Thoughts on macrophilia / giantess fetish

This poster hangs on my wall  🙂

The Urban Dictionary defines macrophilia as “… an increasingly popular sexual paraphilia in which individuals derive sexual arousal from a fascination with giants and/or a sexual fantasy involving giants.” Similarly, Wiktionary describes it as a “… paraphilia involving sexual attraction to giants.”

Of note, paraphilia is defined on Wikipedia as “… the experience of intense sexual arousal to atypical objects, situations, fantasies, behaviors, or individuals.” Macrophilia has also been mentioned on a variety of mainstream web sites to include, but not limited to Playboy, Psychology Today, and Salon.

I will use the terms macrophilia and giantess fetish interchangeably. Personally, I savor the thought of women growing from a normal height to superhuman size, ranging from ten feet to hundreds of feet tall. The process of becoming a giantess is key. So while a giant women is sexy, it’s the transformation that is often the most erotic part of a story.

I wonder where she found a big enough bikini 😉

After the birth of the Internet, I was ecstatic to discover Acotto’s FTP site with its repository of breast expansion and giantess content. There I found images from artists like Cat and Elbee. Requirements of family and job, as well as shyness and lack of talent, prevented me from contributing. It wasn’t until over two decades later, in August 2017, that I posted my first story, Dr. Hehant’s Growing Orgy, on the Giantess City’s Couples Stories sub-forum.

Admittedly, this art has flaws, but back in the day I was happy to find it!

Some people speculate that macrophilia originates from a desire to be dominated. I can certainly understand why, a giant woman has overwhelming physical power to bend others to her will. However, there’s more to it than that. For example, artwork by Sihagen shows a giant-sized submissive dominated by a diminutive master.

first timers by sihagen
Check out his DeviantArt page:

There is tremendous space within the fetish to explore themes of dominance and submission by big and small people. Furthermore, there are stories with giant couples, in which both a man and a woman grow. One of the earliest I read with that theme was “Big Nymphomaniac” by Rapscalion. Additionally, cuckold and cuckquean characters can also be featured.

Image taken from Breast Expansion Story Club’s “Stranger than Fiction” part 3 to illustrate the portrayal of breast expansion in tandem with the giantess fetish

Breast expansion, and penis expansion, is often combined with macrophilia. These are scenarios in which the sizes of those sexual characteristics are magnified in relation to the rest of the person’s body, like a 10-foot tall woman with a bosom that reaches down to her belly button or a 10-foot tall man lugging around a 3-foot long penis.


The last type of macrophilia I want to mention are the realms of evil giantesses who crush, stomp, or swallow their victims. That’s demonstrated in the image above taken from Giantess Fan’s virtual reality story, “Bitter Dreams.”

There are of course many more sexual topics that can be integrated with macrophilia. I hope to write about those intersections in my own stories and discuss their portrayals in other people’s works in my reviews.

Now that I’ve written a bit about macrophilia’s definition and my own perspective, I’d love to hear other people’s opinions. What do you think about macrophilia, or what do you enjoy about it? Please leave a comment below!

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6 thoughts on “Thoughts on macrophilia / giantess fetish

  1. I’m always into the growth process. As changes occurr, it’s neat to see how they affect the behavior in the growing person. How does a giantess behave at 9ft vs 20ft vs 100ft etc… This is the most fun part about growth stories. I prefer this to just “a 200ft giantess appears a destroys a city.” It’s way more fun when that character experiences changes.


    1. Totally agree. I was disappointed in the original “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman” when the growth occurred off-camera. However, the 1993 remake had a nice little growth scene, so overall I preferred that version.


      1. Same here. That growth scene in the ‘93 remake changed my life haha.
        That’s also the most dissappointing thing about “Attack of the 60ft Centerfold” too; No growth (just the BE and the part where she shows up to the photo shoot taller than everyone, which was nice). Fun movie though. I’m sure a review for that movie may happen down the line?


      2. I’m pretty sure I can make that happen 😎


      3. I already have a review drafted for Wednesday, but I will try to make Friday’s about the 60 foot centerfold


  2. “I was turned on?by ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ before I knew what the?birds and the bees were all about. In the book there’s a scene in the land?of Brobdingnag where Gulliver gets intimate with one of the local?giantesses – the enticingly named Glumdaclitch. I’ve?fantasized about giantesses ever since. Like any fetish, if you?don’t have it, you probably won’t get it”.


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