A Brief Overview of 3-D CGI Size-Fantasy Comics (a.k.a. SolomonG rambles about size-fetish comics made on PCs)

^ An early example of 3-D CGI art, this was created by Dagan54452.

I’ve wanted to write this post for a long time. However, the enormous amount of material has been daunting. The list of artists who have created or are currently creating 3-D computer-generated imagery (CGI) of size fantasies includes, but is not limited to:

3dzen, AdonioGTS, Affect3D, Ahmed, AlexGTSartist, Alexis 32, Allogagan, AmGiPi, BEGiantess.com, Blackadder, BlackSonic10, Bmtbguy, Bugmaker, Butre3004, Ceraph Keilah, CorsonHawke, Cymic44, Dagan54452, DangerousDave, Darkhound, DekuDave5 (formerly ZatchHunter), Dinner-Kun, Docop, DragoonGTS, ElRelator, EndlessRain0110, Fantome Shemale Media, FaTerGD (a.k.a. FaTerKCX), Flagg3D, GFsm, GrowCloneGrow, GtsDroveX, GTSX3D, Harafung, Hglock, Hoven4, Ilayhu2, Innocent-Owl, JackOfBullets, Jackurai, James at Amazonias, JamesMasonO, JCalin, JesterBryanC, JetSlasher, Joe the Venezuelan, Jyminish, Khabirkozak, KryptonLives, LFCfanGTS, Lingster, Miasma, MinMax3d, Mister–rendering, Mr. Rekni, Muad3d, Mundogts, Nyom87, Oscar H. Harrington (a.k.a. openhighhat or OHH), Opew12, Philo Hunter, Piltikitron, PixelPants, PocketGT, RedFireD0g, Ricky Java, Rserg2, Snotling, SorenZer0, Starkadhr, stronggirlstory, Subsin13, Tetsu, TopSecretName, Trent Harlow, Tywest, UnseenHarbinger, Vardyger, Vorifax, Xen0phage, and ZZZ (a.k.a. ThatbumZZZ).

That list is not meant to be comprehensive. I merely include it to impress upon my readers that there are a lot of 3-D CGI creators!

Science Un-Fair - Made sometime b4 April 20_2007
This post is dedicated to 3-D CGI. However, I want to also give a shout-out to those artists who produced the very first size-fantasy computer images, in 2-D. (This is “Science Un-Fair” by Woot.)

The tools used by these artists vary considerably. Many use software such as Daz 3D & Daz Studio (first released in 2005), Poser (first released in 1995), Vue, etc. However, at least one person uses a video game engine, specifically TopSecretName utilizes the video game engine from 2011’s “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.”

Many of the artists have extensive bodies of work. For example, RedFireD0g’s “SugarPills” comic series has 14 parts plus three spin-off series; the 4-part “Sugar Pills Power,” the 4-part “Sugar Pills Rampage,” and the 2-part “Sugar Pills Revenge.” His Gumroad store sells 85 different comics and that doesn’t include all of his works! For example, “Valentine’s Day” Parts 1 and 2 are sold on E-junkie, not Gumroad.

Bmtbguy’s “Cheap Tricks” consists of a prologue and three parts, the third consisted of 18 chapters. That series is still going strong! AlexGTSartist’s “Jessica and Michael” consists of 16 parts currently and is projected to run for 20 total. Nyom’s “And she grew” and “Consumed” series have 8 chapters. Nyom’s “The Job” has 6 chapters and “The Size Resort” has 5 chapters. EndlessRain0110’s “Expansion Suits” series has 11 parts and is currently ongoing. His “City of Goddesses” series was composed of 4 parts. SorenZer0 has 21 different comics for sale via Gumroad. OHH has 20. Etc. That is a lot of stuff to go through!

A Clockwork Orange [1971]
Must… process… all the content! (Image from A Clockwork Orange [1971])
Thankfully, the current situation is more an embarrassment of riches than the abject horror experienced by Alex DeLarge in the image above. We, the fans, are swimming in 3-D size-fetish gold!

Uncle Scrooge
^ Pictured here is Uncle Scrooge (a.k.a. Uncle $crooge, a.k.a. Scrooge McDuck), a Disney character.
^ Solomon’s beverage of choice

However, I thought that a few recommendations would be useful, given the volume of content. This will likely be of most value to those folks who are just getting into CGI size-fetish comics.

However, I hope everyone will gleam at least some helpful information. So sit back, grab your favorite beverage, and read a little bit about some great works in the various fields of size fantasies. Perhaps you might find a new artist that really suits your liking.

I’ve split the recommendations into a few different categories. I am not ranking the selections. Perhaps I’ll do that at a different time, but for now I just want to give a few suggestions.


For those who appreciate women with extra equipment. Futanari refers to a woman with a vagina AND a penis. The term is nearly synonymous with “hermaphrodite,” although most futanari are depicted as nearly completely female in form with just the addition of a penis. (As opposed to hermaphrodites who might possess multiple features from both sexes.)

  • CaptainXero and Dinner-Kun’s “The Secret of Growth,” a picture pack in which a giant futanari encounters a woman in an alley and shares her condition
  • Fantome Shemale Media’s “The Cream,” a 9-part series with lengthy previews posted by the creator on PornHub! The story is thin, but full of women growing very unrealistic and disproportionate penises.
  • FaTerGD’s “The Game of Sex,” a mini-giantess seeks out the most well-endowed men possible but finds her match, and more, in another giantess!



For those who appreciate giant women (often becoming even taller) with a gentle hand:

  • Alex-GTS-Artist’s “B.A.D. Schoolgirls,” a college professor gets intimate with three growing students and the principal! (Interview with Alex here)
  • Bmtbguy’s “Cheap Tricks” (Overview here)
  • Dragoon’s “Growth Lab” (I reviewed Chapter 16)



For those who appreciate giant men and women doing those things men and women do when they really like each other:

  • AdonioGTS’s “Swim Team Tests Growth Formula,” a 2-minute-long free clip here at Giantess City
  • “Green Goo” by an unknown artist
  • ZZZ’s “Mind Over My Matter,” a three-part series in which many women (and one man) grow!
Image from the “Green Goo” series, find it here at Giantess City.


For those who appreciate giant women with an iron fist:

  • OHH’s “Abducted” (Part 1 reviewed here)
  • RedFired0g’s “Squash Match,” a bloody, long-running series about a female wrestler who is slowly, but steadily, growing taller
  • SorenZer0’s “Naked,” a disgraced model wakes up as a giantess (Interview with SorenZer0)


I have not examined any works focusing exclusively on giant men so regrettably I cannot give recommendations in that category. Also, I’d love to see more works featuring giant couples!

Lastly, I want to quote R&B musician Alicia Keys:

“I’m inspired by artists and musicians. There are so many wonderful and talented people in the world. I love discovering new music, new writers, or new art.”

In that spirit, I hope readers found something new in this post!


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All Rights Reserved.

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