Explore Yul Tolbert’s Unique Giantess and Long Nails Art

Good morning giantess fans,

Today, let’s broaden our horizons beyond those creators who are already well-known to the size community. Therefore, this post isn’t going to cover art from BustArtist or from the always-expanding roster of CGI artists, it won’t discuss an issue from BotComics or Interweb Comics, and it will not analyze a video from Gary Pranzo’s Media Impact, Mistress Taylor’s TaylorMadeClips, or the ever-growing number of cam models making giant and tiny people content. Instead, we’ll dive into the lesser known, but interesting illustrations of Detroit-based creator Yul Tolbert.

Yul contacted There She Grows in early November and provided links to YouTube and DeviantArt pages. His creations featured at those sites include gentle and evil giantesses. Those oversized women appear in several brief clips, the longest only running for three and a half minutes, at the “She’s a Giantess!” channel. Click here to see them.

The Timeliketoons logo, loosely modeled on the Warner Brothers logo.

His work at Deviant Art, click here for his “timelike01” page, includes several interpretations of pop culture icons such as the following:

Flo is a fictional salesperson, first appearing in advertisements during 2008, for Progressive Insurance and is played by Stephanie Courtney.
Pictured here is Judy Jetson. She’s the daughter on the Hanna-Barbera cartoon “The Jetsons,” which first aired in September 1962.
Lorraine, mother to Marty McFly in the Back to the Future sci-fi movie trilogy from the 1980s, prepares to stomp series antagonist Biff. Unsurprisingly, Back to the Future II is his favorite movie.

Other drawings include, but aren’t limited to, depictions of former Alaskan governor and 2008 vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin; fictional characters from TV shows such as Daria, Rick and Morty, and Star Trek, and an Iraq war protest comic. There are several references to political issues and parodies of Republicans to include one of Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell as DC Comics super villain Lex Luthor, based on that character’s appearance in the Super Friends. Not for nothing, but I appreciated the extra touch of placing the Hall of Doom on top of the U. S. Capitol building 😉

Most of the art is SFW and features clothed women, but a few images show topless nudity. Go here to view the uncensored version of this piece!

The American emphasis could potentially be off-putting to people unfamiliar with the United States, but given the worldwide availability of American media that will probably not be a significant problem. Furthermore, Yul also created other content promoting the Esperanto language, the merits of “resource-based economies” in contrast to contemporary currency-based economies, and the metric system.

On top of DeviantArt and YouTube, Yul also maintains a presence on Ello, Instagram, and odysee. Additionally, he is selling a 5-minute animated video, “A Giantess Video Webcomic Gallery,” for a very reasonable $2 at the following link: https://payhip.com/b/Hhr3 That clip introduces ten different giantesses and includes two short comics: “Experiment Under Foot” and “Giantess Kittylyn: It’s Just An Illusion.” (NOTE: The webcomic gallery features crush and non-graphic violence. However, there was no nudity or sex.)

Yul’s drawings use thick lines and occasionally the proportions are inaccurate with too-small heads. However, I recommend checking out Yul Tolbert’s work. He has a unique style that’s missing from the bigger creators and thus viewing his stuff was a nice change of pace.

If you would like to share your own size-themed content at There She Grows then send an e-mail to solomong_author@outlook.com. Since December 2018, There She Grows has reviewed a diverse range of adult comics, audio erotica, fetish clips, mainstream movies, short stories, etc., and has interviewed a number of creators. Contact SolomonG to highlight your efforts!

That’s it for today folks. Thursday’s post will cover a “Choose Your Own Adventure” video game created by CGI artist openhighhat. Until then, keep growing 😎

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3 thoughts on “Explore Yul Tolbert’s Unique Giantess and Long Nails Art

  1. Just putting this here as it’s the latest post on the blog: you should check out “Growing Bigger with Ayyla” by AyylaGTS on DeviantArt. It’s a comic about a young woman diagnosed with a growth condition that will last her entire life.

    What makes it interesting is that it explores a bunch of different facets: how her growth causes parental strife and stress. Trying to find a job. Worries about money and paying for the food and clothes she needs. It’s written as a journal/diary and it might be the most “slice of life” giantess story out there. And the main character Ayyla is as down to earth as one could expect with her condition.

    And since it’s on DA, it’s free. Plus updates are frequent, so readers are never left wanting for too long.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That sounds interesting. I already have several requested reviews in the queue and other posts set up for December and January. (SIDE NOTE: Plus, working on an upcoming story with Interweb Comics!) However, I’ll add “Growing Bigger with Ayyla” to the To Do list and review it in February.


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