Interview with Jason Ninja; Creator of Bratty Foot Girls – Studio Dedicated to Foot Fetish and Size Themes!

Jason Ninja is an editor, performer, and producer involved in a large number of foot fetish and size-themed videos. He has been active in the size community for over 20 years starting as a fan during the Giantess Shrine days and then moving into producing around 2009. He created the Bratty Foot Girls studio which has released well over 8,000 video clips as of this writing. Those clips feature ass smothering, female domination, face standing, giantesses, shrunken people, etc. Bratty Foot Girls reached the #1 slot at Clips4Sale throughout most of 2021, at least once a month, due to their giantess SFX work, including the popular “HELP! We Shrunk Ourselves!” trilogy. Furthermore, Jason supported SizeCon and set up a booth during the very first SizeCon in late April 2016. Fans can follow Jason on Twitter as well as purchase his works at Clips4Sale.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself? 

I grew up in Perth, Australia and moved to the US around 2007! I moved around the country a bit living in places like Tempe, AZ, Tampa, FL, Philadelphia, PA, Brooklyn, NY and finally now settled in St Petersburg, FL! I always wanted to be a movie director or cartoonist growing up and had a deep interest in videography. I went to College for Film and TV when I was 18 then I went on to complete an apprenticeship with a local TV news cameraman shooting over night news footage, much like Jake Gyllenhaal in ‘NightStalker’. Following that I did a few trips to the US and worked a few Summer camps, before going back to college and doing an IT Diploma. A lot of these things helped me work up to where I am today! I then worked professionally as a Graphic Designer and Marketing Manager in the Music Industry in Australia before moving to the US and continuing my work as a Graphic designer before quitting sometime in 2012 to produce fetish content full time! Which is where I am today!

#2) How did you first become interested in feet and size?

As far as I can remember I had a foot fetish so to speak. Since I was a young child. With size material I always had a deep fascination for giants growing up. Movies like ‘The Thief of Baghdad’ & ‘Ulysses’, and numerous fantasy books based on giants and ogres always piqued my interest in an innocent way. It wasn’t till I hit my late teens that I kinda started to see imagery that mixed the two worlds of foot fetish and giantess that opened my mind up to all the possibilities out there!

#3) What are a few of your favorite works from other creators?

I’ve always appreciated Gary Pranzo’s work, he was a huge influence and mentor to me in my early days. His work was the first ‘Giantess’ content I came across online and inspired me to shoot it as well. As for favorite works, I think Katelyn Brooks and her former partner really set the standard for Giantess SFX early on with their movie ‘Midnight Goddess’. That movie really put the Giantess SFX level at a high bar and once that continues to be one of the best. I’ve been lucky to call both of them two dear friends nowadays.

#4) How would you describe your work? Can you briefly touch upon some of the challenges making fetish content? 

My work has greatly evolved, especially over the past 2 years. I must admit the pandemic had an incredible impact on my work, as the forced lockdowns gave me an opportunity to re-learn my craft from the ground up. I heavily invested in my infrastructure with a new high powered PC, professional equipment and adding the new skills I’ve learned. I feel I’m a much more complete producer now than where I was before. So to describe my work nowadays, in direct relation to Size content, I try to shoot more Hollywood style films, as opposed to the more generic, tinies get crushed/eaten with no storyline. I still do those with my VR content of course but when I go all out on an SFX film I really try to look at it from a film making perspective rather than a fetish producer one which is more “quickly knock out clips for people to fap to”. I try to create something I can be proud of and something that wouldn’t be out of the realm of something you’d watch on Youtube for entertainment purposes.

As for the challenges of making fetish films. Well there’s a lot to touch on here. These days things have gotten really out of hand for those of us who ply out trades in the Sex Worker world. Already we’ve had to deal with piracy running rampant for years now, causing thousands of dollars of lost revenue, which in turn has made many producers drop out. Then we had the Mastercard problem just pop up in the past year, at first it was a bit of a blessing for studios like mine as they made sites like Pornhub wipe all my illegally uploaded material off, which definitely caused a bump in my sales again. However, now they have implemented a bunch of extreme measures on adult platforms in terms of compliance. A lot of material is now banned from being made and sold, so in a sense these big corporations are “Gatekeeping” fetishes, so really they are stopping consenting adults from jerking off to whatever they want in the name of completely bogus rules heavily pushed by religious groups under the guise of stopping sex trafficking. So it’s a complete shit show.

From a producing stand point, my day to day challenges are mostly down to time. Trying to balance a family life, give myself enough downtime to enjoy life and working to keep everyone of my clients / fans happy – it’s quite the challenge as I’m basically a one man show. I do have help with camera work on my shoots but that’s it really.

#5) Are there any upcoming projects that you’d like to mention? When will Part 3 of Help! We Shrunk Ourselves be released?

Yes, as of writing, I have a new SFX follow up to ‘Catch Me if You Can 2’ coming out tomorrow which stars Indica and myself! Then I’ll be finishing Part 3 of ‘Help! We Shrunk Ourselves’ around Mid November once I return from my trip to the UK. After that I have a couple more SFX customs to finish – Another part of the ‘Shrunken Place’ Series starring Raquel Roper and Reagan Lush, and a new 2 parter SFX written by the writer of ‘Ringsize’ starring Onyx, Fina and Natalia. Then HOPEFULLY in January I can finish one of my own SFX movies I shot in LA with 4 really awesome pornstars which I’m tentatively calling ‘ Springbreakers’. Outside of that I have a bevy of other unedited SFX movies I’ve been shooting over 2021 that will also need to be finished at some point including a ‘Mean girls’ inspired film with Naomi & Mandy , a shrunken Batman Vs Poison Ivy/ Katana movie with Jasper & Natasha and a tiny city one with Sadie Holmes. Whew.. so yeah a lot! lol. So please keep checking back!

Oh one more thing! I’ll be launching my all new Membership site late November which will be a one stop shop for all my works called

So please bookmark that one for now! Thanks for reading!

Thank you for doing this interview!

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