Review of Giantess Fan’s “Sorority Problems”

This is the cover for the second issue

Sorority Problems is an ongoing series, with two issues so far, written by F-Kid and illustrated by Danusko. The first part was released in late June 2018 and the most recent on December 7, 2018. You can read it at Giantess Fan, Check out my “Bobby and Clair” review to learn about that site’s membership fees.

This story begins with a group of three pledges driving to the Blu Beta Girl (BBG) sorority house for their initiation. Their Pledge Goddess, Ashley, demands that the pledges drink some cheap whiskey. The liquor was purchased at a “dingy place off campus,” perhaps from Spells R Us?  😉

I enjoyed the art, but there were weird dot patterns in shadows, as seen in the image above
Label notwithstanding, there was no muscle growth

The “Biggie Whiskey” causes the three pledges to grow to enormous heights, bursting out of their clothes and eventually the sorority house. Ashley also drank the whiskey and thus grows as well, and reconciles with one of the pledges, Liz, a former girlfriend. This concludes the first issue with four giant women taller than the sorority house.

I think the artist has a thing for feet. They were often drawn large and out of proportion to the size of the giant women
Ashley and Liz kiss, marking their rekindled affection at the end of part one

Part two begins immediately after the conclusion of the first part. It features Katie, another BBG Sister, and her boyfriend Carlos on his birthday. Katie has been drinking Biggie whiskey, which makes her quite horny. She puts the moves on Carlos. He is not interested and violently rejects her. Carlos then states that Katie is too drunk to control herself.

Throwing her against the wall was unwarranted

Katie begins to grow and uses the whiskey on Carlos, which makes his cock swell to inhuman proportions. She breaks through their the room’s ceiling and finds two young men on the next floor that are very willing to accommodate her amorous requests. Katie fucks Carlos and the two upstairs gentlemen at the same time. Things get messy!

Nice inclusion of a news report, presumably about the “contaminated” whiskey
Messy is an understatement!

Part two ends with the four giant girls from part one joining Katie and her three male companions. Carlos gets a foot job while one of the giantesses asks how will they shrink back.

Overall, I recommend this comic. It’s a sexy tale featuring multiple sequences of young women outgrowing their clothes and eventually their respective buildings!

Sorority Problems is the only comic drawn by Danusko for Giantess Fan. You can view his DeviantArt page, where he now goes by RoughYo, here: Furthermore, this is the only comic written by F-Kid.

I look forward to reading part 3. Nothing has been announced, but hopefully we’ll see the next installment in 2019!

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