing!

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