RedFireD0g’s “Getting off Work”


This review will conclude the week’s spotlight on computer-generated imagery (CGI) comics. The CGI-themed reviews began on Monday with Nyom’s “Outgrowing it all!”, continued on Wednesday with Alex GTS Artist’s “Jessica & Michael,” and finishes today, Friday, with RedFireD0g’s “Getting off Work.” Each artist has produced a large number of CGI comics. Last December, I placed RedFireD0g’s “Sugar Pills” at the #9 slot on my Top 10 Illustrated Erotic Giantess Growth Stories.

His comic Getting off Work consists of 41 single-panel color pages and was first published in June 2015. It’s described as a shrinking / growth / BE comic. That’s true enough; however, the male character was already shrunk down to a height of just a few inches before the first page. During the story’s progression, he becomes even smaller while his female companion becomes significantly larger.

There are only two characters, a woman who works as a waitress and a man she calls “Mr. Toy.” They both possess rings which are responsible for their ability to change size.

CGI is wonderful in portraying extended growth sequences, providing image after image of characters steadily becoming larger. However, it is not the best way to illustrate ripped or torn clothes. Torn clothes in CGI come across more as peeled paint than distressed clothing, as seen here under the bottom of her tits.

The woman grows more voluptuous until she reaches a point where her breasts break out of her bra and top. At the end, her shrunken partner performs cunnilingus and she climaxes.

Her left cheek seems a bit distorted as if her smile was set too far back. That said, I’m not sure anyone will notice with such abundant cleavage in the forefront.

This is exclusive to Patreon subscribers who pledge at the amount of $10 or more. The DeviantArt announcement stated it was a 50+ page comic, but I only count 41 pages total. Additionally, it identified the man as Dom and the woman as Bev. O_o Why is that information only given in announcement, but not in the actual story? That’s like making a super hero comic book in which characters are never named, and you have to read a separate document to learn their identities. The work should be able to stand on its own without requiring that consumers read an online document to understand the story. (NOTE: The DeviantArt post also explains the origin and powers of their rings.)

Here is that post, taken from the page on 8 August 2019:

DOM has the day off from his job at the museum, but BEV has to go to work. Previously, DOM swiped an enchanted ring from the museum that causes him to shrink. He also gave BEV a companion ring, which lets her absorb some of his size when this happens, making herself taller and curvier in general. They’re… kind of addicted to it.

The effect can be slowly undone by simply touching and holding one ring to the other. They usually stop before the changes are completely reversed, so DOM happily spends most of his time a few inches shorter than he used to be so that BEV can have the tall, curvy pinup bod she’s always wanted and get better tips at the diner. BEV couldn’t resist a quickie with DOM before leaving for work, but as often happens, they got a little carried away…

The full, HD, 50+ page comic is exclusive to Patreon subscribers. You can get it by pledging at the $10 Premium Subscriber tier, where you’ll also get the exclusive giantess growth comic Sugar Pills 8, the exclusive first part of the breast expansion comic Spoiled Brat: Family Feud, plus Selfie, another exclusive bonus breast expansion comic, and the exclusive Revenge growth comic.

Her eyes seem a little bigger than expected.

Bottom line, I enjoyed this. I would have preferred a more fleshed out narrative, the story was paper-thin, but it works as a quick bit of size-fantasy erotica.

As previously stated, you can view this comic by supporting RedFireDog’s Patreon page. Additionally, many of his other comics are available for individual purchase at E-junkie and Gumroad. Lastly, you can view RedFireD0g’s DeviantArt page for previews and updates.

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