Interview with pseudoclever, Author and Collage Artist focusing on Giantesses and Shrunken Women


pseudoclever is a talented author and collage artist focused on giantesses and shrunken women. His stories range from the very short, but enjoyable, 300-word piece entitled “The Last Kiss” to the much longer, and also enjoyable, “Four Types of Reactions.” Furthermore, many of his collages are compiled into illustrated stories, such as “Roleplaying” and “The Shrinking Drug.” He also collaborated with Yogurcita to produce an audio performance of his shrunken woman story, “Honesty’s Reward,” which is available for free! Many of his stories can be found on the Giantess City forum and a few are on the Process Forum. Fans can also follow pseudoclever on DeviantArt and Twitter.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

Sure.  I live in a major city in the American mid-west.  For money, I’m a scientist – which means a lot of repetitive testing and diagnosing problems with expensive equipment.  I get to wear a lab coat, and people nod when I talk.

I’m also polyamorous, and have been involved in the local scene for almost five years now.  It’s most definitely played into a few of my stories.  It’s helped me meet a ton of interesting people with unexpected perspectives – which is important for anyone who wants to create, I think. Good works don’t necessarily come from living in a bubble.

#2) How did you first become interested in size-fetish media?

It was December 1997, and I was searching on Metacrawler to try to find when “The Incredible Shrinking Woman” would be on cable.  I stumbled upon a forum – it’s been so many years I can’t even remember which one, I think it had Shrinking in the title?  It was such a small community back then, a total ‘everyone knows your name’ kind of situation.  I even wrote a few stories back in those days, which hopefully the march of time has destroyed.  Please don’t look them up, I’m SURE they’re awful!

Looking back on it, there were so many amazing people that are still part of the community, and I’m happy to remember getting to see them build it from a weird internet underground to a place you can actually make a living!  (Okay, it’s still a weird internet underground.)

#3) Are any of your everyday acquaintances aware of your interest?

My partners are, as well as friends and partners of theirs.  I don’t go out of my way to hide it, except in my professional life, and even then it wouldn’t be the end of the world if people knew.  The Poly community is definitely kink-adject, and the local scene values openness and acceptance.  It’s nice being able to point to ten people in the room who are into weirder stuff than you, and know that everyone accepts THEM, even if they don’t share their interests.

I maintain a FetLife profile (poorly,) so anyone who knows me in that capacity can see a laundry list of my size interests.  It’s freeing…though it HAS occasionally scared potential partners off.  It’s the kind of thing I believe you should share with people close to you – but maybe don’t LEAD with it.

“There There, Dear…Just Relax….” by Ryle-chan for pseudoclever

#4) What are a few of your favorite works from other creators?

“Slumber Party” by Sallyfourth is absolutely my all-time favorite (or Sally1/4, or Sally Reynolds, it’s changed a lot over the years.)  It’s what made me want to write size fiction in the first place – she was the person I was trying to emulate in those early days.  I remember reading her stuff and thinking that it shouldn’t be possible for anyone to be that good.  I’ve also been heavily influenced by Stewy’s “My Sister Naomi,” especially the female lead’s dialogue.  Robclassact and Merritstone also both have a million stories I love.

#5) How would you describe your own stories?

A celebration of size changing, and the ways people respond to it other than terror or violence.  Everyone, on at least SOME level, must LOVE what is happening.  My stories are about affection, and people of different sizes interacting with each other as humans – not toys, or specks, etc.  When people are shrinking in my stories, they don’t get as small as in most of the rest of the community.  If they’re growing, they don’t get as big.

My stories are also really, REALLY smutty.  Like just about every one of them is an excuse to play out one particular 3000-word set piece that I see in my imagination.  Sometimes that’s ALL they are.  Once in a while I have something to say.  “A Perfect Fit” for example was mostly about me exploring my feelings on poly in the early days (it was also about a size-stealing dominatrix~)  I abandoned that one when it became a liiiittle too transparent to the readers that I was dealing with some stuff.

#6) Can you discuss the Virtual Reality scene “The Magic Remote”? Is it still in development?

Oh yeah, I’d nearly forgotten about that project!  You’ve got a model, and a remote control that can affect her size, curves, muscles.  You can also interact with her however you want in VR.  It’s been a victim of perfectionism honestly.  The big problem is getting the “remote” to stick together as one solid object within the framework of the program – so the buttons don’t explode everywhere when you try to move it.  Because it’s in VR and YOU want to move around, it’s important to have controls that you can carry with you.  The other problem is just “feature creep.”  I keep wanting to add more stuff.  Man, I should stop being so precious about it and just publish.  Maybe after I finish this current crop of commissions….

#7) Do you have any other upcoming projects you can discuss?

I’m working on a couple of commissions at the moment, that will be published in the usual places when they’re finished.  My presence is mostly on DeviantArt  and Twitter right now, but I would very much like to move to a hosted space that isn’t as restrictive on adult content.  Selling works on Amazon is certainly a thought for me.  But then I think back to that day I stumbled upon a free forum, back in 1997.  How reading some of that early work made me want to CREATE more work like it.  If the best authors had been behind pay walls, I don’t know how it would have gone for me.  Don’t get me wrong – I believe people should be compensated for their work, and we have some amazing creators these days who deserve every penny of the support you can give.  I’m just not sure how I feel about it yet, personally.

“The Shrinking Drug”

Thank you pseudoclever for this interview!


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