GrowHaus “Elexis’ Surprise”


The six-minute long video clip “Elexis’ Surprise” was added on June 7, 2016, to the GrowHaus studio page. (NOTE: Every GrowHaus video has the exact same date, so it’s unclear when this was actually produced.)

June 7, 2016, was a busy day!


The video starts with Elexis speaking to an unseen person named Christian. Christian never speaks, so that can come across either as a positive in that viewers can put themselves into the character of Christian, or as a negative in that viewers might think that Elexis is crazy and speaking to a nonexistent identity / imaginary friend. Personally, I would have preferred if the character of Christian had been voiced by another actor. (NOTE: This was initially created as a custom clip so perhaps the customer requested that the name Christian being used in this fashion. Regardless, for anyone else buying the clip it may seem odd.)


Elexis drinks a clear fluid and says that she has a little, actually a big something for Christian. (She is referring to a growth formula that she intends to use on herself. Although, she never calls it that.) After imbibing the concoction, she says that she can feel the effects already and we see Elexis flexing her feet and running her hands down her legs and up her arms. She also mentions that everything is getting tighter.

5 - she removes her denim jacket
She removed her denim jacket, so viewers did not get to see her outgrow it.
6 - kicks off slippers
In the same fashion, she slipped out of her footwear.

I appreciated the line delivery by Elexis. It might not be up to professional standards, but it was better than many other size-fetish clips.

7 - touches ceiling
The video cuts to black for a moment and a loud bang is heard, signaling that Elexis has outgrown the building.
8 - giantess sized
Apparently, Christian ran home after Elexis outgrew her place, off camera.

Elexis becomes a giantess and walks over to Christian’s home. (Christian was initially with Elexis, so my guess is that he ran away and she had to find him.) She reaches through the windows of his place and pulls him outside. Then she kisses him, and shows off her boobs and ass. (She never removed any clothing, so we don’t see much.)


10 - jewelry
Once again, we have a clip in which the actress did not remove her jewelry (or even her top) after the point in the story in which she has grown to an enormous size. It costs nothing to remove jewelry, and that’s an easy step to make giantess videos more believable.

This isn’t a bad video per se, but there’s not enough in it to warrant a recommendation. There’s no outgrowing or tearing of clothes, no nudity, and no sex. Instead, we have an actress removing a few articles of clothing and talking about growing, with minimal effort put into effects.

That is not to say that creators can’t make erotica without nudity or sex. However, it does require more enticing and teasing dialogue than Elexis’ Surprise provided. Here we have a woman pretending to be a giant, but the lackluster special effects make it difficult to suspend disbelief.

If you’re still interested, you can purchase this clip for $11.48 ($10.99 + $0.49 Download Fees) here:

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