“Breast Expansion Championship 2016!” by Liza K Fetishes

Pictured here, from left to right, are “Liza K,” “Tessa Fantasies,” and “Tia Flame.”

The studio “Liza K Fetishes” has created many videos focusing on various fetishes to include, but not limited to: Amazons, bondage, breast expansion (B.E.), futanari, and spanking. Today, let’s check out the studio’s “Breast Expansion Championship 2016!” clip.

This clip runs for 21 minutes and was first released on November 18, 2016. It starts off slowly with the introduction, from the camera man, of the three lovely ladies while they adopt various poses.

Physical changes begin after the two-minute mark.
Over-the-top reactions, like in this image, were given by all of the actresses.

The first transformation kicks in quickly, as pictured below:

Balloons under their tops were the practical effects used to simulate expansion.

I liked the sequence in which the ladies measure their newly swollen busts. However, a longer tape should have been used! The tape measure they utilized was insufficient to encircle the largest of the trio.


At a certain point, one or more of the ladies overdo their growth and pop! (NOTE: The effect was played for humor, not horror. Thus, there was no blood and gore or impassioned reactions from the bystanders.) Apparently, regardless of the human cost, the competition must go on!

There are downfalls to overdoing one’s expansion… 😥

This video fits into the same category as the non-explicit inflation-themed works produced by Maxgrowth Productions or TaylorMadeClips. All in all, I appreciated the women’s performances.

I wonder if the shrinkage was scripted or if the balloon on her left side simply started to leak. No explanation was given for why one of her tits began to shrink. Although, it was commented on.

The cameraman’s English was accented, but understandable. Although, his pronunciation of “competitor” was a bit off. The problem was not in his pronunciation, but rather in the fact that his dialogue was completely unnecessary. Furthermore, the lack of nudity or sex make this a difficult product to recommend for nearly $20.

8 - blurry picture for 6 seconds
Regrettably, the picture became blurry for about six seconds at one point. Perhaps the cameraman was so preoccupied with explaining the obvious that he forgot to focus? 😉

If readers are still interested then they can purchase “Breast Expansion Championship 2016!” for $19.99 at the following link: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/90489/16749296/breast-expansion-championship-2016-3-chicks-huge-tits-dramatic-moments-and-popping-mp4-fullhd-1080p-format

Nice profile! ❤

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