BustArtist’s grOw/cinema 2: grOwing to a Crescendo Episode 3: “Ensemble”

Good afternoon everyone,

Welcome back to There She Grows.

The end of this Alaskan trip cannot come soon enough! Over the past two months most days have been spent gathering hoarded items. This process has involved collecting over one hundred wrenches of various sizes, over 20 old snowmobiles in various states of disrepair, dozens of fuel cans (most of which were empty but some which were still full), boxes upon boxes of brand-new safety glasses and work gloves, broken and rusty automotive parts kept for an unknown reason, etc.

Then we have to decide whether to discard or sell those items. It feels wasteful to discard clothing or tools still in the store packaging, but at some point every potential customer has either been given or bought one. Yet, still more remains, so the excess is tossed into the garbage.

This clean-up chore is made all the more difficult when reflecting on the reason why it’s necessary. That reason being that my brother mistakenly believed that the “media” was over-hyping COVID-19’s threat. Eventually, he contracted the disease and died a week later.

Unfortunately, my family’s tragedy is not unique. A quick Internet search finds scores of reliable reporting about anti-vaxxers who died of COVID. That includes, but by absolutely no fucking way is limited to, people like Daniel ‘Duke’ Trujillo, Marcus Lamb, Phil Valentine, and Robert LaMay.

However, today there’s just enough free time to compose this post about a far more enjoyable subject. This post will examine BustArtist’s grOw/cinema 2: grOwing to a Crescendo Episode 3: “Ensemble.” It was released on December 10th, 2021, and consists of 74 frames, six frames longer than the previous iteration. (NOTE: For reviews of the first two check out grOw/cinema 2: grOwing to a Crescendo Episode 1: “Overture” and Episode 2: “Audition.” Additionally, fans can read an interview with BustArtist here.)

(SIDE NOTE: Previously, in the review of Cinema 2 episode 2, I expressed a belief that Cinema 1 would never be concluded, but would instead unsatisfactorily stop in the middle of the story with Episode XVIII. Fortunately, I was mistaken! Episode XIX was released on March 25th, 2022, and Episode XX is currently in development. Technically, the Cinema 1 narrative may still not get a proper conclusion. Nonetheless, it is important to admit my error and note that Cinema 1 continued beyond where I believed it might end. For penance I’ll go straight to bed tonight without dessert 😥 )

Of interest, there is a certain motif which repeatedly arises in BustArtist’s illustrated stories. That motif being a man of ordinary height gains a penis of superhumanly large dimensions and then fucks a giantess! This first occurred during the 1990s within the pages of BustArtist’s black and white sketch comics “Busting Out” and “Wishful Thinking.” It appeared again in Cinema 1 Episode XIX and once more in Cinema 2 Episode 3! (SIDE NOTE: Men never become giants in BustArtist’s drawings, at least not to my knowledge. Men get big dicks, but don’t get taller. Have to read giant couples stories, like those from ZZZ, for that trope!)

This screenshot was taken from Wishful Thinking. It may have been the first time BustArtist shared artwork of a normal-sized man with an enormous cock having intercourse with a giant woman.

Nothing wrong with reoccurring themes, but it’s helpful for customers to learn the favorite themes of size artists. For example, CGI artist Dinner-Kun favors women with big bellies and plump butts, OHH puts tiny men into bras, and Redfired0g renders cruel giantesses. Thus, if you’re a fan of such depictions you can seek out those creators’ work or skip over their stuff if it’s not to your liking.

This screenshot was taken from Cinema 2 Episode 3.

Regarding the story in this specific episode, not much actually occurs. The protagonist Harmon undergoes training on a small private island near the Hamptons. (NOTE: The Hamptons are a popular seaside resort on the east end of Long Island, not far from New York City. Accordingly, the Hamptons are relatively close to where BustArtist lives.) Harmon displays a strong aptitude for welding resonance in order to shape other people’s bodies, causing ass and breast expansion for women and penis enlargement for himself. Additionally, he learns a heretofore previously unknown power to make women taller.

This act doesn’t feel as ground-breaking as BustArtist might have wanted. After all, many BustArtist comics featuring giantesses; so, it’s unsurprising to see them here. What would have been groundbreaking would have been something new. For example, maybe Harmon could have used his supernatural skill to make another man’s cock longer. He could have done so for a female client who yearned to experience lovemaking with her husband after his dick stretched past the 12-inch mark. Alternately, a man and a woman might yearn to copulate as a pair of giants, at least for one night. Those scenarios could have been fun.

Regarding areas to improve, the backgrounds were still lackluster, just as they were in previous episodes. For example:

What happened with the background on the right? Was this a rendering error?
The background in this shot feels empty and low-resolution, like something from an open-world PlayStation 1 game. Also, Harmon’s forehead looks like he either suffered a large bruise or is half-Klingon.

To be fair, such artwork details may be of little concern to most readers. (Although, they do matter to me.) A strong argument could be made that the most important question is: “How do the beautiful ladies look?” The answer is they look pretty good! For instance, one highlight was the scene in which the following lovely ladies kissed and hugged while pressing their breasts together:

Overall, while not perfect, Ensemble is still recommended for gentle growth fans. The fantastic transformations, multiple sex scenes, and the mysterious underlying conflict brewing behind the scenes make for a rewarding read. Ensemble can be purchased for $9.95 at the following link: http://www.bustartist.com/store/comics/gcin2/index.html

That’s it for now folks. Until next time, keep growing!

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.

4 thoughts on “BustArtist’s grOw/cinema 2: grOwing to a Crescendo Episode 3: “Ensemble”

  1. John franklin June 8, 2022 — 6:53 pm

    could you do part 4 of the top 10 best shoes bursting scenes


    1. It won’t happen for a long time, but I can put that on my extended schedule.


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