Openhighhat’s “Abducted” Part 1


I first learned of Oscar H. Harrington (a.k.a. openhighhat or OHH) when his comics were cited as “… realistic, highly creative original works of art …” in Aborigen’s interview and as one of Joyce Julep’s favorite size-fetish works in her interview. Given their positive assessments, I was excited to review some of OHH’s stuff and selected “Abducted.”

OHH released the first part of Abducted in spring 2018. (NOTE: The copyright notice at the end of part 1 is dated 2017, but based on OHH’s DeviantArt posts the comic was not available for purchase until 2018. If I am wrong, someone please let me know.) The first part is composed of an illustrated story composed of 66 single-panel pages of computer-generated imagery (CGI). Three more parts were published in 2018. Furthermore, a concept image for part five was posted at the tail end of that year on DeviantArt, but that fifth part has apparently not been further developed. (I believe much of OHH’s more recent efforts have been applied to the “Dwindling Away” PC Game.)

Today, we’ll primarily focus on the first part. The story involves three aliens: Commander Pursa, Doctor Ailee, and Ensign Pinny, who come to Earth in order to collect specimens of our planet’s dominant species. (With apologies to Douglas Adams, I consider humanity to be dominant, not dolphins or hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings disguised as mice.) These aliens appear human-like in nearly every aspect, except their vivid hair color and, oh yeah, the fact that they are sixty times bigger. 😉 Their heights vary from the shortest, Dr. Ailee at 321 feet, and the tallest, Ensign Pinny at 360 feet.

I appreciate the effort to make this police car look like it was crushed by Commander Pursa’s bag. However, the front end looks a bit too pristine for a vehicle which had its rear end smashed.

Several humans are abducted. It was nice to see the invading giantesses in a human city as they towered over buildings. Then on their space ship the people seem very tiny compared to the extra-large alien equipment and furniture as if they had been shrunk. (NOTE: To be clear, there are no transformations, no one grows or shrinks. Instead, the characters merely appear shrunken due to the exaggerated dimensions of the alien environment.) All in all, this comic has content to please both GTS and SM/SW fans.

On board the vessel, the humans are experimented upon. The utility of those experiments seem dubious, in so much as it was not clear how the experiments could yield useful knowledge. Nonetheless, I’m okay with the set-up as I recognize the experiments are merely superficial excuses to have sex play between humans and 300-foot tall aliens.

On that particular topic, at one point Ensign Pinny inserts a human male into her womb. She claims “You could stay in there forever and my body would sustain you.” (NOTE: That seemed like a lazy contrivance to be honest.)

His expression seems to be one of horror at the thought of becoming a human Kegel (or Ben Wa) ball. Although, such balls are not inserted as deeply as he was. O_o

Best not to think too much about the exact mechanism by which her body could sustain him. For example, is there a full-service kitchen inside? Or, perhaps more likely, does her body exude some sort of nutrient? Will he eventually go mad due to isolation and lack of intellectual stimulation? (Presumably, there’s no Internet access or TV.) Dear God, how are his waste products eliminated? 😮

To be fair, such contrivances are, of course, common in fantasy and science fiction. For example, if an author could completely describe the working of a light-speed engine with 100% accuracy then it stands to reason that the author could potentially build such an incredible engine! That’s a feat which our modern understanding deems impossible. Thus, I understand that allowances must be made. Ultimately, it comes down to the reader’s preferences.

Myself, I think the explanation could have been omitted. Just take the guy out after a bit of time. No need to introduce a strange mechanism by which he can sustain himself inside her indefinitely. Additionally, while inserting foreign objects in a woman’s vagina can be pleasurable, I am not certain if that holds true for objects pushed even deeper into a woman’s womb. <shrug> (Although, alien anatomy is involved, so whose to say?)

It’s very dark and hard to make out, but there is a person tucked in the physician’s cleavage.

There was also a curious sequence at the end in which Dr. Ailee searches Ensign Pinny’s apartment, and body, for a missing human. I was uncertain why the commander and doctor cared so much about one waylaid specimen. Looking ahead into part two I see that Ailee purposely kills two humans. So, apparently by part two it is no longer necessary to keep every human; instead, I guess the aliens just need enough for breeding stock. Additionally, the final image discloses that the doctor also had a human being on her person while at the same time acting upset that Pinny would do so. (NOTE: Perhaps this sequence illustrated just how minuscule the privileges and trust given to Ensign Pinny were in comparison to those given to the more senior commander and doctor.) It becomes even less reasonable to me that the aliens would care about one missing human after reading parts 3 and 4.

There were also a few omitted words and one incorrect word used, but these errors were not egregious. They are highlighted in the images below:

Ruined what? Perhaps this should read “That really ruined things for Pinny.”
Maybe this should be “Now you listen to me.”
“… brace himself against …”

The art was very good. Backgrounds were detailed with people and vehicles populating the cityscapes. Further, the scene in which tiny people were trapped in clothing, specifically Commander Pursa’s bra, and the scenes in which humans play with Pinny’s and Pursa’s breasts were enjoyable.

I would have preferred a more fleshed out story, but must acknowledge that many instances of pornographic materials exist without *any* set-up or story. Thus, credit must be given for the story behind “Abducted.” It offers more than a dialogue-less picture pack.

Fans of small people interacting intimately with much larger beings should enjoy this tale. It’s available for a very reasonable six dollars at the following link: Additionally, fans can also check out previews on DeviantArt and support OHH via Patreon.


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3 thoughts on “Openhighhat’s “Abducted” Part 1

  1. Thanks for the review. It’s very fair and balanced.

    Abducted is definitely now one of my older works and part 5 ended the series in the middle of last year. The original plan was do way more in a city with giant aliens having fun in the city but technology constraints knocked that on the head.

    If you’re more interested in story then check out my free work on Deviantart. I spend way more time on development and less on the ‘the good stuff’ there.

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