Destruction Damsels “Growing Conflict Shrinking Tensions”

Good afternoon everyone,

It is with great pleasure that today I get to discuss the latest clip from the Destruction Damsels studio. (SIDE NOTE: Click here to read an interview with Goro Brava, owner of the studio.) Destruction Damsels has fared well in Top 10 Size-Fetish lists for 2020 and 2021. Additionally, fans can peruse the review of “A GROWING RESIDENT” as an example of a more detailed analysis of their previous work.

There is one more item to mention before we begin this review. In the interest of full disclosure, it must be stated that Goro provided a free review copy of this video to There She Grows. I’m grateful for this opportunity to get an early look. Nonetheless, I plan to provide potential customers with an open and honest assessment, covering both the good and the bad.

“Growing Conflict Shrinking Tensions” is a 10-minute video scheduled to be released on June 15th, 2022. It stars Canary Addison and Sugargirlmodel (a.k.a. S. G. Model). Both of those performers have previously worked for Goro.

The action begins with Sugargirlmodel playing a professional typist at Corporate Corporation Inc. who is angry at her boss, Canary Addison. Canary makes employees work overtime without providing the legally mandated overtime pay and won’t give bonuses. Instead of bonuses Canary provided a pool table in a misguided attempt to boost morale. Furthermore, in a move reminiscent of Bill Lumbergh, the fictional boss from the 1999 comedy “Office Space,” Canary pressures Sugargirlmodel to work over the weekend.

The resulting understandable frustration motivates Sugargirlmodel to cast a spell to strip power from the clueless manager. Of interest, she has to substitute a turkey feather in place of a chicken feather. That change to the recipe has unforeseen consequences, but rest assured those unforeseen consequences will be a delight to size-transfer fans.

Sugargirlmodel confronts the domineering supervisor the next day and quickly takes her down a peg (or several) by literally reducing her stature. However, the inclusion of a turkey feather means that whatever Canary loses, Sugargirlmodel gains!

Loved the use of props such as extra-large eyeglasses, a big necklace, and an oversized pen.
Clothing destruction including the tearing apart of bras, panties, shoes, and stockings.

Thankfully, fun-thwarting pasties were not used. Instead, viewers get to see both ladies completely naked, as would be expected if a person suddenly grew or shrunk. Credit to Goro for filming performers without clothing when many other creators are unwilling.

It would be a shame to give away too many details about the plot, but it will be reported that the pool table plays an important role during the second half. Threats were made, but there was no blood and guts and the action never became graphically violent. Also, our growing heroine topped out at the height of an Amazon or mini-giantess. There were no building-destroying hi-jinks in this particular production. Nor were there any sex acts; although, the lovely ladies did perform in the buff.

However, there was a surprising and welcome amount of interaction between the now Amazon-sized typist and her tiny supervisor. That should be commended.

Nice handheld interaction between the enlarged Sugargirlmodel and the diminished Canary. Buy the clip if you want to see the naughty bits for yourself.

Further kudos are warranted for the construction of a door frame, seen below, which enabled a realistic shot of a supersized woman ducking to pass through it:

The “behind the scenes” footage, from where this screenshot was taken, was a nice addition.

Regarding negatives, there were a few issues which could have been improved. For one, the actress’s outlines were sometimes a bit fuzzy when in front of the green screen. To be fair, that’s a common issue for those brave enough to attempt visual special effects (SFX). To confirm that assertion one need only browse Clips4Sale for giantess SFX and note how often silhouettes are jagged.

Continuing with areas to improve, the giant props did not always exactly match their real-world counterparts. For example, attentive viewers may notice that the normal-sized pen differed slightly from the oversized pen. Albeit the difference was minor and easily overlooked. Additionally, while Canary’s and Sugargirlmodel’s clothing stayed normal-size, their jewelry (a bellybutton ring and a nose ring respectively) somehow always fit them perfectly. Presumably, the actresses did not want to remove their fashionable accessories while filming. (SIDE NOTE: Someday a performer will actually remember to remove those accoutrements and my resulting shock will likely be the death of me!) Lastly, the shooting location didn’t look like a real office.

Still, the positives outweigh the negatives. Under the pros column, there was a motivation behind the size changing and it was one that most viewers can sympathize with. Many of us have suffered under horrible bosses. Additionally, instead of showing only one person and forcing them to deliver awkward monologues there were two actresses on screen at the same time. Both performers put in a solid effort and delivered their lines well. The background music and sound effects were used effectively. Lastly, the SFX were well-executed and incorporated not only props, but also a specially-built set piece! (I.e. the aforementioned door frame)

Overall, Growing Conflict Shrinking Tensions is strongly recommended for size-transfer fans, plus those who like mini-giantesses and shrunken women. Starting tomorrow, June 15th, it can be purchased at the following link:

That’s it for now folks. Until next time, keep growing and putting horrible bosses in their place!

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.

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