ZZZ Comics “Sorceress’s Apprentice”


“Sorceress’s Apprentice” (listed as just Sorceress Apprentice on the inside cover) is an ongoing series written by ZZZ with two issues so far. The first was released in mid-July 2016 with art by Len. The second issue was released in early June 2017 and was also drawn by Len.

Len drew or colored several ZZZ comics to include, but not limited to: Growth Formula 3, Grow for the Cam 2, and Pixie No More 7.

Alas, unlike the 2010 film, this comic does not feature Nicholas Cage. 😥


Furthermore, this does not feature magically animated brooms running amok, unlike the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” segments in the 1940 and 1999 animated “Fantasia” films.


Lastly, this does not feature any lines from “Der Zauberlehrling” (The Sorcerer’s Apprentice) by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the poem written in 1797 that started this all.

So, what does this feature? Lots! Check out the following, taken from the sales page for Sorceress Apprentice 2, for a detailed (arguably too detailed) description:

This comic contains FMG, giantess, mini giantess, clothes ripping, vine footwear busting, height growth, muscle growth, breast and ass growth, beauty enhancement, male giant, male muscle, height and penis growth, giant with amazon giantess couple, house destruction by muscle giantess and muscle giantess growth, male growth while receiving oral sex from normal size woman, male and female growth at the same time while having sex, male and female outgrowing house during sex, creampie, male penis growth while inside giantess, giantess growth while giant sucks on breast, full body insertion of giant into much larger giantess, full body ass smothering of amazon giantess by much larger amazon giantess, amazon giantess licking giant males body clean, oral sex to giant male from much larger amazon giantess, 3 way sex between amazon giantess and two male giants, face and body cum shot on giantess from giant male, giant males growing while having sex with amazon giantess and more!


The story begins with an elven sorceress named Zam using a new potion on her very short apprentice named Mick. He rapidly grows larger, and Zam leaves to tell her sisters about the potion. (Ugh, why do they have to be sisters? No lesbian sex then.)

Zam returns and learns that physical exertion causes further growth. She takes the portion and fucks her apprentice. Then the story switches to Zam’s sister Ingrid and Ingrid’s apprentice Hunter. There’s a fun sequence in which Ingrid strokes Hunter’s cock until he grows too larger for her and leaves, to Ingrid’s dismay, to join Zam and Mick in a threesome.

In the second issue Ingrid uses an enhancement potion to catch up, and surpass, the others. Then we get a flashback to the time when Ingrid first shared her potion. We see a sorcerer, Lloreon, and his apprentice, Trista. (Trista is on her knees giving Lloreon a blow job while he speaks with Zam, which I guess is routine?) Lloreon and Trista imbibe the growth potion and engage in further intimate relations.

Fans of giant men with small women will enjoy the many panels in which male apprentices tower over the smaller female sorceresses. The women quickly grow to catch up to their male loves, so fans of giant couples will also enjoy this.

I like growth stories with “back and forth” instances in which characters outgrow each other several times.

I recommend this series. Many panels showcased men and women outgrowing their clothes and homes and then engaging in sex with one or more partners. The women were too muscular for my tastes, but that was only a minor problem.

Issue 2 ends with an inventor named Zayne building a phallic-looking device called the “Gnome Resizer”

Each issue can be purchased for $7.99 for the Normal Edition and $8.99 for the Collector’s Edition at the following links:

Sorceress Apprentice

Sorceress Apprentice 2

It has been awhile, four months, since we’ve seen a new comic. The last was “Big City Girls 2,” released in late December 2018, which I reviewed here. This year ZZZ re-released 3GTS, which was originally published in late August 2012, but that has been the only activity in 2019.

ZZZ (a.k.a. Ron Z) may have decided to shift his focus to Mount Olympus Comics. Mount Olympics Comics ran a Kickstarter for “Samurai of Oz” in February which far exceeded its target goal and a “Patriotika United” Kickstarter is scheduled for mid-May. Furthermore, the Twitter feed for Mount Olympus Comics is far more active than the Twitter for ZZZ Comics. Mount Olympics Comics appears to feature sexy women, sometimes topless, but no explicit sex scenes. In that fashion, Mount Olympics Comics resemble A.C. Comics, the creators of Garganta.


I hope that ZZZ’s Size Change Central site is not moribund and that we’ll see new works. ZZZ mentioned on DeviantArt, in late March and early April, that if an Indiegogo campaign to produce printed copies did well that he may be able to produce illustrated comics once a month again.

This preview was taken from “Sizeable Double Feature 3” in February 2018.

This review is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.


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