The Attack of the Babe Giant

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One note before we begin, I changed today’s topic at the last moment. I will still draft a post about my favorite CGI artists, but want to take a different approach. Thus, I’ll tackle that at a later date. Until then folks can check out A Brief Overview of 3-D CGI Size-Fantasy Comics. Now, onto today’s forgotten giantess comic!

Many transformation fans have compiled lists which dutifully record appearances of a specific fetish. For instance, one list briefly describes breast expansion (B.E.) scenes from numerous mainstream movies. It’s fun to hunt down those movies and then experience unique stories which would have otherwise been lost. Thus, B.E. appreciators can experience films from long ago such as 1976’s “Chesty Anderson U.S. Navy” and watch a lucky doctor examine a blossoming nurse ๐Ÿ™‚

In the same manner, I came across such a list that noted the existence of a giantess comic called “The Attack of the Babe Giant” with a line afterwards stating something to the effect that little information was available. Personally, I had never read it before and the cheesy title intrigued me. Accordingly, it was time to dig in and see what I could find!

The art is admittedly simplistic. For example, the color of the giantess’ skin and fingernails are the exact same. Also, the outline of her top abruptly cuts off before her arm pit. Lastly, the buildings were rendered in an exceedingly basic manner.

The web site listed on the bottom left,, of every page is now defunct. Although, SpaceBabeCentral (SBC) lasted for a surprisingly long time with indications that it was still in place as of February 2018. It looked like this when it was still operational:

This screenshot was taken from late August 2005, a few months before The Attack of the Babe Giant was released. This image was recorded by the Internet Archive the Wayback Machine.

Searching online now for “SpaceBabeCentral” returns a large number of pirate sites that have gutted it. However, I did find a similar place called “Danger Babe Central” (DBC) which is still online today. I assumed that DBC and SBC were related given the similar layouts, a DBC screenshot is below, and the similar names. However, the DBC administrator informed me that “DBC and Spacebabe are not associated” and that they had no idea where to find Attack of the Giant Babe.

This screenshot was taken on May 31st, 2021. Does anyone else notice similarities between SBC and DBC?

All the above was simply to state that I have no idea where to (legitimately) source this comic. However, searching online will most likely turn up copies. If anyone knows what happened to SBC please let me know! As it currently stands, this work is only being preserved by pirates, and that’s a real shame. This was not the greatest giantess tale ever to grace the Internet. Nonetheless, it does have a place in history if for nothing else as an indication that in 2005 the people behind SBC thought that an illustrated story featuring a very tall woman might have some appeal. Attack of the Giant Babe wasn’t the first giantess comic, but it did come out a few years before Giantess Club and Giantess Fan.

So, what is the actual story in the short, 5-page color comic? Well, first off, the narrative, like the art, is very simple. An enormous blonde woman wearing a top, but no bottoms, suddenly appears outside a man’s apartment in Tucson, Arizona. She pledges to trample the city unless someone can sexually satisfy her.

What a noble fellow ๐Ÿ˜‰

It was nice to have a story set in a specific place. That said, it would have been even better to include landmarks to indicate that this was indeed happening in Tucson. I have been to Arizona a few times, but am far from an expert on that arid land. However, the inclusion of a saguaro cactus and the historic Fox Tucson Theatre could have been nice additions to further sell the idea that this took place in Tucson. Folks more familiar with that city will undoubtedly have better ideas. As it was, the cityscape was generic.

The lettering was amateurish with proper spacing between words missing on more than one occasion. Also, the misplaced tail on the word balloon makes my eye twitch! ๐Ÿ˜›

Our unnamed protagonist eventually sacrifices himself for the good of his community and Tucson would later honor this savior by naming a park after him. (NOTE: Pima County residents, please confirm! Hmm… although, given that he was never named that might be hard to do, but regardless there can’t be too many places dedicated to residents who stopped giant rampages ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) All in all, this was far from a flawless work, but instead felt slapped together with little effort.

Nonetheless, The Attack of the Babe Giant was published when adult depictions of giant people were rare. Thus, I recommend fans of size fetish seek it out. It’s illustrative of how far the size-comic industry has come since then.

That’s it for today folks. Thursday’s review will cover a work from SorenZer0. Until then, keep growing!

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