Interview with Giant Emmet a.k.a. HthereBeGt, Skilled Writer Focused on Giant Men & Women!

Art by Vicki, @tinypinchevicki

Giant Emmet, a.k.a. HthereBeGt, is a skilled writer with a distinct talent for portraying giants and giantesses. He repeatedly competed in the Size Riot competitions beginning with CruelJan19. Those Size Riot stories garnered praise over the course of several contests. For example, his “A Life Long Past, a Life Worth Sharing” tied for second under “Which story would you like to read more of, wish had gone on longer?” during GentleApril19. A GiantJuly19 entry “It Begins with a Smile” placed first under “If you’re into giant men, which story was the most attractive?” Emmet’s “Little Mary’s Strings” tied for first in the “Psychological Cruelty” division of CruelJan20. Furthermore, I highly recommend that newcomers to the size community check out Emmet’s “Acceptance” blog post which outlined how his wife first learned of his SizeKink. Fans can read Emmet’s writings on his WordPress blog and follow Emmet via Twitter.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

I’m a demisexual bisexual Brazilian American 29 years old man, working as a remote technical consultant for an educational institution, while living in New England. When I’m not thinking or writing Sizey stuff, I’m either tuning and building Magic: The Gathering decks or drowning amid a pile of pets who demand warmth. I’m happily married to my wife, who occasionally helps with my own stories. English is my second language, and was primarily learned through books and cartoons before we moved back here to the States when I was young.

I’ve been writing for about 15 years, either in notebooks when I should be paying attention in class or on my phone during the good ol’ commute, all a mix of varying genres, topics, and quality. It’s only relatively recently that I’ve been stepping into Size fiction. My career involves a lot of rote trial and error, so anything that lets me flex my creative muscles is great.

Three random facts about me are that I love baking, I cry very easily, and that my first character crush was probably the whole main cast of The Mummy (1999).

#2) How did you first become interested in size-fetish media?

I first got into writing when I was a teenager and bored and someone thought to put me in front of a computer, and from there it’s been a constant facet of my life. In terms of when I became interested in size-fetish itself it would probably be around the time I realized most people didn’t also perceive the world like I do, where I feel/am larger or smaller than my surroundings or objects in my vicinity based on my emotional state. From there it was a matter of curious internet searching and cautious history clearing once I realized what this was awakening in me.

My true earliest realization was probably in running into a transformation sequence on The Process Production forums, when I was looking at breast expansion artwork and stories, and realizing that I didn’t just like one aspect of people growing. From there, it’s been a cautious exploration of various bits of Size-fetish, beginning with gentle content and figuring out what works for me. I didn’t even consciously realize or admit to myself that I was bisexual until only a few years ago, and that opened a whole new layer of content for me to enjoy and write about.

It’s been a continual discovery process about myself, one I can barely keep up with sometimes.

#3) What are a few of your favorite size fantasies from other creators?

There is a truly wonderful plethora of stories and works out here, but there are a few that have stuck with me long after initial reading of them. Of the most recent note is Elle Largesse’s “Do For One”, from the MyHeavenOct20 month for Size Riot, one which gave me emotional catharsis and I often revisit even months after originally reading it. Much applause goes to Giantess Nyx’s couple stories, of which probably my favorite is probably “Scourge”, which features a mixture of cruel and sexy that is hard to balance but fantastic to enjoy. I can’t go without mentioning pseudoclever’s recent work “Taking Yes For An Answer” for portraying a fun developing relationship and characters navigating each other’s kinks and limits.

Art by Gubblenub, @gubblenub

#4) How would you describe your own stories?

One thing I realized early on in my writing is that I naturally lean toward sensation and emotion when writing a viewpoint character, and less toward action. To that end, I’d say my writing is primarily centered around the connection between one or more characters. In “It Begins With a Smile” for example, I drew this very complex backstory for both characters, a vivid backstory for their circumstances, and a detailed internal visual image for both, but my focus in the writing was in the exchange occurring between these two men of vastly different statures, in the little play-by-play that comes with any new meeting.

I like to highlight and focus on the connection between people in my writing, often to the point of slowing down everything else. It is that sometimes strong, sometimes tenuous bridging of selves that I find most magical in any form of fiction; when the reader can feel what the character feels, that I love. It’s not always a romantic or sexual relationship either: it could be one of enemies, platonic friends, or even ships passing in the night-type relationships. Typically I put a little bit of myself into every story (what author doesn’t?), but especially in any erotic or romantic story, as I like to make people bicker, swear, stutter, tease, and play around with each other. My aim is always to make the brief snapshots into these characters’ lives feel as refreshingly alive as possible, even in the cruel situations. That’s often the hardest part for me. As readers we can accept a person growing taller than skyscrapers but conveying that “giant person” as a “person who happens to be giant” is always my goal.

In terms of content, I’ve thus far written about giant men and women, shrunken men and women, and hope to keep exploring the various ways these can occur. Sometimes it’s meant to be thought-provoking and introspective, and others it’s meant to be silly smutty fun.

#5) What would you like to see happen in the size community during 2021? Or to put that another way, what are your hopes for the rest of this year?

Oh this is a tough one, because I almost feel like my answer wouldn’t apply to just the Size community. At the base, I would love if we could become more welcoming, more sympathetic, more understanding of others, without compromising values and losing sight of who we are. Last year was one of the hardest years for a large number of people around the world due to the pandemic, but it wasn’t the only difficult year for many and this year is no easy ride thus far either. This means squashing out hate and bigotry where we see it, and learning to listen when someone tells us we might be wrong. It means supporting models and content creators, and realizing that there are people who are involved in creating the media which we all love. This all sounds very vague but it’s probably the best course I can see Size communities taking. I want us all to Be Better.

#6) Any advice for those who struggle with accepting and sharing their size fetish?

My answer is a tried and true one: “You are worthy.”

It can be nerve-wracking to find out that one is considered peculiar for their sexual fetish or kink. As someone who grew up in a conservative Catholic household, and is now constantly discovering things about myself on a daily basis, I often have to remind myself about this. I do not need others to know and be into the same things as me to validate me; I am worthy of love, of being recognized as a person, of good things in my life. It’s a lesson I was late to the class to understand, but it is one that has gotten me through hard days.

Regarding sharing, I believe that it comes down to finding your people, your squad, the team you’ll ride-or-die into the apocalypse with. It can be one person, romantic or not, or it can be multiple. And then, when you are ready, if you are because there’s no timeline on preparedness, do so slowly and at your own pace. It’s always good to express what it means to you when sharing this with someone else, because the world is big and the amount of us who share this with our own takes are countless. How you experience and size fetish is something unique to you.

#7) Do you have any upcoming projects that you would like to mention?

I’m hoping to release a couple new stories soon, barring work and life not interfering, but nothing specifically comes to mind, with the exception of hopefully releasing something fun, sexy or cathartic (or maybe all three!) for Pride Month.

Thank you for doing this interview!

Art by Gubblenub, @gubblenub

All Rights Reserved.

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