A Look at German comic “Livy and Divy and Godzilla’s cousin”


Hallo zusammen! (Hello everyone!)

Today I want to take a look at a German-language comic which I believe originally came from Playboy Germany, (playboy.de). Now, I want to be upfront and state unequivocally that I am not fluent. I know a few words and have a German-to-English dictionary. I tried to translate the comic to the best of my ability, but likely missed nuances. Lucky for me this is a 16-page comic with only a little text to wade through as opposed to something like Nietzsche’s “Also sprach Zarathustra.”

One of the scientists comments that it was incredible that the underwear grew with the ladies 🙂

Our tale begins, as many do, with a mishap in a laboratory. Inside Doctor Whatson’s lab, a molecule stretching machine causes the blonde Livy and the raven-haired Divy to grow to enormous sizes. Livy’s growing body pushes up through the ceiling. Divy believes that their transformation was done on purpose and blames Doctor Whatson. On a side note, while the lingerie initially grew with the ladies it later falls apart exposing their nubile bodies because the “gigantostatus” or “Gulliver effect” is not stable. Divy decides, as one does, to throw the scientist into the ocean. This results in a physical confrontation when Livy attempts to protect the egghead.


Godzilla’s “dumb” cousin, Graziello, arrives at the beach in the midst of this fight.

NOTE: One character says that the name “Graziello” fits the self-described dumb monster. That may be an insult against someone named Graziello, but that does not appear to be a common Italian name and I’m not familiar with anyone by that name.

After he confronts Divy with a pinpoint fire breath attack against her backside she shrinks back to normal size. Then Graziello attempts to woo the giant-sized Livy after stating that he fell in love with her at first sight. She declines his advances, so he belts out a song in an emotionally stirring panel. 😉 He croons “I sing for you, dearest Livy… hear my plea…”

* – The footnote states that the above song was sung to the tune of “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina!” Not sure if Madonna or Graziello sang it better 😉

Livy shrinks to normal size and says “Ciao” to the green monster. Thus ends the brief tale of our two lovely ladies as giantesses!

This comic is difficult to find. However, I believe that readers may be able to read “Livy and Divy” if they have access to Playboy.de. It’s a fun little read if you can get it.


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