Requested Review: Kaylee by RedFireD0g

Good morning giantess fans,

Today’s review was suggested by Eom in the comments section of the “The Growth Chronicles” review. That comment sought my opinion on content featuring presumably unbeatable giantesses. Eom gave Kaylee, created by RedFireD0g, as an example of an unbeatable giantess.

Personally, I think a story centered on a seemingly unstoppable giant person could be interesting. Earlier I gave the example of a fun read from 1988 featuring Marvel Comics superhero Thor. Marvel’s version of the Norse God of Thunder fought an unstoppable giant, the Celestial called Exitar the Exterminator, in Thor volume 1 issues 388 and 389. Thor managed to penetrate the Celestial’s skin, or at least what passes for its skin, and then tried to defeat the Celestial from the inside. The ensuing battles showcased the powerful superhero struggling against the Celestial’s immune system. It was a creative tale of a brave man trying to achieve the impossible, defeating an unstoppable giant.

However, it feels like the best way to answer Eom’s question is to write a proper review on Kaylee.

CONTENT WARNING: The Kaylee series includes scenes which many readers may find unpleasant. It has sequences portraying incest, murder, and torture. Accordingly, reader discretion is advised.

First off, let me note that writing this post was a daunting process! Each Kaylee installment consisted of at least 143 pages, most were much longer. Part 1 contained 202 pages, Part 10 was 225 pages (including one showing Kaylee’s growth progression), and Part 19 was 226 pages. Analyzing thousands of images is a difficult task. With so much content to discuss there is the possibility that my analysis will be incomplete. Here’s hoping that I don’t make a point which could be easily disproved by something which was overlooked.

Perhaps a naysayer will say: “Ah-ha Solo, you’re wrong! This single line of dialogue from Page 156 of Part 13 totally disproves your assertions. Checkmate, reviewer man!

Nonetheless, the intent is to be accurate, while keeping in mind that there was a lot to look over. If this review does miss the mark or make a mistake, please comment below and let me know.

That point made, let’s dive in. Kaylee Part 1 was first published in March 2019 while Kaylee Part 19, the most recent, came out in early November 2022. This series was initially rendered and written only by RedFireD0g. However, author EmmaGear began assisting RedFireD0g by editing the text and helping with the story starting in Part 5.

(SIDE NOTE: If you would like to read analysis of previous works from these creators, click here for an earlier review of RedFireD0g’s “Valentine’s Day” and click here for a post about “Naked” written by EmmaGear with art by SorenZer0. I’ve enjoyed many of RedFireD0g’s comics, such as Sugar Pills which appeared on the blog’s very first post: Top 10 Illustrated Erotic Giantess Growth Stories.)

^ Taken from Part 5.

The Kaylee comic appears to be based on the Kardashians. Both involve families who star in their own reality TV shows. Kaylee has a similar alliterative name, compare Kaylee Kloss to Kim Kardashian. Kaylee has a sister whose name also starts with “K,” Kayla. (Pay close attention to the sisters’ names, they can be confusing due to their similarity.) Kim Kardashian has two sisters whose names start with “K,” Khloé and Kourtney. Kim is a billionaire. Kayla is a billionaire. (The fact that Kayla is a billionaire, but Kaylee is not, is a great source of resentment.) Additionally, a sex tape earned significant publicity for both families. Kim Kardashian made a sex tape with rapper Ray J. Kaylee’s mother Krystal made a sex tape with a “third-rate rapper.”

Of course, the parallels are not exact. Each of the Kardashian sisters have kids, but neither Kayla or Kaylee have children. Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney have a brother named Robert, but Kayla and Kaylee do not have a brother. Etc. Obviously, there are more differences than can be listed here, but I still feel confident that Kaylee was based on the Kardashians. As a final piece of evidence, here’s a tweet showing that RedFireD0g is aware of Kim Kardashian. At minimum, RedFireD0g followed news about Kim on at least one occasion:

I also included the response from Twitter user “Random Snake Facts,” to RedFireD0g’s original tweet. Kaylee feels like the “selfish” and “ugly AF on the inside” version of Kim presented by Random Snake Facts.

Now, it’s important to clarify some points. I am far from an expert on the Kardashians, never even watched their show. Nonetheless, I am confident that the family members have good and bad qualities, like the rest of us human beings. They have garnered criticism, but also praise. For example, Kim Kardashian has brought attention to the Armenian genocide and advocated for clemency on behalf of incarcerated individuals.

Furthermore, Random Snake Facts tweet looks more like misogyny than valid criticism. I do not believe that RedFireD0g shares that sentiment. My claim is not that RedFireD0g created Kaylee based on Random Snake Facts tweet, Kaylee was created years before Random Snake Facts sent the tweet. Instead, I think RedFireD0g likes evil giantesses so he took aspects of the Kardashians and incorporated those aspects into an evil giantess story. The end result was Kaylee, a comic about a selfish individual who is ugly on the inside and superficially resembles a Kardashian.

Now it’s time to move on and cover the basic story. Foreshadowing future developments, the narrative begins in Part 1 with a dream sequence. In it, Kaylee fantasizes about being huge. This sequence had a creative bit in which Kaylee saw a skyscraper-sized smart phone, indicating that her real smart phone was ringing in the waking world and returning her to consciousness.

This was a nice touch.

However, other parts of this inaugural edition were tedious because they consisted of page after page showing Kaylee being rude to employees and family members. Those pages kept reinforcing the fact that Kaylee was unlikable. To give a few examples, Kaylee assumes that someone is a “creeper” (a sexual predator) without evidence, insults her mother and half-sister, repeatedly refers to her security guard by the wrong name, underpays her personal assistant, etc.

The underlined text, from Part 1 Page 83, was misleading. Kaylee didn’t actually say the name Tyrone. Tyrone was only included in the first-person narration. It was not in the quoted dialogue. So, when the man said “… my name’s not …” what was he referring to? Did he break the fourth wall and read the script?

That unpleasant behavior was just the beginning and only got worse when Kaylee changed from merely being an asshole to becoming a psychopathic murderer, incapable of empathy for the suffering of others.

How does this top stay on her body? What is holding it up?

Kaylee’s constant expansion begins after she forces her way into her late father’s research facility. She hops into a plant-growing machine (it looks like a tanning bed) wishing to become a few inches taller than her sister Kayla.

Kaylee doesn’t see results at first so she hit a button labeled “Experimental High Power Mode.”

From that point, Kaylee grows in each installment. Additionally, other women grow in later issues. Credit should be given to RedFireD0g for crafting impressively detailed growth scenes in confined spaces. To give examples: Kaylee outgrows a black van, Kayla grows in (but doesn’t grow out of) a small room, and Kayla destroys a coffee shop with her swelling curvy body.

Always love to see someone outgrowing buildings, clothes, vehicles, whatever! That’s not easy to accomplish in CGI; so, the inclusion was welcome.
Not the Roasted Bean! Where will we buy our vanilla lattes? 😥

Another plus, beyond the art, was the different point-of-views (POV) used throughout the rune. The different perspectives provided by POV changes were amusing. Mostly the POV was Kaylee’s, but sometimes the POV was Kayla’s. In Part 9 the narrative was told from the perspective of a few survivors.

Now that we’ve gone over the pluses, let’s go over the negatives. There were some minor continuity issues. For instance, at one point Kaylee thinks that she had lived with her Mom for 19 years.

However, the story clearly, and repeatedly, established that Kaylee was 21-years old. So, where did she spend the missing two years of her life?

Similar confusion occurs in Part 3, Kaylee remembers meeting with a lawyer shortly after the death of her father. (NOTE: Apparently, she had dark hair at that time.) On page 42 she claims to be 21-years old, even though this scene happened two years before her 21st birthday.

However, a mere two pages later, on page 44, Kaylee claims to be 19-years old:

There was also a reference, as can be seen in the next screenshot, to someone named “Kylie” in this scene. The script reads:

She looked back at Kylie and gave her a knowing look.”

However, there is no one (to my knowledge!) by that name in the entire comic, and furthermore only Kaylee and the lawyer were in the room at that time. So, who is Kylie? Was Kylie meant to be the mother’s name?

Additionally, while the action takes place in Los Angeles (L.A.), California, it doesn’t feel that way. Mostly it feels like the story takes place in a generic American city. We never see the famous Hollywood Sign, the Griffith Observatory, or Los Angeles City Hall. To be fair, the L.A. river appeared in Part 2 and references were made to local colleges. However, it seems like a missed opportunity for a L.A. giantess not to interact with the Hollywood Sign, but maybe that will happen later.

Additionally, a sign for Interstate 495 was repeatedly included. However, there is no Interstate 495 in California; that’s on the East Coast.

I’ve been driving around L.A. for days now and can’t find this exit! The sign is a lie 😐

The biggest drawback though was the lack of interesting or likable characters. Main characters don’t have to be morally upstanding or perfectly behaved, but they should be interesting or likable. There needs to be someone for readers to engage with and root for, but there isn’t. The cruelty is the point and obviously caters to evil giantess fans, but that limits broader appeal. The incestuous sex in Part 19 makes this problem that much worse.

This problem could have been solved if other characters were likeable, but they aren’t. Kayla kills innocent people after halfhearted hand-wringing. Krystal disowns her daughter, insults the memory of her daughter’s biological father, needlessly threatens a scientist, etc. Not enough focus or time was given to others who oppose them and are trying to do something important, save the entire world!

What remains is merely to see how much more outrageous will things become, how much more damage will be done, and how will it all end. That’s not nothing, but it’s not enough for me.

That’s it for now folks. Until next time, keep growing!

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.

11 thoughts on “Requested Review: Kaylee by RedFireD0g

  1. Could have been worse. At least it wasn’t based on Paris Hilton.

    Why can’t we have a gts series based on star trek or mass effect?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d be down for some classic Star Trek babes outgrowing their 60s mini-dresses! I’d be shocked if someone hasn’t already done that and referenced “Pon Farr.”

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Dude you really have no taste to be blunt, Kaylee’s unique evil/mean persona makes this character so much more interesting than “nice” characters in other stories
    The comic tries to be realistic and has different angles which makes me curious to what happens next.
    I find it refreshing here because the main character is really mean in her ways and there really are not many stories that feel the same way.
    Id give it a 9/10 or 8.5/10 overall


    1. To be blunt, having a different opinion than yours doesn’t mean that a person has “no taste.” Taste is, after all, a personal opinion. You may disagree and that’s fine, but it makes no sense to claim that if someone doesn’t like what you like then they don’t have taste. Regardless, my opinion remains the same.

      I don’t agree that Kaylee’s character is interesting, because there’s little creativity and no surprises in her actions. In Part 1, made a few years ago, she killed innocents with little motivation or resistance, and that’s also true of every other installment, including Part 19 which came out this month. It’s like watching an American football team win match after match without their opponents ever getting close. Sure, the home town fans might love to see their team win the Super Bowl with a score of 42 to 0, but I’d argue most people want to see a little give and take. If there’s no chance that the favored team might lose then there’s no drama. That’s boring.

      I also push back on the claim that Kaylee is realistic. Very few people, only true psychopaths, do not care about any other human beings and thus are okay with killing them. The overwhelming majority of people have at least some concern for others, like family or friends. If Kaylee’s mindset can only be found in a tiny subset of the population, the 0.0001% or whatever percentage of humanity that are serial killers, then it would logically follow that such behavior is unrealistic, because it is so exceedingly rare and unseen.

      That said, to each their own. I’m a huge fan of growing giantesses and thus enjoy “Jill’s Giantess Formula” even though it doesn’t have any drama or tension. However, I also realize that the lack of drama limits the appeal of that story only to fans of that particular fetish. If there was drama then the story could appeal to a lot more people.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Everyone likes different things. If I read a cruel or violent gts story then I need to see a reason for the antisocial behavior. Abusive ex spouse or a professional betrayal for instance.

      And also one sided violence with our retaliation or consequences is dull.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey Solomon! Whenever you have the time, could you possibly review the short story series, “Soul Mates” by Tyguy94 on Deviantart?

    There are 7 main chapters and it’s basically a slice-of-life type of series about this developing relationship between a guy in a college and this girl with a special…growing…condition. It’s a pretty slow paced story since it takes it’s time with the characters, but I think there are some genuinely sweet moments in it and the build up to each growth scene is actually pretty solid. I think it could be a nice little change of pace if you’re into it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sure, I’ll add it to my schedule.


  4. Thanks for reviewing my suggestion, Solomon. So cool.

    I look at Kaylee the same way as the Borg from Star Trek: TNG. They’re both absolute terrors without remorse; incredibly violent and unfeeling. Unlikeable and incapable of existing with humanity.

    But the story of both is interesting: What will they do next? How will they be stopped? What is the cost and toll of their destruction? Will they face consequences for their actions? I’m also curious to see just how big Kaylee will get.

    Liked by 1 person

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