“Naked” by EmmaGear and SorenZer0

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Today’s post will look at a CGI story entitled “Naked” which was illustrated by SorenZer0 and written by EmmaGear. (Check out this interview with SorenZer0 to learn more about that artist.) This 50-page (not counting outer and insider covers) comic sells for $11.99 (at giantesskatelyn.com) and was first released in early September 2014.

The story begins with a belligerent blonde woman, a model named Jocelyn Renoir, who is in the process of being forcefully removed from a club. Her awkwardly unsuccessful attempts to re-enter are caught by a photographer right before she passes out.

For unknown reasons, Jocelyn wakes up as a giantess the next morning! No cause was ever given for this transformation. And the rest of the pages show the former club-goer rampaging throughout an urban area and wantonly killing scores of innocent people. There was slight resistance from law enforcement and military personnel. Yet, the easy manner by which she overcame all obstacles meant that there was no conflict, drama, or tension.

In that way, Naked reminded me of short, get-to-the-point pornographic productions. I’m referring to porno’s in which the only thing shown on screen is the sex. (NOTE: Some people, such as a writer at TV Tropes, refer to those rudimentary erotic films as “Porn Without Plot” (PWP) or “stroke stories.”) In those, the action often starts with two or more people kissing, then shows them fucking, and ends immediately after they climax. Personally, I prefer a bit of a plot even if it’s as simple as “Delivery man brings pizza to a woman. Conflict arises because the sexy co-ed wants tasty Italian cuisine, but has no money. How will she achieve stated goal of getting food while bereft of cash? The answer is simple, have sex with the delivery man!

However, there’s nothing inherently bad or wrong about Porn Without Plot. Sometimes, all a viewer wants is to watch mindless sex.

In that same manner, Naked is Giantess Without Plot (GWP). Therefore, this is a perfect comic for cruel giant fans who do not want to waste time with character development, detailed motivations, or plot explanations. Why is Jocelyn acting with complete disregard for the pain suffered by others due to her actions? Don’t know. What are her goals? I *think* to cause as much destruction as possible. How did she become big? No idea.

The narration often described the obvious. For instance, the above bit tells readers that Jocelyn cupped a breast with one hand and slide the other hand between her legs. I guess that’s in case readers were confused? O_o

The claim that this is Giantess Without Plot (GWP) may surprise readers since there is a lot of text. However, those paragraphs merely repeat what is visible in the displayed image.

The narration reminded me of the character Sarah from 2004’s comedic film “Team America: World Police.” The joke was that this so-called “psychic” said things that were obvious as if they were important revelations. This was demonstrated many times, like when Sarah’s jet fighter was hit by a missile and she says “I sense I’m going down!” It was already painfully clear to everyone else that she was plummeting down to the Earth. No extra-sensory perception (ESP) was required.

Screenshot taken from Team America: World Police.

Similarly, Marvel Comics writer Stan Lee often over-explained things. To give just one example, check out the panel below from a Spider-Man comic. Instead of telling readers what the character was thinking, Stan could have simply had Peter Parker (that being Spider-Man’s real name) say something like “Darn it!” Readers may wonder why is Peter saying that. However, I feel confident that most readers could subsequently figure out that Peter was mad because he forgot to don his super-hero costume with web-shooter’s.

Generally, there was too much “telling” and not enough “showing.” Dialog and narration could have been used to provide additional depth instead of only repeating what was shown. As is, readers could skip every word and still understand the plot. Those folks who ignore the verbiage would not know the name of the fashion magazine (Admire) that Jocelyn frequently modeled for, but such details had no bearing on her choices. It’s not as if she knocked over a building used by a rival modeling agency or wanted revenge for mistreatment by an employer. None of it mattered.

Turning the focus now to the artwork, it was pretty good with expressive faces:

Furthermore, there were exciting shots like this:

It would have been great to get a follow-up with the police car impaled on the tank’s main gun, but I realize that such a shot would be tricky to implement with CGI. (NOTE: Jocelyn called the armored vehicle a tank, but was it just me or does it look more like a Bradley Fighting Vehicle?)

While the art was enjoyable, I did have quibbles with two renders:

Her right leg was held at an awkward angle. Maybe she’s supremely flexible?
Hmm… what’s the deal with the geometric shapes on the ground?

Overall, Naked was a simple tale and recommended for cruel giantess fans only interested in destruction.

That’s it for today folks. Next week’s reviews will start with a look at another “Mighty Lady” production. Until then, keep growing!

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5 thoughts on ““Naked” by EmmaGear and SorenZer0

  1. I always correct rampaging giantesses on their military vehicle terminology.

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    1. I fully expect “Um, actually” to be inscribed on my tombstone 😉

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      1. How does one inscribe powderized stone?

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      2. A valid concern to be sure, but the thought of a society without pedants is terrifying! How will humanity survive without us constantly reminding them that Frankenstein was the doctor?

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