Top 10 (kinda) Shoe Bursting Scenes — Part Quatre!

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Welcome back to There She Grows. Today’s article was requested by John Franklin on June 8th. This follows similar lists: Top 10 (kinda) Shoe Bursting Scenes, Top 10 (kinda) Shoe Bursting Scenes – Part Deux! and Top 10 (kinda) Shoe Bursting Scenes — Part Trois! This fourth list drew from a variety of sources which each involve feet bursting out of footwear. Effort was made to explore different media from live-action videos to hand-drawn comics. Additionally, a broad range of creators was included. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

First, we’ll discuss the screenshot seen above and below at the #10 spot:

#10) “Growing Afternoon,” fan-requested illustration posted in Giantess Fan’s Gallery

This artwork, entitled “Growing Afternoon,” was drawn by Horacio Domingues and included a story snippet from slapdash, the commissioner. The subject is relaxed, reading some text, and enjoying herself. That felt like an appropriate metaphor for growth aficionados reading this post! Although, those readers probably won’t actually outgrow their loafers.


#9) “Growth Drive 2022″ from artClonov

Growth drives are used by artists to drum up interest on social media and earn financial support. In fact, one of those, “Grow Girl” by BustArtist, appeared in Top 10 (kinda) Shoe Bursting Scenes — Part Deux! artClonov’s Growth Drive 2022 began with a competition between Maxine Park and Maya, but then pulled in Emily too. Check out the Twitter Event and click here to read an interview with artClonov.


#8) “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” Season 1 Episode 3 “The People vs. Emil Blonsky”

If only the 2022 movies “Giantess Battle Attack” and “Giantess vs. Mecha-Fembot” had included clothing destruction and proper growth scenes. Alas, they did not. Still, while the giantess movies released this year failed to deliver outfit-tearing goodness, at least a live-action series gave us the goods. She-Hulk was a heroine who wrecked wardrobes with expanding curves and still made time to carry men to bed!


#7) “Rise of the Guardian” from Muscle Fan

This entry is aimed at those people who enjoy a good session of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D or DnD). It is more softcore than people might expect. Genitals were never seen. Topless nudity was the furthest extent of risque art. If this was a movie it would have earned no more than a R-rating. No hardcore XXX action was depicted. Still, D&D players should appreciate it. If you like D&D and buff elven women then Rise of the Guardian is recommended.

Read the full review here.


#6) Destruction Damsels “Growing Conflict Shrinking Tensions”

The studio Destruction Damsels (formerly Midlantic Hotties) began with a focus on clothing destruction; although, initially such destruction was not caused by growing. Nonetheless, that expertise naturally lead to the production of video clips featuring growing women who turn their attire into shreds. That skill was on display in Growing Conflict Shrinking Tensions when Sugargirlmodel, playing a profession typist, turns the tables on her supervisor, Canary Addison. Sugargirlmodel confronts the domineering supervisor and takes her down a peg by literally reducing her stature. The lost size was transferred to Sugargirlmodel and resulted in outgrowing her bra, leather pumps, panties, and stockings!

Click here for the review and here for an interview with Goro Brava, owner of Destruction Damsels.


#5) “The Growth Crystal” by MANIC

Despite the cover font, cover image, and title referencing the 1982 Jim Henson and Frank Oz film “Dark Crystal,” one of my favorites, this has hardly any connection to the source material. There were no equivalents to fantasy races like Gelflings, Mystics, or Skeksis. Both feature a large standing crystal which does magic, but that was the only resemblance. Nonetheless, the art was fun showcasing three women becoming bustier, more muscular, and taller while orgasming in the process!

Read the entire comic for free on DeviantArt.


#4) “Goddess Maker Origins” by Botcomics

Goddess Maker Origins was illustrated by Eros Studio & Peter Logan (a.k.a. Mariano Navarro) and was written by Bog Saget. Protagonist Andy was exposed to a meteor after it dented the hood of his car. This glowing meteor, engraved with strange symbols, gave him the ability to make women grow simply by touching them with his right hand. As of this writing, three ladies have been turned into giantesses during the first five chapters! Furthermore, Andy also learned that he can control them. The series is still on-going and Chapter 6 should be out soon.

Join Botcomics to read this comic.


#3) “Bigness Cream 3,” drawn by WG and written by ZZZ

A growth fest for lovers of giant couples! For instance, one panel shows the shadow of a giant’s enormous cock covering three (smaller) giantesses as he appears ready to make them grow to his size! Bigness Cream previously was one of the mini comics included in “Sizeable Tales.” However, Bigness Cream was later taken out of Sizeable Tales and put into their own separate volumes which can be purchased at Gumroad.


#2) “BlondZilla Job interview growth” from Growth Dreams

BlondZilla is a frequently recurring character appearing in clips such as “Blondzilla Booty Tease,” “Blondzilla VS DEE,” “Stepmom Extreme Unaware Session,” etc. Her most recent release, “I Need You In My Mouth,” was put out on November 20th, 2022. She has a strong presence at Growth Dreams studio appearing in clips such as “Growing Confidence” and this one, BlondZilla Job interview growth. Job interview growth runs for 10 minutes and was first released on June 29th, 2021. In it, BlondZilla is applying for a job while struggling to contain her growth. When she is nervous she can’t help but become taller and taller!

Click here to purchase this clip.



#1) “Growth Induced Footwear Destruction” Parts 1 and 2 from TaylorMadeClips

Last, but certainly not least, is a pair of videos seemingly made just for this article! Mistress Taylor’s studio has been in operation for well over a decade starting with a clip made for Process Productions in August 2007. TaylorMadeClips released compilations focused exclusively on footwear destruction. This rough treatment of women’s footwear (including high heels and slippers) was initiated by tainted bottled water called “Aqua Love.”

Of note, unlike previous entries, in these videos ONLY the women’s feet grow. The women did not become bustier or taller. There was no clothing destruction beyond footwear. The only change was to their feet. Although, to be clear, no special effects were actually used to make their feet look larger than normal. These two clips were only concerned with busting shoes apart.

Visit these links for Part 1 and Part 2.

So, what do you think? What is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

Foot fanatics may want yet another list after this, but that will only come if two conditions are met. One, it won’t be released until at least Spring 2023. Two, a minimum of $50 is required to pay for the production costs of “Part Cinq” (Part Five). That money doesn’t have to come from just one person of course. People can pitch in however much they want to make it happen. Send donations via PayPal to and indicate that you want to support Top 10 Shoe Bursting Scenes.

If you enjoy comics which feature women bursting out of their clothing, which if you read this far is probably the case, then let me humbly suggest two comics written by yours truly! “Darren Dalton’s Diner” (available now) and “The Great Ice Cream War” (available on December 28th) both showcase exquisite toes overcoming the unjust confinement of sneakers and socks, as seen below. One of those snippets was taken from Darren Dalton’s Diner while the other was taken from The Great Ice Cream War. Join Giantess Fan to read both comics and find out exactly where those images came from.

That’s it for now folks. Until next time, keep growing!

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.

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