FaTerGD’s “Donating Height to Goddess” Chapter 1

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Domino’s hates me…  😥

Domino_s hates me

Specifically, Domino’s Japan appears to loathe my existence. I fondly recall halcyon days when this was not so. Carefree times when I received e-mails, like the one above, chock-full of coupons enabling me to save money while ordering pizza online to receive those savory dishes a short while later.

Yet, such times have fallen to the wayside. For reasons beyond my feeble understanding, Domino’s no longer delivers to my humble abode. The rationale beyond this hurtful decision is as yet unknown, but pains me nonetheless. Although, they still send the very same coupon-full e-mails as they did before, taunting me with their promises of discounted pizza pies 😐


In order to avert my mind from this appalling situation, let’s instead focus on something more pleasurable. Something dealing with macrophilia, like a comic built using 3-D computer-generated imagery (CGI). A work of nearly 200 single-panel color pages might be enough to turn around my sorrowful mood. Perhaps something like FaTerGD’s “Donating Height to Goddess” Chapter 1 would do the trick.

The story in this comic, produced by FaTerGD and written by Basketpianoman/Budou, involves an unemployed 25-year-old man named Tom who applies for a medical experiment that pays 20 grand a week. He is joined by two other men: Bill (last name was not given), John White, and a woman named Kate. The trio are participating in this experiment run by a giantess called Katarina. (NOTE: Having two characters, Kate and Katarina, with similar names, was confusing. Particularly when John referred to Katarina as just “Kat” at one point.)

After the experiment set-up was explained and a group photo taken, the group nonsensically decide to assign Kate *EVERY* household chore on the sole basis that she is a girl and the smallest. O_o Then there is a dream sequence in which Tom imagines Kate growing, in more than one way. Upon his awakening, it appears that perhaps such an amazing transformation did indeed occur! Tom runs out to see for himself and it may be that someone is actually taller! (Purchase the comic to find out 😉 ) That concludes part 1.

“Are your boobs…”

Throughout this comic there were grammatical errors such as incorrect articles and pronouns, and plural nouns when singular nouns should have been used and vice versa. For example:

I believe the highlighted text should be “I,” not “it.”
This should probably read “… even a foot …” or “… even a few feet …”
“… a NBA player.” Also, 6′ 6″ is a bit below the average height ( 6′ 7″ ) for NBA players. But, later on John claimed to be “… one of the tallest man [sic] in NBA …” 😳
“… on my knees …” since it’s clear that she is sitting on both knees, not just one knee.

This first chapter does not have any sex scenes, but there is some light breast play during the dream sequence. Presumably, nudity and sex will be portrayed in the later chapters. A giantess also treats a normal-sized man roughly, but the result is not depicted and no one was injured due to it being a fantasy. Lastly, while the story’s title states that people give up (or donate) their height to a goddess, no one shrinks (yet).

I enjoyed the art, the women look sexy and the backgrounds were detailed and included objects like books, framed pictures, newspapers, etc. However, the light-colored walls were often washed out, as depicted below:

Some images were too bright and this led to details being lost.
In another example of disappearing backdrops, the light fixture appears to be floating in space like a U.F.O. in this image.

Despite the textual mistakes and overly illuminated pages, I enjoyed this comic. However, I caution customers that this work, as one should expect from a first chapter, is focused on set-up. Later chapters should have some payoff.

“Donating Height to Goddess” is available for $7.99 here. Additionally, FaterGD maintains a Patreon page; however, he stated in a Christmas Day 2019 post on DeviantArt that he was freezing the Patreon effort until further notice.


For further information, check out DeviantArt, his blog, and his official website.


Regarding the Japanese branch of the multinational Domino’s restaurant chain, perhaps it is fitting that I mention at this point that I could use the coupons to order out and pick-up the food myself. Perhaps, when tempers diminish and cooler heads prevail that shall occur, but not today dear readers, not today.

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